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Miniature projector, you do not know out of the

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1 micro projector concept

so-called mini-projector, also known as pocket projectors, TRT-3M portable projector, mainly through the 3M LCOS RGB three-color projection-ray machines and UC3843BN datasheet and 720P chip decoding technology, the traditional sophistication of a large projector , portable, small, entertainment-oriented, practical, living closer to the projection technology and UC3843BN price and entertainment. Usually the projector on the two have certain limitations:

a) Size: usually size mobile phone size.

b) Battery life: requirements in case of power does not take at least 1-2 or more hours of battery life.

In addition, the general weight of no more than 0.2Kg, some even do not need ultra silent fan cooling or fan cooling. Can carry (can be placed in pocket), the screen can be projected to 40-50 inches or more, so sometimes we will call micro-projector or pocket projector.

RGB three-color miniature projector

2 3M LCOS RGB three-color miniature projector blooming Shanghai World Exhibition

projector relative to the previous years, the traditional consumer market-leading position, this years projector market has changed, the traditional projector is no longer so hot, bulky, relatively expensive, large maintenance costs later, the limitations of its prominent use. The latest generation of high-definition mini-projector because its easy to carry, clear picture quality, maintenance costs and UC3843BN suppliers and avoid post-favored, has become a daily electronic consumer goods.

especially the latest release of the 3M-ray machines, the RGB three-color projection technology used in the micro-projector, projection effects have been jumping to improved, more and more consumers tend to Choose the convenience of this new type of product.

TRT-723W picture

Shanghai exhibition of Wang predicted that the responsible person: Universal Electronics Show this year will focus on hot spots in environmental protection, energy efficiency and low on the subject, by the impact of the World Cup, some of the application of advanced technology micro-investment products or appliances will be favored.

3 mini-projector technology classification

if we have an understanding of the projector, the projector should all know that major works are by the light source emits light through a series of optical lighting system, the light source into uniform illumination display chip, the signal through the circuitry on the chip to achieve Levels in the display and gray scale, showing the image, then the projection will show the front of the projection lens to enlarge the image projected on the chip to the appropriate screen. Inside the projection system, optical imaging optical system consists of optical and illumination system, which was the most critical components and lighting components graphics chips (ie light).

Therefore, hand-held projector can be classified from two aspects:

a classification from the perspective of the light source, projection can be divided into micro-LED and laser light.

b shows the chip from the point of view can be divided into LCoS technology and the DLP technology, including LCoS implementation of color sequence is divided into color and the color filter type type 2 ways.

handheld multimedia projector in accordance with decoding and memory capabilities of the device be classified into two types of business:

minutes multi-media: media type is native to the memory storage space can even be extended, and can automatically decode the audio and video playback audio and video files.

non-media type: non-media type is similar to conventional machines, you must link with the computer running.

4 technical indicators, mainly technical, the technical merits introduction

4.1 Specification

a) size


b) Optical efficiency: Unit power consumption (watt) to the output luminous flux (lm)

The index is an indicator of micro-projection is very important, as an ordinary projector, due to power supply, a very important indicator of its normal brightness, while the micro-projection, due to both the brightness, battery life, Cooling system problems, etc. Therefore, the brightness and the brightness of the simple efficiency of its key indicators.

c) Resolution: the resolution of the chip, such as VGA (640 * 480), QVGA (320 * 240) and so on.

d) purity: color performance indicators, often internationally NTSC color gamut measurement

e) Contrast: easy to measure image resolution indicator (a simple definition shows the ratio of the light-state dark state)

4.2 DLP technology

as a handheld projector (mini-projector) the main promoters, TIs in the hand-held projector (pico-projector), also under the foot of the efforts since 2008, also recently introduced a DLP The latest generation of DMD chip.

present in the world, only the U.S. Texas Instruments (TI) DMD chip can provide the commercialization of products, mainly through the principle of micro-mirror is controlled to light the switch, in order to achieve gradation and gray, in the small DMD chip, with nearly one million subtle than a human hair type of small mirrors.

4.3 LCoS technology

with DLP technology from TI compared to a monopoly, LCoS chip business, relatively speaking, more, such as Himax, Displaytech (Micron), Syndiant and so on. In addition, DLP LCoS technology platform open than many, relatively speaking, a greater development potential. As LCoS technology, its main imaging principle similar to liquid crystal LCD, is controlled by micro-circuit voltage, the LCD reversed, polarized light through the LCD on the control, hit the light switch in order to achieve Levels and gray. LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) and the LCD itself is different in that its reflection light control, and LCD is transmissive light control, so in theory, LCoS technology itself from the opening rate will be greater than the LCD.

as LCoS technology, began to develop from 2008 to the present, but also the original color filter type (Color Filter) the development of the current color sequence type (Color Sequential), its color performance and light efficiency have been significantly improved, the current color sequence type has become the mainstream of LCoS technology.

about LCoS technology, had to mention the 3M Company, as the worlds first optical engine of the 3M company released the same is a Fortune 500 company, its corporate culture of innovation and the name, In the field of display technology, from the invention of the projector to the 2008 launch of the worlds first optical engine, 3Ms LCoS technology has become a big banner. In addition, 3Ms liquid crystal polarization control of the long-term technology leadership, which itself has developed a polarization control film, made use of the films PBS (Polarizing Beam Splitter) polarization-controlled optical components, can make the same performance LCoS light engine to reduce the volume of more than 30%, greatly reducing the complexity of technology, in addition, compared with ordinary LCoS light engine can also significantly increase the contrast.

