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Vibration and shock hazards of electronic equipment

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on February 07,2012

Vibration and OPA3692ID datasheet and shock hazards of electronic equipment including the following aspects. vibration and OPA3692ID price and shock may cause the patch without additional locking device to jump out from the socket device, and OPA3692ID suppliers and the collision caused by other components of $ devices and equipment damage. vibration and shock can cause deformation of the electrode vacuum device, short circuit, broken, or because the electrod...

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OPA3692ID datasheetOPA3692ID suppliersOPA3692ID Price

Voltage and current transmission of the different

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on February 07,2012

industry usually voltage 0 ... 5 (10) V or current 0 (4) ... 20mA analog signal transmission method as is used by program-controlled machine is often a way. Then the voltage and LM350T datasheet and current transmission methods are different, when using any methods, as will be outlined below. 1 voltage signal transmission voltage signal transmission such as 0 ... 5 (10) V if you send an analog voltage sign...

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Variable capacitor repair and maintenance

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on February 02,2012

1. Air dielectric variable capacitor common fault (1) set pieces, action film touching encounter this failure, the first look, is all action, touching film set, or a group or two (several) group action, stator collide. If all the moving, set pieces are touching, the rotating shaft due to loose screw top or the top axis and MCM67B618AFN9 datasheet and the axis of the screw contacts the ball at the loss. Troubleshooting when ...

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MCM67B618AFN9 datasheetMCM67B618AFN9 suppliersMCM67B618AFN9 Price

Voltage transformer secondary circuit analysis of the causes of abnormal

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on November 29,2011

Abstract: This paper describes a case study in the acceptance process equipment caused by the voltage transformer secondary circuit anti-charge of the reasons and ALP055SF datasheet and the protection of wiring errors, bad equipment, operating environment impact of protection devices, proposed operation and ALP055SF price and maintenance personnel should pay attention to the details of the work and ALP055SF suppliers and preventive measures. 0 Introducti...

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ALP055SF datasheetALP055SF suppliersALP055SF Price

Vishays IHLP-3232CZ-11 inductors

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on November 25,2011

Recently, Vishay (Vishay) announced the launch of the new form factor using 3232 IHLP small size, high-current inductors --- IHLP-3232CZ-11. IHLP-3232CZ-11 size small, with a 8.26mm x 8.79mm footprint and M62320FP datasheet and 3.0mm ultra-low altitude, low 1.62m maximum DCR and M62320FP price and 0.22H ~ 33.0H the standard sense of value that allows the system to work efficiently. new IHLP-3232CZ-11 frequency range up to 1MHz, can ...

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Varistor ceramics

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on November 24,2011

Resistance value of the voltage-sensitive semiconductor ceramics as varistors ceramics. When it applied electric field strength below a certain threshold, the relationship between voltage and PIC16C711-04I/SO datasheet and current to follow Ohms law; and PIC16C711-04I/SO price and when the applied electric field strength once it has reached its threshold value, the resistance value of the sharp decline, the current increased rapidly, showing a severe non...

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PIC16C711-04I/SO datasheetPIC16C711-04I/SO suppliersPIC16C711-04I/SO Price

Vicor HAM-based PFC module power supply design

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on October 18,2011

Abstract: In order to improve the use of electrical equipment for energy efficiency and TDA8921TH datasheet and reduce its harmonic pollution and TDA8921TH price and electromagnetic interference, while meeting GJB151A-97 standard items of electrical equipment in the CE101 harmonic power requirements, developed a 600 W power supply power factor adjustment, the PFC power supply. The power used by the U.S. Vicors high-pressurized harmonic at...

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Victoria Gallery Guide: LED lighting system design

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on August 25,2011

This paper discusses the design of the six LED lighting system design steps: (1) to determine the lighting needs; (2) to determine the estimated optical design goals; (3) thermal and XC4013E-4PQ240C datasheet and electrical efficiency of the system; (4 ) calculate the required number of LED; (5) for all the design may have to be considered, from which to select the best design; (6) to complete the final step. In this paper, ...

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XC4013E-4PQ240C datasheetXC4013E-4PQ240C suppliersXC4013E-4PQ240C Price

VRLA battery of the proper use and monitoring methods

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on August 01,2011

In the current industrial-based society, the backup DC power more widely, and SN54LS273J datasheet and as an important part of DC power supply back-up battery, the merits of their performance status of the state to guarantee the normal operation of the DC backup power supply is particularly important. Family in the battery, VRLA battery back-up power supplies in DC more and SN54LS273J price and more wide. Although VRLA batteries widely u...

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VB + Access-based temperature acquisition system design

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on April 22,2011

With the rapid development of modern information technology, data acquisition aspects of technology is constantly moving forward, and ATMEGA128L-8AU datasheet and plays an important role of information technology, is timely and ATMEGA128L-8AU price and accurate data is collected and ATMEGA128L-8AU suppliers and the manner of data collection have become the focus of attention . With the continuous development of embedded technology, a variety of data acquisition systems used in ...

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