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About portable power design techniques

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 07,2012

Increasingly portable compact with light, power management chips for higher demands, such as high integration, high reliability, low noise, interference, low power consumption. Portable power system-level design requires thinking in the development of mobile phones, MP3, PDA, PMP, DSC and ADM7001 datasheet and other battery-powered low-power products, if the power system design is unreasonable, it will affect the ent...

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AD7672 KP05 LC2 M0S high-speed 12-bit ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 07,2012

12-bit resolution and AD7672 datasheet and accuracy; fast conversion time; unipolar input range, or very strong; low power: llOmW; bus speed access time: 90ns; small 0.3 inches. 28-side surface mount package...

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Relay with a digital multimeter

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on February 07,2012

1. Measure the DC resistance of the relay coil with a digital multimeter to measure DC resistance of the relay with multimeter similar way. According to the relays nominal DC resistance, the resistance of the meter placed in the appropriate files, two tables document any connection to the relay coil leads to the foot measurement. Test results will be compared with the nominal value, if the error ...

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On the design of projected capacitive touch screen

In Electronic Infomation Category: O | on February 07,2012

Abstract: projected capacitive touch screen with superior operability and MAX8578EUB datasheet and reliability, and MAX8578EUB price and gradually become the mainstream of mobile phones and MAX8578EUB suppliers and other electronic products. Articles from the principles, structures, etc., briefly projected capacitive touch screen design point. 1 works projected capacitive touch screen is a glass surface with one or more layers ITO (Indium Tin Oxides, tran...

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Analog multimeter electret microphone

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 07,2012

Electret microphone with a multimeter test the sensitivity of electret microphone, then sending a direct impact on the quality and TLV2362IDGKR datasheet and sound effects. This type of microphone sensitivity level can be a simple multimeter tests. to two terminals of the electret microphone, for example, will be placed on R 100 meter block, with a black pen then the microphones output pins (ie, the microphones internal ...

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ADS8361 IDBQR double 500k5PS, l6-bit, 2 +2 Channel Simultaneous Sampling ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 07,2012

4 fully differential input channels; 2us Fen leaf volume per channel; 4us total throughput for the four channels; low power consumption: 150mW; internal reference; flexible serial interface; 16-bit upgrade to 12-bit ADS7861; pin-compatible of THE ADS7861...

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Quick disconnect terminals Molex released Quixon

In Electronic Infomation Category: Q | on February 07,2012

Molex company recently announced the availability of QuixON quick disconnect terminals for ship dashboard gauge and BA5984FP datasheet and switch manufacturers to provide a highly reliable self-aligned (self-aligning) feature, available in a variety of applications simple and BA5984FP price and secure connection, including fuel gauge, depth gauge, speedometer and BA5984FP suppliers and tachometer as well as for ignition, blower switch and sounder. Quixon ...

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WM8738 ED 24-bit stereo ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: W | on February 07,2012

Audio performance: 90dB SNR (A power level, 48kHz) ADC; 3.0 ~ 5.5V analog supply operation; 3.0 ~ 3. 6V digital supply operation; ADC sampling period: 8 ~ 96kHz; optional ADC high pass filter; selectable audio data interface mode: I2S or left justified; 14-pin SOIC package...

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AD9238BST-20 Dual 12-bit, 20/40/65MSPS ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 07,2012

Integrated Dual 12-bit ADC; single 3V power supply operation (2.7-3.6V); SNR; 70dBc (Nyquist, AD9238-65); SFDR = 85dBc (Nyquist, AD9238-65); low power: 600mW at 65MSPS; with 500MHz 3dB bandwidth of the differential input; on-chip reference and AD9238BST datasheet and sample and AD9238BST price and hold amplifier; Flexible analog input range: 1 ~ 2V (peak - peak); offset binary or twos complement data format; clock duty cycle Stabilizer...

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Gateway Know

In Electronic Infomation Category: G | on February 07,2012

Introduction term for the gateway, I believe there have been heavy equipment experience will not feel strange. Before we reinstall the system during the network configuration is completed, if the use of fixed IP address, then there will always be a dialog box requires us to enter the IP address, subnet mask and W27C512-70 datasheet and gateway information. Although we can often customary to add a gateway address,...

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