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Bridge landscape background

In Electronic Infomation Category: B | on February 09,2012

Two proposed bridge landscape background: First mid-1990s, Chinas electric power resources from the "poor" to "off" development, which is the material basis; second bridge in the citys strategic position in the pattern of the landscape as the bridge an important component of urban lighting. Bridge in which the waterfront area, as its broad expression domain is the focus of the urban landscape, bri...

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HB-LED FLIP-CHIP technology

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on February 09,2012

GaN LED on sapphire substrate to generate a typical GaN LED structure consists of sapphire substrate, through non-doped GaN buffer layer, N type GaN layer. Among them, the active layer with InGaN / GaN multi-quantum well (MQWS) and HB datasheet and P-type GaN layer. Part of the P-type GaN layer and HB price and the active layer can be removed by ion etching, so that N-type GaN layer to form ohmic contacts. In FLIP-CHIP LED str...

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Pull-up resistor and the selection principle

In Electronic Infomation Category: P | on February 09,2012

1 pull-up resistor (1) When the TTL circuits drive COMS circuits, if the TTL circuit output of the high is lower than the minimum high COMS circuits (typically 3.5V), then you need to TTL The output termination pull-up resistor to improve the high output value. (2) OC gate pull-up resistor must be added in order to use. (3) to increase the output pin drive capability, and L6506D datasheet and some also ...

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41 How to check with a multimeter power block electrolytic capacitor is good or bad?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 4 | on February 09,2012

1) check with a multimeter power block is good or bad electrolytic capacitor electrolytic capacitor of the two leads are positive and 41 datasheet and negative points, its good or bad in check, the electrolytic capacitor for low voltage (6V or 10V), power block should be placed on R 100 block or R lk block, the red pen then the capacitors negative turbulent, black pen then the positive side, then meter pointer...

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86. Crystal diode characteristics and applications to?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 8 | on February 09,2012

1) The diode works crystal diode is a P-type semiconductor and 86 datasheet and the formation of N-type semiconductor PN junction, formed at the interface at both sides of the space charge layer, and 86 price and has a self-built electric field. When there is no applied voltage, because the PN junction carrier concentration difference on both sides of the spread caused by electric current and 86 suppliers and self-induced drift currents equa...

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AD7477AAKS-REEL7 2 35 ~ 5.25V, 1MSPS, lO-bit ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 09,2012

Fast throughput; IMSPS; designated Vm is 2.35-5.25V; low-power: to provide 3V power 1MSPS to 3 fimW, provide 5v power 1MSPS to 12.. 5mW; Wide input bandwidth: lOOkHz input 71dB signal to noise ratio; power / Serial Clock Speed ??Management; no pipeline delay; Island-speed serial interface SPI @ / QSPItm, / MICR0WIREtm/DSP compatible; Standby mode: Max lyA; 6-pin SC70 package...

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LTC1417 has a serial I / O port of the low-power 14, 400kSPS sampling ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: L | on February 09,2012

16-pin narrow SSOP package; sampling rate: 400kSPS; secret sub-linear to 1.25LSB and LTC1417 datasheet and differential nonlinearity of 1LSB (max); power consumption: 20mW (typ.); 5v single supply operation, or +5 v; serial data output; no missing codes over temperature; power off: noise and LTC1417 price and sleep; external or internal interface; differential high-impedance analog inputs; indiscriminately input range: 0 ~ 4.096V or ...

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Low-power switching power supply analysis conducted interference

In Electronic Infomation Category: L | on February 09,2012

Abstract: A portable low-power switching power supply areas, due to the size and RF109-12 datasheet and cost constraints can not be increased pressure on EMC-specific filter, resulting in less power electromagnetic compatibility problems, an analysis of the switch power transmission mechanism and RF109-12 price and the types and RF109-12 suppliers and sources of interference signal; then on the "rectifier filter circuit design, selection of high-frequency tra...

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MAX192 BEAP low-power, 8-Channel, Serial 10-bit ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: M | on February 09,2012

8-channel single-ended or 4 differential input Humphreys Road; single +5 V supply operation; low power consumption: 1.55mA (operating); 2uA (Brown); internal track / hold, 133kHz sampling rate; 4.096V internal reference; SPI, QSPI , Mcmwire and MAX192 datasheet and TMS320 4-wire serial interface compatible; 20-pin SSOP package...

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Circuit board automatic welding equipment

In Electronic Infomation Category: C | on February 09,2012

(1) automatic soldering furnace automatic soldering furnace generally has the following features: easy with other lines connected; design accurate and XC40250XV-09BG560C datasheet and fast; PCB to adjust the width, angle size, adjustment and XC40250XV-09BG560C price and maintenance of lifting tin stove stove out of tin are electronically controlled manner, with a fast, safe, accurate, easy to operate and XC40250XV-09BG560C suppliers and other features. (2) In any case of reflow soldering ...

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