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86. Crystal diode characteristics and applications to?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on February 09,2012

1) The diode works crystal diode is a P-type semiconductor and 86 datasheet and the formation of N-type semiconductor PN junction, formed at the interface at both sides of the space charge layer, and 86 price and has a self-built electric field. When there is no applied voltage, because the PN junction carrier concentration difference on both sides of the spread caused by electric current and 86 suppliers and self-induced drift currents equa...

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89. DC / DC converter circuit topology, the main development trends?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on February 02,2012

DC / DC converter circuit topology din main trends are as follows: (1) High-frequency: switching converter to reduce the volume to increase their power density and 89 datasheet and improved dynamic response, low-power DC / DC converter switching frequency from the current 200 ~ 500 kHz to 1 MHz or more, but the high frequency will produce new problems, such as switching losses and 89 price and increase the loss of passive co...

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80 PLUS certified public ATX power supply reference design

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on October 28,2011

I. Introduction Work in peoples daily life is very impressive computer power consumption, so the industry is very concerned about the computer field of energy conservation. Concerned about the energy efficiency of computers standards organizations and OPA4137U datasheet and norms have also debut, as the United States, "Energy Star", 80 PLUS, calculate the Climate Savers (CSCI) and OPA4137U price and so on. The energy efficiency specific...

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8-channel, 625kSPS, 12-bit parallel ADC Timing

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on October 18,2011

Rapid throughput: 625kSPS, designated VDD 2.7 ~ 5.25; low power: 3V power 625kSPS provide maximum 3.6mW; provide 5v power 625kSPS maximum 7.5mW; a sequence eight analog input channels; software configurable analog inputs; 8-channel single ended input; 4-channel fully differential inputs; 4-channel pseudo differential inputs; 7-channel pseudo differential inputs; chip 2.5V reference; 0 2% max: 25 ...

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83.8051 SCM PO how the internal structure of the mouth?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on October 09,2011

Circuit includes a data output latch and 83 datasheet and two three-state data input buffer and 83 price and a multiplexer switch MUX, in addition to a data output driver and 83 suppliers and control circuits. Port to address for the PO force protactinium l [data bus, can be used as I / O port to use when sending data or address, CPU control signals, with the door open above, and to multi-switch in the internal address MUX done according to FE...

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8 What are commonly used window function?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on September 24,2011

(1) rectangular window: the window is equivalent to the interval 1,0 superposition, the mathematical expression for the W [n] = l n-0, l, 2, ..., Nl N is the length of the window, a rectangular window is equivalent to the application without any windows, because the rectangular window can only be a limited period of time cut off the signal and MC68334GCFC20 datasheet and the rectangular window has the largest spectral le...

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MC68334GCFC20 datasheetMC68334GCFC20 suppliersMC68334GCFC20 Price

87. DC / DC converters, L, C, VD how to choose?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on September 24,2011

Inductor L, output capacitor C and 87 datasheet and diode or blocking diode VD choice is very important. Inductance L to meet the peak switch current is not saturated (switch peak current is greater than the output current of 3 to 4 times), and 87 price and to choose the right core in order to meet the requirements and 87 suppliers and selection of switching frequency, a small DC resistance to reduce losses. Capacitor equivalent series resista...

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87. Microcontroller crystal does not work, how to check the reason?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on September 22,2011

MCU crystal does not work Possible reasons: (1) chip itself is damaged; (2) crystal itself is damaged (probably in the welding process is not broken road welding); (3) capacitor damage. In parallel with a capacitor in the capacitor, if the original statement of work can be small or open circuit capacitance. Power can be measured with a multimeter when the internal capacitor is shorted. Anoth...

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85. Work faster than the edge of the trigger from the trigger of the main reasons for that?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on September 19,2011

Flip-flop operating speed is the time from the input signal to the flip-flop output to flip the time. Edge flip-flop is positive edge of the CP before the receiver input signal, a positive edge triggered flip, the pace of work less than half the clock cycle, that the pace of work is less than 1/2Cp cycle, CP transition moments before the input signal, CP After the transition triggered flip. Master...

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88. Transport operations on the signals have applications?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on September 09,2011

(1) Scaling: Reverse Input - Reverse Scaling. with the input - the same proportion to the operation. (2) addition operation: In the inverting input of certain signals, the addition operation form inverting circuit. (3) Subtraction: When the op amps two inputs are added as the differential input signal. (4) calculus: If you convert the capacitance of the feedback resistor, the ratio of ...

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