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Konka P2905M circuit TV protection and maintenance (a)

In Electronic Infomation Category: K | on February 09,2012

Konka P2905M frequency high-definition TV, Konka M Series are high-definition movement, I2C bus control circuit microprocessor system using M37281, memory model 24C16BP; I2C bus system charged with the circuit including: horizontal and TPA2010D1YZFR datasheet and vertical scan processing circuit STV6888, TDA8177F, the high frequency amplifier circuit AMT02400, audio signal processing circuit TA1314N, luminance / chrominanc...

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Konka ST system HD CRT TV repair three cases of the countryside

In Electronic Infomation Category: K | on October 18,2011

Example 1: Konka P29ST390-TV, three no. analysis of repair: power test machine and AD1895AYRSZ datasheet and found that the power indicator light, press the panel buttons and AD1895AYRSZ price and remote control and AD1895AYRSZ suppliers and can not turn the standby button, open the back cover, measuring standby control tube V960 (2SC1815) is extremely high potential base , indicating that the tube is saturated conduction state, the measured CPU (U23, M3n622SPGP)...

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Knowledge on the analysis of the magnetic inductance

In Electronic Infomation Category: K | on September 22,2011

Few definitions: 1. Magnetic field strength H, magnetic field strength is a characterization> 5. Flux = flux turns X 6. Inductance = flux / current By the combination> 1. (Ampere setting is) 2. (Faradays law> 3. (Poynting Theorem) Another useful conclusions can be as follows: 1. The same core, the inductance value is proportional to the square> In engineering from the above equation...

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Konka TDA9383 super chip power circuit TV resolution (on)

In Electronic Infomation Category: K | on September 19,2011

Konka TDA9383 chip color TV with a parallel super-excited switching power supply him. Power control chip for the new production of Philips TDAl6846 (N901), the internal block diagram shown in Figure 1. Pin functions and MC13020MEL datasheet and measured data shown in Table 1. Its internal settings of the independent oscillator, the oscillation frequency of a fixed model, free to adjust the model for the design and MC13020MEL price and use s...

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Konka TV part of the main chip of the substitution method models

In Electronic Infomation Category: K | on March 04,2011

1. Konka "E"-type substitution of the main chip machine TB1240N/TB1238AN are 56 feet, but the different functions of individual pins, so TB1240N and ep1c6t144c8n datasheet and TB1238AN chips are not interchangeable. TB1240N chip is based on an increase in the TB1238AN following functions: (1) things, "pillow school", keystone correction and ep1c6t144c8n price and angle correction; vertical and ep1c6t144c8n suppliers and horizontal EHT EHT compensation; (2) increase ...

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Ku-band power combining microstrip circuit design and application

In Electronic Infomation Category: K | on February 28,2011

Semiconductor materials and DS34LV86TM datasheet and processes as the continuous development of microwave / millimeter-wave output power of power semiconductor devices increasing magnitude, L-band power transistors has reached kW pulsed power magnitude; X-band power GaAs field Effect of pipe to tens of watts of continuous arrival, pulse power of 500W. However, limited by the physical characteristics of the semiconductor,...

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Keyboard matrix based on Boolean processing method of interpretation

In Electronic Infomation Category: K | on December 27,2010

Abstract The Boolean processing technology to scan the keyboard matrix interpretation: use of "digital" mode of operation will interpret the whole process of scanning the keyboard matrix down to a series of "bit" of the operation; scan interpretation process does not key terms, there is no key return the corresponding eigenvalue; order to facilitate the circuit board design layout, constitute the...

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kbuild system - compiled kernel module

In Electronic Infomation Category: k | on December 13,2010

Linux kernel is a single core, but by way of dynamically loaded modules, making it very flexible and HEF4046BT datasheet and convenient development. So, it is how to compile the kernel it? We can start by analyzing its Makefile. The following is a simple hello kernel module Makefile. ifneq ($ (KERNELRELEASE ),) obj-m: = hello.o else KERNELDIR: = / lib / modules / $ (shell uname-r) / build PWD: = $ (shell pwd) ...

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kbuild system - compiled into the kernel and compiled as modules, the difference between

In Electronic Infomation Category: k | on December 13,2010

Code is compiled into the kernel and AD7226KR datasheet and compiled as a module in the code what is the difference? seen from the modules code is the same. Entry functions are MODULE_init (fun), but the code will compile the macro conditions in the module_init () in compiled into the kernel and AD7226KR price and compiled as modules, replace the case of different code. include / linux / init.h the shows # ifndef MODULE ... # de...

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Kingview embedded version 6.0

In Electronic Infomation Category: K | on December 01,2010

Kingview embedded version 6.0 is the king of sub-6.01 configuration control of the company, based on embedded application development for new products, it is adhering to a common version of the excellent quality of configuration 6.0, in close connection with the embedded system actual needs, with features, speed, small capacity, high stability, convenient communications, simple operation, is your...

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