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Variable capacitor repair and maintenance

In Electronic Infomation Category: V | on February 02,2012

1. Air dielectric variable capacitor common fault
(1) set pieces, action film touching encounter this failure, the first look, is all action, touching film set, or a group or two (several) group action, stator collide. If all the moving, set pieces are touching, the rotating shaft due to loose screw top or the top axis and MCM67B618AFN9 datasheet and the axis of the screw contacts the ball at the loss. Troubleshooting when coupled with the right ball first, then slowly tighten the top screw axis, until the move, given equal spacing, no longer touch the films so far. Then tighten the screw on the nut. If only a fixed, set pieces collide, another group of intact, it may be due to displacement caused by stator group. Ruled out, it can double all of the screw, will film a hit at both ends of the stator iron solder points open, and MCM67B618AFN9 price and then moving, fixed film thickness of paper inserted between the appropriate, to ensure
hold move, stator not collide, the final set piece this group re-weld, out of paper, can be repaired. If only an individual action, set pieces collide, as long as the piece with a small blade to coaching is to touch. But sometimes difficult to find individual touch point chip, and MCM67B618AFN9 suppliers and the light bulb method can be used to check the power series. A few volts DC or AC voltage of a corresponding string of light bulbs and then strung together with the capacitor with a loop variable capacitors when rotating slowly moving films, if a small light bulb to a certain point, can be seen in the dark touch the film at a small spark, there is that touch tablets, touch tablets can poke a knife point, regardless of how the rotation until the moving film, a small light bulb will not light up.

(2) is not flexible or rotating could not stay because the stay could not top of the screw is too loose, should be appropriate to tighten, but not disk. Rotational flexibility within the main variable capacitor sleeve ball short of oil, dust, too, can be gasoline or alcohol to clean, and beads at the top of the bearing and drip a little oil or grease (such as Vaseline, etc.) can be.

(3) Turn the radio tuning knob, the radio noise is large, but does not touch the chip measuring variable capacitor variable capacitor which is mostly dirty (too much dust) or linked variable capacitor The axis of the small pulley and wiring short of oil (or dust) cause. The first connection to the axis of the small pulley and dipped in a little sewing machine oil, such as invalid will clean capacitor, eliminating dust foreign body, and then in the bearings, add oil, can be removed.

2. Film dielectric variable capacitor failures and repair common
(1) can not play the role of tuning, although can not turn or rotate but can not bring up the main radio rotation does not move within the dielectric film damage plug after the action film (trip) live, it generally takes new ones capacitors. Can rotate but can not transfer station mostly idle due to the capacitor axis, the actual turning action film did not cause. You can remove the plastic dust cover, moving pieces of the fixed nut tightened, can be ruled out.

(2) noise when rotating variable capacitor inside the radio noise can be divided into the following situations: First, the rotation to a point when suddenly a noise. This is mostly where film damage caused by the local hit film, generally be replaced with new capacitors. The second is whether the rules of rotation of the whole process noise, which is a moving film and thin-film multi-chip static friction effects caused by foreign objects or dust inside. You can start with the screw holes drops of pure alcohol (preferably ethanol), and repeatedly rotating capacitors to see if you can eliminate the noise; will take effect if no dust cover removed, the capacitor into ethanol (alcohol) solution, repeatedly rotating capacitor action film, let the dust that may exist within the foreign body was alcohol washed out, and then thrown to the alcohol, dry it (take a few hours the job), you can reattach it.

(3) rotation capacity values ??and the corresponding rotation angle is not the normal 180. If less than 180. (Less than head high or low spin), this failure is more internal damage to the film medium, hindering the rotation angle caused by the moving pieces can be broken out for repair. But the removal must be careful, sequential steps must be clear in mind, various nuts, such as gaskets shall not be lost. Sometimes 360. Can be rotated. Most of the action film limit card is damaged. If the metal limit card, you can pry the reset; if the 502 can be used for the plastic glue and then glue a small piece of plastic repair section.

(4) attached trimmer damage trimmer who has short, you can spin to not short-circuit, and then applied the law more than a dozen small leather trimmer (such as cable tuning, etc.) to compensate. Such as fine-tuning capacitor open, does not work, mostly connected with the main capacitor screws loose, once tightened can be repaired.

finally be pointed out: sealing dielectric variable capacitor short-lived, more prone to failure, and can not easily open the tamper. First analyze the reasons, as a last resort open repair, and care should be taken.

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