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77 high-speed CMOS74 series which is divided into several types?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on February 01,2012

High catch CMOS74 series is divided into the following three types: (1) HC type: CMOS input embroidery is a voltage level, a buffer output stage. (2) HCT type: steal a voltage input is TTL level output voltage CMOS level, there is a buffer output stage. (3) HCU type: steal a voltage input are CMOS-level, non-buffered output stage. a buffer output stage is the input and 77 datasheet and output between two o...

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74. Use of modern electronic equipment grounding Why?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on October 09,2011

If the equipment is not grounded, when the staff touched the instrument input, there will be some leakage from the AC power line of fire, the transformer and 74 datasheet and the insulation resistance between the case and 74 price and the distributed capacitance to reach chassis, and 74 suppliers and then reach through the instruments input resistance input side, then through the body resistance to earth formed loop. Modern instruments are gen...

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78 What is the ADC jitter?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on September 27,2011

When the ADC can handle input signals up to several hundred MHz or exceed 1 GHz, the system for the jitter sensitivity and 78 datasheet and resolution as the signal frequency increases. Jitter is the deviation of the signal along during the week. Since the ADC clock phase jitter financial input, which means the signal is sampled at the time there is a deviation, the sampling of the signal level deviation occurs. I...

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7. Barrier of the structure have? What are the characteristics?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on September 07,2011

Barrier structure is divided into common type and CD4069UBCN datasheet and isolated Zener: 1) Zener safety barrier Circuit fuse, current limiting resistor or diode to limit pressure on to limit the input of electric energy, thus ensuring the energy output to the danger zone. Its principle is simple, circuit implementation easy, inexpensive, but because of its principle flaws in the reliability of its application has b...

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7. How to choose and to determine the number of bits the ADC?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on September 07,2011

Determinants of the ADC digit following: 1) overall system accuracy overall accuracy of the system to break down some of the precision index ADC determines the ADC digit direct selection, in general, ADC number of bits corresponding to the target precision error should be less than 1 / 4 value. Therefore, the indicator from the perspective of accuracy, try to use a higher number of bits ADC, t...

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79. JFET divided into several? What is it works?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on September 06,2011

JFET is divided into N-and P-channel. JFET works as follows. (1) From the junction FET structure, the gate and 79 datasheet and a conductive channel exists between the PN junction. First, if the GS with reverse voltage between the VGS, the PN junction is reverse biased. Clearly, change VGS will change the width of the depletion layer. Second, the PN junction on both sides, P high doping concentration, N the do...

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70. What type of USB controller?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on August 29,2011

Now a lot of USB manufacturers, hardware vendors have almost all USB products. USB controllers are generally two types: one is inside the MCU on-chip, such as Intels 8X930AX, cypresss EZ-USB, Siemenss C541U and 70 datasheet and Motoro-la, National Semiconductors and 70 price and other products; another is purely The USB interface chip, only deals with USB communication, such as the Philips PDIUSBD11 (I2C Interface), PDIUSBP11A...

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7. Security lighting

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on August 26,2011

According to the lighting involved in the design and AT27C010-15JC datasheet and construction, lighting can be divided into the following three categories: security protection with anti-shock feature lighting. with anti-external objects into the characteristics (such as anti-dust, moisture characteristics) of the lighting device. mounting surface with a flame-resistant properties of the lighting device. IEC safety...

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7. How to choose crystal?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on August 16,2011

Commonly used crystal with passive and CD4027BE datasheet and active points. Passive external crystal required a separate power supply circuits connected by a pulse output pin provides access to the chip; active crystal generally have four legs, in addition to power, the pulse output of three feet, there is an empty foot can assist fixed. Access to the chip pulse output directly connected to the clock chip on the mouth,...

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73M2901CE: single-chip modem

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on March 03,2011

73M2901CE a single-chip low-speed modem, the modem supports the basic functions. Devices with integrated data pump (to support ITU-T V.22 bis modulation) controllers and LT1086CT-12 datasheet and analog front end (AFE), designed for cost-sensitive embedded applications. The modem is integrated in parallel phone detection, busy and LT1086CT-12 price and ring detection without additional external components, thus effectively reducing the number ...

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