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Energy-saving AC power supply design

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on August 04,2011

in radio communications, electronic measuring, automatic control, computer and LTC1298IS8 datasheet and many other devices, must have a stable power supply voltage. However, Chinas power supply voltage fluctuation range is very large, which requires AC power in electrical equipment and LTC1298IS8 price and additional communication between the grid voltage equipment, to ensure that the voltage in the power grid, once beyond the prescribed ra...

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Expert advice, analytical Linux file system

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on August 03,2011

Linux is a Unix-like computer operating systems collectively. Linux operating system kernel name is "Linux". Linux operating system is free software and MPC100AP datasheet and open source development of the most famous example. Strictly speaking, Linux is only the word itself that the Linux kernel, but in practice it has been used to describe the use of Linux based on the Linux kernel and MPC100AP price and the GNU project tools and MPC100AP suppliers and data...

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EMU train-vehicle data communications network solution

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on August 02,2011

As technology advances and AC593 datasheet and changes in market demand, railway rolling stock industry for the train-vehicle computer control system data communication network made new demands, expectations of a house in the rolling stock and AC593 price and train exchange between the ground control system and AC593 suppliers and control commands, status, fault diagnostics, and passenger information and other data communication networks. To this end...

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Ensure that at light loads the bootstrap circuit work

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on August 01,2011

previous instance of a design has been highlighted in the pre-charge load or light load operating conditions, a bootstrap IC potential problems (Reference 1). Figure 1, the green box is to increase the circuit, it solves the bus voltage signal of the voltage drop problem. Figure 2 shows the waveforms in the buck converter IC1B how this problem occurs, at no load, the output voltage VBUS to a fix...

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Exclude a variety of subtle electromagnetic wireless router failures

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on July 29,2011

Wireless router is used to network devices, the wireless router for the recurring problem of dropped calls how should we solve it? Here for us to explain in detail. Wireless router failure case A friend Question: I am at home using a home wireless router 54M, had only one of these machines are dropped when you never had, since, after buying a laptop, but often dropped, would have encountered ...

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Eight-channel power and energy measurement IC 78M6618 Specifications

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on July 29,2011

78M6618 is a highly integrated single-phase, eight-way power power to the electronic device power devices, also known as power supply It provides all the components in the computer power/> MCU Microcontroller (MCU) can be referred to as the MCU class=MsoNormal align=center> 78M6618 QFN 8x8/68 switch is the most common electronic components, fun...

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Embedded Speech Recognition Module of a Design and Implementation

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on April 22,2011

Service robots for the purpose of service, so people need a more convenient and DS75S datasheet and more natural, more humane way to interact with the robot, rather than to meet the complex operation of the keyboard and DS75S price and buttons. HCI is based on hearing an important development in the field direction. The current mainstream speech recognition technology is based on statistical models. However, the statistical model t...

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Elements of sound reinforcement system design and practice (2) (PDF download)

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on April 22,2011

3) explain why the sensitivity selection switch when the amplifier when the amplifier is 26 dB is 20 times magnification. Remember 20lg (voltage gain) = voltage gain, voltage gain = output voltage / input voltage. 20 (26 dB), 40 (32 dB), 64 (36 dB), etc. These values ??are computed from this. 4) Figure 2 is a QSC RMX4050HD power amplifier input gain reduction knob. Figure 2 QSC RMX4050HD p...

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Embedded Design cable fault detector

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on April 22,2011

Cable communications, test and MAX148AEAP datasheet and other important carrier signal transmission system, with the increased number of cables and MAX148AEAP price and running time, more and MAX148AEAP suppliers and more frequently the cable failure. Concealed cabling and test equipment limitations, so that the cable is very difficult to find fault. This paper presents a Nios embedded processor core of the cable fault detector, application of A / D device and FPGA ...

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ESP904 in the ROV control system of

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on April 15,2011

0 Introduction Ethernet serial servers can be equipped with a serial port device connected to the LAN or WAN, and M27C1001-70F1 datasheet and implement instrumentation and M27C1001-70F1 price and Ethernet frames the serial data conversion between data frames and M27C1001-70F1 suppliers and sent to boot via Ethernet industrial equipment, serial port, the industrial production of the serial remote device to send data to any computer, just as they close the same. Currently,...

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