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Use the meter reference design MAXQ3180/MAXQ3183 AFE

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on March 15,2011

Abstract: MAXQ3180 and MC6803P datasheet and MAXQ3183 is measured two-phase multi-function analog front end (AFE), which can provide services such as power factor, power and MC6803P price and harmonic components of vector and MC6803P suppliers and advanced power monitoring and many other features. The meter design, the accuracy of measurement and electrical fast transient (EFT), there are strict requirements, Maxim provides a reference design by the EFT and...

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MC6803P datasheetMC6803P suppliersMC6803P Price

UPS power supply maintenance case

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on March 14,2011

Symptom: Maipu 1KVA one-line UPS power supply, output bypass the normal boot, press ON button, the inverter can be transferred from the bypass, but then immediately jump bypass, and LM1086IS-5.0 datasheet and the fault light, buzzer sounding the alarm, press the OFF button to stop the buzzer alarm, bypass the normal output. Failure Analysis and LM1086IS-5.0 price and Maintenance: based on symptoms, the initial part of the work that the norm...

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LM1086IS-5.0 datasheetLM1086IS-5.0 suppliersLM1086IS-5.0 Price

Use "comparative method" difficult repair faults Changhong C2939AE TV

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on March 10,2011

In electrical repair process, such as the encounter difficult failures, and DAN202U datasheet and sometimes can not determine the parameters of certain operating point is correct, or a unit of the circuit is faulty. If there is a time machine for the same comparison, it will be more effective, rapid narrowing the scope of troubleshooting. This article describes the use of "Comparative Law" Changhong C2939AE two TV Rep...

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DAN202U datasheetDAN202U suppliersDAN202U Price

Using six transistor logic probe

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on March 02,2011

The circuit in Figure 1 with three NPN transistors PNP transistors and LP2980AIM5X-5.0 datasheet and three had a logic probe. Two transistors as the switching LED driver; logic 1 is the green LED, logic 0 is a red LED. Q1 and LP2980AIM5X-5.0 price and Q2 test probe tip of the logic 1 state, Q3 and LP2980AIM5X-5.0 suppliers and Q4 test logic 0 condition. Q1 Q2 emitter circuit of the zener diode used. R12 and R14 form a voltage divider to determine the value of the diode. This value...

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LP2980AIM5X-5.0 datasheetLP2980AIM5X-5.0 suppliersLP2980AIM5X-5.0 Price

USB interface, a dual-mode dual standby low-power design data card

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on March 02,2011

With the 3G network large-scale deployment and LM323K datasheet and the gradual deployment of 4G networks, support data transfer rates of more and LM323K price and more terminals, 4G network downlink data rates as high as 150MB / s or more, thus requiring more and LM323K suppliers and more end-chip processing speed high data rates while improving power consumption also increases the pressure on the terminal, data card, the main products in the form of th...

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LM323K datasheetLM323K suppliersLM323K Price

USB-based Ground Penetrating Radar Data Acquisition System

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on March 02,2011

Abstract: Ground Penetrating Radar USB interface and BCX51-16 datasheet and features of data collection, designed a USB-based Ground Penetrating Radar Data Acquisition System. From hardware design, device drivers and BCX51-16 price and application software design in terms of 3 system was a comprehensive exposition and BCX51-16 suppliers and experimental verification of the system by collecting data accuracy and efficiency. System selected the companys USB chip...

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BCX51-16 datasheetBCX51-16 suppliersBCX51-16 Price

UPS accident reduction of core room several issues need attention

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on March 01,2011

Abstract: The importance of the core room UPS power to the load, can not be ignored. This paper introduces the UPS output load short-circuit the consequences and TDA2005R datasheet and solutions; with case illustrates the importance to maintain the zero line to check; UPS ground voltage of zero causes and TDA2005R price and solutions; UPS battery installation, you need to pay attention to the problem; UPS capacitor cause of the explosion...

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TDA2005R datasheetTDA2005R suppliersTDA2005R Price

UPS power equipment maintenance and use of the principle

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on February 24,2011

Abstract: With the computer technology and EL1503CM datasheet and communication networks evolving, the power system protection is also put forward higher requirements. This article discusses the UPS (uninterruptible power supply system) principle and EL1503CM price and performance indicators, and EL1503CM suppliers and network equipment maintenance and management from the practice of starting work, summarizes the techniques used by UPS and maintenance points. ...

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EL1503CM datasheetEL1503CM suppliersEL1503CM Price

UCOS-II operating system application in the digital photo frame

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on February 23,2011

Abstract: The traditional design of embedded system software is widely used in a single task order mechanism, it brings the important issue is the complexity of programming the same time, the system less stable. To this end, the introduction of the UCOS-II real time operating system to manage multi-tasks and IR2130J datasheet and scheduling, practice proves that the system management and IR2130J price and scheduling of multiple tasks w...

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IR2130J datasheetIR2130J suppliersIR2130J Price

Ultra Wideband System Wideband variable gain low noise amplifier

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on February 21,2011

UWB (UWB) as the frequency width (3. 1 ~ 10. 6GHz), data transfer rate and AD2S82AHP datasheet and anti-interference ability, etc. are of great concern in recent years. With the improvement of micro processing technology, CMOS for microwave and AD2S82AHP price and millimeter wave frequency band has been to make use of high integration, low cost and AD2S82AHP suppliers and low-power high performance CMOS process technology to achieve ultra-wideband low noise ampli...

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AD2S82AHP datasheetAD2S82AHP suppliersAD2S82AHP Price

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