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Quick disconnect terminals Molex released Quixon

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on February 07,2012

Molex company recently announced the availability of QuixON quick disconnect terminals for ship dashboard gauge and BA5984FP datasheet and switch manufacturers to provide a highly reliable self-aligned (self-aligning) feature, available in a variety of applications simple and BA5984FP price and secure connection, including fuel gauge, depth gauge, speedometer and BA5984FP suppliers and tachometer as well as for ignition, blower switch and sounder. Quixon ...

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BA5984FP datasheetBA5984FP suppliersBA5984FP Price

QPSK transmitter design analysis

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on February 02,2012

In the past to use more air to air missile telemetry PCM / FM system, FM transmitter is way more work on the phase-locked frequency modulation. The transmitter and MAX507ACWG datasheet and the signal acquisition circuit digital interface, the use of dual differential output D / A converter circuit AD9761 generates baseband I / Q signals, using ADF4360-1 phase-locked loop generates a differential local oscillator signals ...

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MAX507ACWG datasheetMAX507ACWG suppliersMAX507ACWG Price

Quality inspection of printed circuit boards

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on November 24,2011

Printed circuit board inspection and TMS320LF2406PZA datasheet and observation of the first printed circuit board with the naked eye all the Dai Zhi have violated some of the original design requirements, whether there are missing parts of the system is not complete and TMS320LF2406PZA price and other phenomena, such as: whether the broken wire or trachoma, whether the omission of mounting holes and TMS320LF2406PZA suppliers and so on. (2) Connectivity test with a multimeter to t...

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TMS320LF2406PZA datasheetTMS320LF2406PZA suppliersTMS320LF2406PZA Price

Quest chip manufacturing processes of four

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on November 18,2011

(more chips of knowledge, see-dimensional database technology information network chip manufacturing process can be summarized into the wafer handling process (Wafer Fabrication), wafer probe process (Wafer Probe), in-Package process (Packaging), the test process (Initial Test and SN74AHC00DR datasheet and Final Test), and SN74AHC00DR price and several other steps. Wafer processing which processes and SN74AHC00DR suppliers and wafer prob...

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SN74AHC00DR datasheetSN74AHC00DR suppliersSN74AHC00DR Price

Quest mobile devices gesture human-computer interaction design

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on November 02,2011

Introduction todays popular mobile devices, gesture is a buzzword, that gesture is it? Hand, a variety of creative activities of human natural tool, people will use natural hand movements to express emotions, such as people using the hands to represent friendship, the deaf to use sign language instead of a set of verbal communication, these are the gestures in life applications. Since anc...

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IR2104S datasheetIR2104S suppliersIR2104S Price

Quest lithium batteries, the production process

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on September 30,2011

lithium batteries do not say in front of the production process of material preparation, winding, liquid injection, packaging and SI4532DY-T1 datasheet and other processes, only said the last contact with us into, sub-capacity process. packaged lithium batteries snap into each sub-volume as closet-style cabinet, closet batteries plant so many rows, each cabinet can put hundreds of electric core, that hundreds of test ...

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SI4532DY-T1 datasheetSI4532DY-T1 suppliersSI4532DY-T1 Price

Quest Five Aspect future display

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on July 29,2011

monitor market in recent years can be "plain boring" to describe the biggest reason is the lack border=0 src="" width=504 height=477> Said 3D display technology, display the border=0 src="" width=579 height=552> Wireless video transmission technology is border=0 src="

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Questions and Answers on the amplifier (b)

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on April 15,2011

Q: amplifier specification is "RMS (root mean square power)" or "Peak (peak power)" to represent it? A: Please avoid the fact that there is no misunderstanding ... "RMS power" of this assertion. This is indeed a frequently used term, it is usually understood as "cONtinuous" continuous power or a "long term" long-term power, but technically speaking, is not the case. So do not be understood as ...

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BA1450S datasheetBA1450S suppliersBA1450S Price

Questions and Answers on the amplifier (a)

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on March 14,2011

Q: What is power amplifier used in the end? A: Simply put, the audio amplifier is the input signal to provide voltage and MAX626CPA datasheet and current gain in order to drive the speakers. Where voltage gain is required, because the audio line voltage peak in about 8 to 12 volts, while the speakers need more voltage to generate the appropriate sound pressure level. Voltage gain amplifier circuit and MAX626CPA price and was attenuator...

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MAX626CPA datasheetMAX626CPA suppliersMAX626CPA Price

Qtopia-based Chinese input method for embedded design

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on December 28,2010

Chips based on ARM core With large-scale applications, handheld embedded devices has ushered in a huge market. Deal directly with the user friendly graphical interface determines the users sensory awareness of the product. Xing Ai the end of this side of the market, embedded Linux systems because of its excellent robustness, as well as open source, free, and BT137-600E datasheet and other significant advantages, a mainst...

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BT137-600E datasheetBT137-600E suppliersBT137-600E Price

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