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51 single-chip smart power strip based on the design and implementation

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on August 16,2011

Summary: comply with energy saving, environmental protection trend of the times, without replacing old appliances, based on the design of a control based on 51 single-chip smart power strip, to give the traditional home appliances remote control, timer switch, no stand-by power consumption, enabling old electrical appliances and SN54LS266J datasheet and intelligent energy saving purposes. 1 Introduction with e...

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53. Often see a large capacitor in parallel with a small capacitor still, why?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on August 10,2011

As the large capacitor capacity, so the volume is generally relatively large, and 53 datasheet and often make use of multi-winding way (hands should be split off aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be very humorous experience, you can not split off to take several different capacitors removed open look, but pay attention to safety, do not hurt the hand), which led to the distribution of large inductance is relati...

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5V single power supply design and simulation of broadband amplifier

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on April 19,2011

This design implements a 5 V single-supply the basic functions of a broadband amplifier. Core of high-speed op amp OPA820ID as an amplifier, THS3091D as the final stage amplifier, using DC-DC switch TPS61087DRC for the final stage power amplifier, 50 output load on the voltage gain of 40 dB. The amplifier pass band range of 10 Hz ~ 10 MHz, the system will eventually use the oscilloscope measurin...

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5 cases of Induction Troubleshooting

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on April 13,2011

Example 1 of a Taiwan and AD7730BRU datasheet and Australia Kangaroo UC18 machine does not heat, on screen "E1" characters. Reset tone normal. Check for resistance thermometry kitchen surfaces (normal temperature is about 100 k) Variable is 165 k, resulting in check sent to CPU temperature and AD7730BRU price and the circuit surface temperature of the furnace and AD7730BRU suppliers and check the implementation of low voltage protection (equivalent to resistan...

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5. 8GHz WiMAX broadband wireless communications RF system design

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on March 08,2011

Abstract: The introduction of the chip maker is not the standard for WiMAX 5. 8 GHz band RF chip cases, the use SIGE SE7051L10 developed IF chip and LM4891M datasheet and the RF chip developed by TI TRF2436, through rational design, successfully developed a 5 . 8 GHz band RF transceiver CPE and LM4891M price and the point system, test indicators meet or exceed 802. 16d standard. Details of completion of the main chip, the main technica...

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5 LED lights with a display of the utility to do standing wave indicator

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on February 24,2011

I recently designed a LED light to do with 5 shows the standing wave indicator. This indicator uses the RF power stealing way, no power, small size, light weight, easy to carry, ideal for field use of amateur radio enthusiasts. Indicator circuit directional coupler is used in three-ring-free commissioning structure, compared with general-purpose op amp device, the proportion of standing wave rati...

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5V power supply with protection

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on February 17,2011

5 V regulator with overvoltage protection circuit, the collector output series regulator by way of a: low cost, high efficiency, small size, light weight, low ripple and LM7001 datasheet and high stability and LM7001 price and so on. With the expansion of current and LM7001 suppliers and overvoltage protection devices, the circuit can be laboratories for experiments, but also for solid-state circuit and microprocessor power supply, also used for special ...

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51 with the emulation MCU development board design

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on February 16,2011

Abstract: 51 MCU development board and TOP225YN datasheet and the teaching environment in the experiment is widely used. Microcontroller Based SST89E554RC introduced to design a simulation function of 5l MCU with development board, simple and TOP225YN price and practical, low cost, it is suitable for the production and TOP225YN suppliers and use of single chip lovers. 1 Introduction SCM test and development is the most important aspect of debugging, usuall...

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551600234-LMP8100 Evaluation Board Users Guide

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on December 17,2010

The input, output, power and OPA27GP datasheet and control circuits together with the evaluation board contains a LMP8100 the pin map. Evaluation board is not compact, allows the user to install the required additional circuitry. connectors, jumpers, and OPA27GP price and test points power supply three labeled GND, V + and OPA27GP suppliers and V-for banana plugs to the Evaluation Board electricity. Power can also be applied to the terminal block J5 o...

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5.25 inch AAEON PCM-8120 Embedded Motherboard for Industrial Applications

In Electronic Infomation Category: 5 | on November 28,2010

AAEON (AAEON) released the new 5.25-inch Embedded Board - PCM-8120. PCM-8120 uses high-performance, low power consumption VIA C7 processors. In addition to supporting VIA C7 processor (1GHz to 2GHz), but also select high-performance, fanless Eden V4 Bus (400MHz to 1.5GHz) processor. 240-pin DDRII DIMM system memory maximum support to 1GB. Network connectivity, PCM-8120 Realtek RTL 8139DL 10/100Ba...

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