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ZigBee-based wireless surveillance solution infusion

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on September 24,2011

in the health care system, patients in the infusion process monitoring problems have been issues of concern to nurses and TEA6425 datasheet and patients, a mistake but will monitor the air into the bodys blood system, resulting in serious consequences even make the patient died. Existing control systems, the use of wired sensor network technology to detect the formation. Such programs are characterized by poor scalab...

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Zijin Bridge configuration software testing in the motor design and application of PTC

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on September 20,2011

Zijin Bridge Software Technologies Ltd. is the first large-scale real-time database of domestic R & D products companies. Has undertaken a national "95" project, "real-time database and 2N4403 datasheet and monitoring system platform software" of development, the National 863 Program CIMS demonstration project "ethylene plant in Daqing Petrochemical CIMS" and 2N4403 price and "Daqing petrochemical fertilizer plant CIMS" project devel...

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ZIGBEE Development Board Introduction

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on July 29,2011

CC2430 development board Figure 1 The zigbee is a development board to develop, demonstrate a variety> Figure 2 Five motherboard features 1, support HFZ-CC430EM other ZigBee RF card 2, supports a variety of radio frequency transmission module 3, integrated CC2430/CC2431 debugger, ZigBee protocol analyzer 4, OLED or LCD 3310 LCD 5, Joystick navigation key, the operation more convenien...

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ZibBee control based on high dynamic range analog dimming LED device design

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on February 25,2011

Abstract: The LED used in machine vision for recognition and TC7W08F datasheet and other special occasions, this paper presents a control based on high dynamic range ZibBee LED analog dimming device, provides a different from the high-frequency PWM dimming method. Linear power supply on the original design improvements, an increase of variable step-down circuit improves the efficiency of their work and TC7W08F price and achieve a 500: ...

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ZigBee-based driver fatigue warning system research and design

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on January 18,2011

Abstract: The fatigue monitoring system for todays relatively simple way of monitoring, less reliable, if taken by a variety of monitoring methods and MAX306CWI datasheet and integration of automotive wiring within limited space constraints more difficult. For this series of questions, this paper presents a wireless sensor network based on ZigBee technology with sensor data fusion technology combines driver fatigue warn...

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Zarlink launched the second generation Le79114 Voice Control Processor

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on December 01,2010

Zarlink Semiconductor has introduced its second-generation Le79114 Voice Control Processor (VCP II). Through enhanced call processing and LTC1149CS datasheet and the main line test (LineCare) performance, this latest product can support 64 call control channel, multi-service access infrastructure to meet the equipment manufacturers requirements. Le79114 Le79112 VCP also supports the construction of the first generation o...

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ZiLOG to re-focus on the 8-bit microprocessor

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on December 01,2010

As the founder of the ZiLOG Z80 microprocessor company, is very familiar with Chinas electronics engineers, semiconductor manufacturers. However, in the past couple of years, ZiLOG lower level of activity in the Chinese market, many people have gradually forgotten them. --- 2004 Nian 9 Yue , ZiLOG announced that its located in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang High-Tech Industrial Park, covering ab...

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Zigbee-based pipeline monitoring system for security

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on November 30,2010

Is an oil and TOP224YN datasheet and gas production field, set the exploration, development, construction operations, logistical production, diversification, social service as one of professional a complete range of state-owned large enterprises. Oil field exploration, drilling, logging, logging and TOP224YN price and so is the field operations, liquidity, points, scattered, long distance, construction site, the exchange of information be...

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Zoran for digital TV processors designed to provide new SupraTV 160

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on November 25,2010

Zoran (Zoran) launched set-top boxes and BTS7740G datasheet and digital TV market for the new high-performance SupraTV 160 series processors. The company claims, Homecast, and BTS7740G price and several other major European digital television and BTS7740G suppliers and set-top box brand new products will use the series of highly integrated processors. Zoran complete the integration of software solutions for post-silicon, SupraTV 160 series of programmable proc...

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Zarlink Ethernet switch IC with embedded memory and integrated QoS features

In Electronic Infomation Category: Z | on November 24,2010

Zarlink Semiconductor (Zarlink) has expanded its DirectConnect family of embedded Ethernet switching chips, introduced a new high-capacity aggregation and FDS6982S datasheet and switching devices simplifies the cable (wired), wireless (wireless) and FDS6982S price and cable TV (cable) network used in high-density media processing, data plane and FDS6982S suppliers and control plane card design. the ZL33020 embedded Ethernet switch chip is a 24 FE (Fast Ethe...

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