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Referred to as magnetic shielding magnetic field shielding

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on February 09,2012

Referred to as the magnetic field shielding magnetic shield, is used to attenuate low-frequency magnetic field and NJM2903V datasheet and constant magnetic field generated by interference, which inhibit the parasitic mutual inductance coupling. Inductive coupling for the mutual magnetic field coupling is the magnetic field between the conductors or circuit result of the interaction. in the current carrying wire or coi...

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Relay with a digital multimeter

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on February 07,2012

1. Measure the DC resistance of the relay coil with a digital multimeter to measure DC resistance of the relay with multimeter similar way. According to the relays nominal DC resistance, the resistance of the meter placed in the appropriate files, two tables document any connection to the relay coil leads to the foot measurement. Test results will be compared with the nominal value, if the error ...

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Resistor features and functions

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on November 25,2011

Resistor is not only conductive but also to determine the resistance value of the components. Its basic function is to impede the flow of current. It is mainly used to control and EP2S90F1020C3 datasheet and regulate current and EP2S90F1020C3 price and voltage circuits (current limiting, shunt, blood pressure, partial pressure, bias, etc.) or as the load power consumption. ordinary resistors have no polarity, the circuit can switch its two-pin co...

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Reed relay selection

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on November 25,2011

Use reed relays, circuit requirements should be based on the following points: (1) Select the reed relay contacts in the form reed relay contacts are often open (only one set of normally open contacts), normally closed (only one set of normally closed contact) and IS61LV5128AL-10K datasheet and conversion-type (normally open and IS61LV5128AL-10K price and normally closed contacts of a group). The reed and IS61LV5128AL-10K suppliers and the reed 2 and 3 with both conductive magnetic...

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Real-time database system, the key industrial technology research and implementation

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on November 23,2011

Abstract: This paper describes the process for industrial automation, real-time monitoring system construction, real-time database system design. For real-time database system for the analysis of real-time database of functional modules, storage structure, transaction scheduling and AM95C96-2JC datasheet and concurrency control of key technologies and AM95C96-2JC price and gives a concrete implementation. In the implementation process using t...

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Reliability of electronic assembly design

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on October 28,2011

Electronics assembly design, must firmly establish the "inherent reliability of the product is designed to" concept. Every step of the assembly design, design considerations are related to each issue to ensure product reliability are closely related, such as component selection, process selection, material selection, assembly welding method used, structural design, thermal controls, electrical per...

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RS-485 bus-based intelligent dormitory fire alarm system

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on October 25,2011

Abstract: The present status of hostel fire and DG212BDY datasheet and burglar alarm systems are the main problems is proposed based on RS 485 bus intelligent dormitory fire alarm system. System uses smoke sensors, infrared sensors and DG212BDY price and pyroelectric sensors as sensing elements, produced by Philips 32-bit ARM7TDMI-SCPU LPC2103 microcontroller as the host part of the processor, STC89C52 as part of the processor from the ...

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Rectifier power supply assembly and layout

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on October 25,2011

1. Rectifier power supply of the technical requirements required to transfer to the DC load and XC4008E-2PQ208C datasheet and voltage requirements, ensure stable output under maximum load. In the case of input voltage fluctuations, can maintain output voltage stability, and XC4008E-2PQ208C price and high voltage coefficient. ensure delivery to the load close to a constant DC DC, ripple due to teach small. Power should have high efficiency. For...

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Reliability of the information collection and application

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on October 25,2011

To carry out reliability design, it is necessary to collect, examine the reliability of the information, so that there is a sufficient basis for the design. Reliability of information mainly from the electronic components of product development, manufacturing, testing, use, and SN74LS612FN datasheet and failure analysis, in general, the main contents of the reliability of information: reliability level of similar produc...

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Rated DC voltage (pressure)

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on October 18,2011

Capacitor voltage is the capacitor in the circuit to work long-term reliability to withstand the maximum allowed DC voltage. When you use a capacitor, it is important that it can withstand the highest voltage. Different types of capacitors have different voltage, for example, a small ceramic capacitor voltage is 60V, a small mica capacitor voltage is 250V, electrolytic capacitors with 3V, 6.3V, 16...

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