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Introduction battery performance

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on February 09,2012

(1) the battery open circuit voltage (2) the battery internal resistance (3) battery voltage (4) charging voltage charging voltage is a secondary battery is charging, the external power added to the battery voltage across it. The basic method of exercise and EL6251CM datasheet and charging current charging and EL6251CM price and constant voltage charging. Commonly used constant current charge, which is characterized ...

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Improve power reliability mobile communication measures

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on February 02,2012

(more on the knowledge of power system reliability, see-dimensional database technology information network ) 1 mobile power system components mobile power systems typically include high-voltage 10 kV double-circuit system, 10 kV/38 0 V low-voltage power distribution systems, oil-supply system, high-frequency switching power supply system (rectifier and TA7267BP datasheet and DC dis...

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IBM LCD black fault detection and repair

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on February 02,2012

a cause of the malfunction and MGSF1P02LT1 datasheet and detection methods IBM6636-AC1-type 15-inch LCD monitor black screen failure more. Lead to black causes, mostly the backlight board (power board) failure. Backlight circuit board from the high voltage transformer, power push tube (C5706), FET (SMD 8 pin 9435P), driver / protection / control chip (TL1451AC) and MGSF1P02LT1 price and so on. The central role of high-voltage transform...

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Input device selection principles

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on February 01,2012

1. Keyboard keyboard is still an indispensable visual display terminal, one of the most commonly used input device. The keyboard is generally divided into four parts: part alphanumeric, editing part, functional part and MC141544DWB datasheet and digital part; each part can be divided into core areas and MC141544DWB price and peripheral areas. Commercialization of generic keyboard has been fully taken into account the general principles of ergo...

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Integrated power supply works

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on February 01,2012

(1) three-terminal linear regulator integrated three-terminal linear regulator is divided into three terminal integrated fixed voltage regulators, and MAX850ISA datasheet and three-terminal adjustable voltage regulator into two categories. Because of its small size, high performance, reliable, simple circuit, easy to use, etc., is widely used. 1) integrated three-terminal fixed regulator. Integrated three-terminal fix...

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Inverter production

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on February 01,2012

(1) made with the TL494 integrated circuit inverter TIA94 widely used in switching power supply, the internal pulse-width modulation integrated (PWM), the triangular wave generator, battery voltage detection, SV voltage reference circuit, with external components, control and MC74HC163AFEL datasheet and stability characteristics. This example describes a quasi-sine wave inverter 300W, 12V DC battery power supply, for low-po...

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Infrared remote control system in the application of SCM

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on January 31,2012

article presents a summary of infrared remote control system for single-chip controller, specifying its hardware and CD4013BCM datasheet and software implementations. 1 Overview microcomputer control system widely used in electrical equipment and CD4013BCM price and electronic products, and CD4013BCM suppliers and to achieve control of external operations from the keyboard or computer to complete more, there are some limitations, for example, some elec...

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Industrial control programming, security research

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on November 23,2011

1 Introduction as Chinas rising industrial and IRFZ48VPBF datasheet and manufacturing standards, increasingly complex production processes, industrial safety has put forward higher requirements, safety technology and IRFZ48VPBF price and safety-related systems will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role . In recent years, computer-based system has been infiltrated into almost all industrial areas, completely changed the fact...

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Intelligent battery charging management program

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on October 28,2011

1 Introduction lithium-ion battery is developed in the nineties of last century a new type of rechargeable battery. Because lithium-ion batteries have high energy density and SP691AEN datasheet and long cycle life and SP691AEN price and a series of advantages, so soon in portable electronic equipment is widely available, also received a lithium battery manufacturers favor. mainly by the lithium-ion battery cathode active mater...

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Introduce four common touch

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on October 25,2011

more display-based knowledge, to make technical information library network in Victoria 1. Resistive Touch Screen resistive touch screen panel body part is a multi-layer composite film by a layer of glass or plexiglass as a grass-roots, the surface coated with a layer of transparent conductive layer (ITO film), and 74HC4046A datasheet and then covered with a layer of the above outer...

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