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Released by Atmel touch controller appliances certified QTouch

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on October 15,2011

Atmel Corporation (Atmel CorporatiON) announced the new QTouch capacitive touch controllers comply with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and ADS1217IPFBT datasheet and European standards (EN) 60730 standard for rapid growth household appliances market. IEC / EN 60730 standard covers mechanical appliances, electrical, electronic, EMC, and ADS1217IPFBT price and other aspects of abnormal operation. The certification can guarantee t...

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ADS1217IPFBT datasheetADS1217IPFBT suppliersADS1217IPFBT Price

Reliability design and general design of the relationship between performance

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on October 09,2011

Technical performance and MAX809LEURT datasheet and reliability are given by design, and MAX809LEURT price and through the manufacturing process to ensure quality management or control, so the technical performance and MAX809LEURT suppliers and reliability of the product has a very close relationship. No technical performance indicators, the reliability of the product to speak of; if the product is unreliable, prone to malfunction or failure, is not easy to use or not u...

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MAX809LEURT datasheetMAX809LEURT suppliersMAX809LEURT Price

RFID-based access control system solutions

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on September 27,2011

access control system, also known as Access Control System, is an important channel of the entrance area or the management and LM78L05ACM datasheet and control systems. With the development of society, it is not limited simply to the lock or key management, but a set of automatic identification technology and LM78L05ACM price and modern management techniques and LM78L05ACM suppliers and one of the new modern safety management systems, security systems has become an...

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LM78L05ACM datasheetLM78L05ACM suppliersLM78L05ACM Price

Receiver and simple method to determine the pin

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on September 27,2011

usually in the infrared receiver repair damage encountered are looking for the same type of receiver for substitution, as TV brands, the receiver has a wide range, which gives the substitution inconvenienced. Whether there is a general-purpose receiver end? The answer is definitely, there are now popular on the market a universal receiver, similar to plastic transistor shown in Figure 1. As long...

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EL6238CLZ datasheetEL6238CLZ suppliersEL6238CLZ Price

Resistor tolerance

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on September 08,2011

The actual resistance of resistor and BQ4802LYPW datasheet and its nominal value is often not entirely equal, and BQ4802LYPW price and some resistance is too large, some small resistance, which is the resistor error. Resistor of error that the actual resistance value of how close to its nominal value, which indicates the precision resistor, for example, 5% error that the actual resistance of a resistor value in the nominal value within 5%. ...

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BQ4802LYPW datasheetBQ4802LYPW suppliersBQ4802LYPW Price

RS-232 to RS-485 network communication

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on September 08,2011

Abstract: This paper describes the application of UT-201 interface converter in the control between computer and CS4216-KL datasheet and live instruments to build intelligent RS-485 network to a remote data communication method through the development of VB applications program, in order to achieve multipoint / two-wire half-duplex communication. 1 Introduction present a large number of industrial control fie...

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CS4216-KL datasheetCS4216-KL suppliersCS4216-KL Price

RFID warehouse management on a portable terminal design

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on August 24,2011

Logistics warehouse management is an important part of them, but also the entire business management process plays a very important role, if not to ensure timely and NC7WZ02K8X datasheet and accurate purchasing, inventory control and NC7WZ02K8X price and shipping, will bring huge losses to the enterprise This not only for all their management fees increase, and NC7WZ02K8X suppliers and will lead to customer service quality is difficult to be guaranteed, and ultimate...

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NC7WZ02K8X datasheetNC7WZ02K8X suppliersNC7WZ02K8X Price

RTSP protocol introduced

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on August 24,2011

RTSP client-server protocol to work the way it is a multimedia playback control protocol, allowing users to play downloaded from the Internet in real-time data can be controlled, such as: pause / resume, rewind, forward and HI5741BIB datasheet and so on. Therefore, RTSP, also known as "Internet VCR remote control protocol." 1. RTSP protocol Introduction RTSP control functions to achieve, not only have an agreem...

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Resolution car audio switching power supply schematic

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on August 17,2011

Vehicles have begun to enter Chinas home, the superior performance of high-power car audio more and TC7660SCOA datasheet and more popular. The past is a direct access to car audio power 12V lead-acid batteries, such ignition pulse, and TC7660SCOA price and other interference generated will directly become the main source of audio noise. Car hard disk player, car audio systems MP5 can be called a sound reason, the most basic condition is that...

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TC7660SCOA datasheetTC7660SCOA suppliersTC7660SCOA Price

RS485 bus-based research and design of monitoring system

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on August 15,2011

Abstract: PID regulator with the use of instrumentation and BCM3137A3KPF datasheet and sensors, can cover the production line of steel products, furnace temperature measurement and BCM3137A3KPF price and display. By the corresponding actuator can be achieved on the relevant cover furnace equipment PID regulation and BCM3137A3KPF suppliers and control, alarm control, data acquisition and recording. However, for with multiple production lines, and each production line usin...

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