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28. IC How to detect? What to use common sense?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 2 | on February 07,2012

IC testing and 28 datasheet and use common sense as follows: (1) pre-test to understand the integrated circuits and 28 price and related circuit works. Before the first inspection and 28 suppliers and repair of integrated circuits used in integrated circuits to be familiar with the function, the internal circuit, the main electrical parameters, the role of the pin and pin the normal voltage waveform with external components circuit works. If...

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28 datasheet28 suppliers28 Price

Homemade flash decorative speaker

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on February 07,2012

I was a salaried enthusiasts, the required quality at the same time fascinating. Beautiful exterior of the speakers have requested. So according to personal preference hands a pair of speakers, with the strength of the sound release colorful flash. The appearance of new music along with beautiful, exhilarating. Shape shown in Figure 1, the circuit shown in Figure 2 has a transparent plexiglass p...

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LTC1277ISW datasheetLTC1277ISW suppliersLTC1277ISW Price

Vibration and shock hazards of electronic equipment

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on February 07,2012

Vibration and OPA3692ID datasheet and shock hazards of electronic equipment including the following aspects. vibration and OPA3692ID price and shock may cause the patch without additional locking device to jump out from the socket device, and OPA3692ID suppliers and the collision caused by other components of $ devices and equipment damage. vibration and shock can cause deformation of the electrode vacuum device, short circuit, broken, or because the electrod...

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OPA3692ID datasheetOPA3692ID suppliersOPA3692ID Price

TLV1544 IPW low 10 with serial control and 4 / 8 analog input ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: T | on February 07,2012

Conversion time of less than lOus; 10-bit resolution ADC; programmable power-down mode 1uA; wide range of single-supply operation 2.7 ~ 5.5V; analog input range is 0 ~ Vcc; with 8 analog input channels in set analog multiplexer; TMS320 DSP and TLV1544 datasheet and microprocessor din SP1 and TLV1544 price and QSPI and...

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TLV1544 datasheetTLV1544 suppliersTLV1544 Price

Voltage and current transmission of the different

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on February 07,2012

industry usually voltage 0 ... 5 (10) V or current 0 (4) ... 20mA analog signal transmission method as is used by program-controlled machine is often a way. Then the voltage and LM350T datasheet and current transmission methods are different, when using any methods, as will be outlined below. 1 voltage signal transmission voltage signal transmission such as 0 ... 5 (10) V if you send an analog voltage sign...

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LM350T datasheetLM350T suppliersLM350T Price

AD8138 AR Low Distortion Differential ADC Driver

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 07,2012

Easy to use single-ended to differential conversion; adjustable output common mode voltage; externally adjustable gain; low harmonic distortion: When 5MHz when load reached 800n 2nd harmonic 94dBc, 3rd harmonic is less than-114dBc; when 20MHz load 2 to 800n when the harmonic-87dBc, the third harmonic - 85dBc; - 3dB bandwidth of 320MHz, G = ten l; fast settling time of 16ns to 0.01%; conversion rat...

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AD8138 datasheetAD8138 suppliersAD8138 Price

Other connection technology, wrapping technology

In Electronic Infomation Category: O | on February 07,2012

Wrapping technique is the use of a certain pressure on the wire wrapped around the terminal, the formation of electrical performance and PCM1742E datasheet and mechanical strength are in line with the requirements of a connection technology. Wrap technique has been applied in recent years in the electronics, communications and PCM1742E price and other fields, as a basic electronic assembly process. different wrapping and PCM1742E suppliers and soldering, sold...

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PCM1742E datasheetPCM1742E suppliersPCM1742E Price

How to use the oscilloscope electronic components

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on February 07,2012

one value of measuring voltage regulator regulator (also known as Zener diode) is the use of PN junction breakdown characteristics when working. In - given the reverse voltage regulator diode breakdown, the breakdown voltage at both ends after it remained at a stable value, and EPF10K20TC144-4 datasheet and then if the change in the diode current size, will not affect the voltage across the diode that the diode revers...

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EPF10K20TC144-4 datasheetEPF10K20TC144-4 suppliersEPF10K20TC144-4 Price

9. How to consider the antenna gain?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 9 | on February 07,2012

Practical applications in wireless communications, in order to effectively improve communication effectiveness and AV2188E datasheet and reduce the antenna input power, the antenna will be made with the radiation direction of the structure in order to concentrate radiated power, which would come out of "antenna gain" concept. Simply put, the antenna gain refers to a RF antenna input power to the degree of concentration...

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AV2188E datasheetAV2188E suppliersAV2188E Price

Multisim10 and Protel DXP software in the electronic product development application

In Electronic Infomation Category: M | on February 07,2012

Abstract: For a channel traffic control circuit, for example, discusses the use of superior performance Multisim10 simulation software for circuit design and MAX2820EGM datasheet and simulation, and MAX2820EGM price and generate Protel netlist format files. The use of PCB design rules and MAX2820EGM suppliers and inspection tools ProtelDXP software to modify the network table file, pass the required PCB design components and connection information, printed circuit ...

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MAX2820EGM datasheetMAX2820EGM suppliersMAX2820EGM Price

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