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Fixed capacitor quality inspection, maintenance and repair

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on February 02,2012

1. Simple capacitor detection method only table in the absence of special conditions, a fixed capacitor is good or bad, and MAX3232CDBR datasheet and the quality level of the resistance with a multimeter files can be judged. Capacity (ltiF more) of the fixed capacitor can be used multimeter ohm (R 1000 files) measured across the capacitor, hands should be a small resistance value side of the swing, then slowly swing back...

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Face recognition system in the study of integrated access control system

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on February 01,2012

Abstract: This paper proposes a face recognition technology access control system using fingerprint recognition technology combined with the authentication design. Experiments show that combines two technologies will improve the identification of safety and CXA1686M datasheet and effectiveness, can effectively solve the traditional access control system deficiencies. 1 integrated access control system design ...

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Forced cooling fan installed

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on February 01,2012

Forced cooling typically include two ways: blast cooling and AD9822JR datasheet and ventilation cooling. Blast pipe blast and AD9822JR price and heat can have no way to blast the heat pipe ; exhaust heat can also include a ventilation pipe and AD9822JR suppliers and exhaust pipe without cooling. 5.4.2 chassis ventilation chassis cooling effects of the surface state of the state of the chassis surface will directly affect the case of radiation heat, ...

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Function of electronic printed circuit boards

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on November 24,2011

Printed circuit boards in electronic equipment has the following features. (1) fixed electronic components printed circuit board provides integrated circuits and EPM7128SQC160-10 datasheet and other electronic components fixed, the mechanical support assembly can be installed to achieve the automation of electronic components. (2) to achieve electrical connection components or printed circuit board electrical insulation t...

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Functional classification of large scale integrated circuit

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on November 23,2011

Large scale integrated circuit according to functional classification, can be divided into digital and ADUM1201ARZ datasheet and analog LSI LSI. If the number of large scale integrated circuit further divided, but also can be divided into large scale integrated circuit memory, LSI logic circuits, and ADUM1201ARZ price and combines the two functions of memory and ADUM1201ARZ suppliers and logic LSI Logic storage....

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FPGA and DSP-based onboard HD video system

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on November 02,2011

Introduction UAV used in military reconnaissance and Z8523016VEC datasheet and civilian mapping and Z8523016VEC price and other fields, including on-board video imaging systems onboard electronic systems is an important part in one. UAV flying at high altitude in the video scene on the ground, the resulting image and Z8523016VEC suppliers and the target frame target the large number of small pixels, which requires increasing the image resolution to increase the...

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Factors leading to compressor failure and exclusion

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on October 28,2011

closed due to housing fully sealed compressor, the refrigerant is not easy to leak, is conducive to long-term reliable operation of the compressor and ICL3232CBN datasheet and refrigerator system of long-term stability. But precisely because this is not conducive to the maintenance of the compressor, a small internal compressor failure could lead to damage and ICL3232CBN price and obsolescence. Many factors lead to compressor failure, we ar...

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Fixed capacitors

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on October 19,2011

Fixed capacitor capacitance is fixed. In most types of capacitors in the capacitor is fixed capacitors. Here are some common fixed capacitors. 1) paper-paper capacitor with metallized paper capacitor two aluminum foil is used as the electrode, separated by the middle of the capacitor winding is made of paper. Its main advantage is that the manufacturing process is simple, low cost, cheap, can ...

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Frequency-hopping anti-jamming communications design nRF9E5

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on October 19,2011

In the civilian wireless communications applications, due to peoples short-range wireless communication system of continuous development and PI6C2510-133L datasheet and extensive application, apply for the ISM band resources are increasingly strained, the frequency of overlap between the various systems the opportunity is also growing, system interference, and PI6C2510-133L price and growing, so the design of civilian interference with frequency h...

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Field shielding, including static shielding and alternating electric field shielding

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on October 15,2011

Referred to as electric field shielding screen, the purpose of this shield is to reduce the device (or circuit, component, components, etc.) between the electric field sensor. Field shielding, including static shielding and LM317AEMP datasheet and alternating electric field shielding. 1, electrostatic shield charged electric field exists around an object, in the field of other objects will produce electrostatic induc...

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