4.4 DLP technology and LCoS technology more

talking about DLP and LCoS technology, the technical merits, in fact, in the current use of conference room (education) business projectors, DLP technology have on the dispute with LCoS technology, of course, as a mini-projector Although broadly similar principles, but to achieve a slightly different way, or are somewhat different, the following will be a few technical indicators from the preceding one by one on a detailed comparison.

a) Size:

For now, the two techniques to achieve the final product dimensions are basically the same, not much difference. Point of view from the chip, due to the rapid development of LCD industry, LCoS is the realization of the main standard LCD packaging technology, generally achieved through a number of ITO glass printed circuit, while the DLP micro-mirror array is a mechanical means to achieve implementation of each micro-reflector Under the mirror element has a very complex mechanical structure, therefore, reduce the pixel pitch of the increase of the process requires very high. Relatively difficult to achieve much larger than the LCoS.

b) Optical efficiency:

Currently, two techniques to achieve roughly the same brightness efficiency, light output per watt of 7-8 lumens. But from their point of view the two technologies, LCoS requirements of the signal can be access directly from the circuit, while the DLP because it is achieved by mechanical means, containing the DMD chip in the motherboard, as well as the corresponding processor (Processor) and memory (Memory), this part of the overall power consumption in the light engine can not be avoided forever, that DLP technology is a drawback in efficiency, especially in the handheld projection system as a whole, if we consider the heat issue, LCoS chip advantage is more obvious . In contrast, LCoS power consumption can be less than 0.1W, the long term, LCoS also have certain advantages.

c) Resolution:

with the same size, DLP chip in the same size to achieve the resolution improvement, the same is very high technological requirements, from the first generation of DLP light engine can be seen, 320 480 of resolution and LCoS has lagged behind the 640 480, although in the second generation introduced 800 480 chip, but still lagged behind the LCoS technology, a purely technical point of view, than the DLP LCoS good development prospects.

d) purity:

LCoS through technological progress, the current model to achieve through the color sequence, in theory, to achieve hair style has basically the same, so the color purity has been basically the same, have been higher than the current monitor and TV.

e) Contrast Ratio:

DLP micro-mirror reflection is, and LCoS is achieved by reversing the liquid crystal optical switches, in the opening completely, the LCD has been there the dark state light leakage problem, similar to traditional business projectors, DLP In contrast, the advantage still exists on the micro-projector, but in the actual use of the environment, due to outside influence on the contrast of light micro-projection is greater and therefore, DLPs advantages in contrast to their relative business projector is also a corresponding decrease in . In addition, the previously mentioned special PBS 3Ms materials, the contrast can be 250:1, 500:1 and DLP technology, even in total darkness under the external environment, it should be said that the gap a little.

f) Industry:

DLP Ti because it is a companys proprietary technology, so the industry greater uncertainty, compared to LCoS several contention ratio, as well as future technical point of view, LCoS semiconductor industry because of its unique basis in the future should also accomplish much.

In summary, I believe that in the long run, if the Tis no major technological breakthrough or a better marketing strategy in the future, with the micro-projection industry blowout, LCoS than DLP technology to take advantage of the current use of special polarized light control film LCoS light engine performance has been slightly better than the DLP, as technology advances, I believe that the LCoS as a more open platform, there will be a good performance.

4.5 LED light and laser light source

recent years, LED light source technology, rapid development in lighting, household appliances, IT products, industrial equipment in the more widely used, not only to improve the performance of the product, made more energy saving contribution. For the projector, the LED light source technology with improved, it will also usher in a new industrial applications.

a) LED light source

LED (Light Emitting Diode), light-emitting diodes, referred to as LED, is a way to directly convert electrical energy into visible light solid-state semiconductor devices. It has easy to control, low voltage DC drivers, combined performance of rich color, long life, in the past been widely used in urban construction, large screen display system, currently in LCD monitors, LCD TVs have been widely adopted. Particularly in the LED into the LCD TV applications, with the LED industry grow in the display area, LED development also follows the well-known Moores Law, geometric style of development, cost, efficiency, chain, etc., etc. all aspects of , has been very mature, I believe in micro-projection industry, will shine!

b) laser light source

hand-held projector light source technology as another, Microvision Inc. is the main representative of the technology company, in 2009 launched a micro-laser light projector.

laser light on the point of view, the imaging effect, the overall feel than the LED light source means to achieve the present, most projectors have a good, but there are also speckle imaging problems. In addition, the high cost constraints become a major bottleneck in their commercialization. Furthermore, the laser itself to the eyes of the security problems in the micro-projection major consumer electronics market, the promotion of difficulty can be imagined. On the whole, the laser light source is no substantial decline in the cost of the case, short-term outlook can not be compared with the LED light.

in the above description can already be seen, LED cost, industrial, security, chain, etc. are laser unparalleled advantages, these advantages in the current rapid development of LED the short term I believe that laser insurmountable, but as a laser, imaging quality advantages and can auto-focus feature, look in the near future, to have more breakthroughs.

5 trends

handheld projection from the current point of view, the majority of their applications or in stand-alone application based, the basic application to MP3/MP4 basically as entertainment, PDF / PPT presentations as a business the application, in the recent CES, they see mobile phones embedded micro-projector products, as the future direction of development, its market capacity of mobile phone, micro-projector will definitely shine here, in addition to the mini-notebook on the projection, not miniature projector with a computer screen, and many now see only in the application of power, etc., etc., will become a miniature projection technology to shine the stage.

hand-held projector, since the 21 century, scientists have begun to study as well as some large companies, as a projection industry a branch of its significance for the projector industry is huge. Now, we have seen in a single hand-held projector on many consumer electronics applications, each projector manufacturers also will be heavy attack, it should be said holding projection time has come, I believe that with future products, embedded handheld projector more come more available, some hand-held projector a brighter future, will become the projection industry after the liquid crystal display industry, the field of a new hot spot!

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