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Integrated power supply works

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(1) three-terminal linear regulator
integrated three-terminal linear regulator is divided into three terminal integrated fixed voltage regulators, and MAX850ISA datasheet and three-terminal adjustable voltage regulator into two categories. Because of its small size, high performance, reliable, simple circuit, easy to use, etc., is widely used.

1) integrated three-terminal fixed regulator. Integrated three-terminal fixed regulator is commonly used as a medium voltage power integrated circuit, its typical products LM78 series with LM79 series. The reason why they are called three-terminal integrated voltage regulator, because it is
only three side, which is input (connected rectifier circuit output), output (connected load) and MAX850ISA price and common (ground). Their appearance, like a power transistor.

LM78 is positive voltage regulator circuit, LM79 a negative regulator. They have 5 ~ +24 V and MAX850ISA suppliers and other fixed output voltage. For example, LM7806 output voltage of +6 V, LM7912 output voltage - 12V. Output current 0.1,0.5,1.5,3, SA, dichotoma in LM78L (LM79L ) output current of 0.1A, LM78M x (LM79M ) output current of 0.SA, the middle letter of the LM78 is not marked (LM79 ) output current of 1.5A, 78T , 79T output current of 3A, 78H , 79H output current of SA.

integrated use of three-terminal fixed voltage regulator power supply circuit is very simple production, in particular the use of the following issues also need attention.

a) input-output voltage regulator known as the pressure difference, the minimum pressure of products from different manufacturers is slightly different, usually 2 ~ 3V. If the pressure is lower than the practical application of the minimum pressure, the regulator does not work.

b) regulator at work, because power consumption, the chip will heat up quickly. For example, the output current of 1A, pressure to 4V, the chips power 4W. Ro - 220 package die to ambient thermal resistance for the 54CC / W, if the ambient temperature is 25 , the die temperature reaches 241 , voltage regulator overheat protection will soon enter the state, so usually you need to add mounted radiator. If you do not install the radiator, then the ambient temperature is 25 , pressure of 3V, the maximum output current can not exceed 600mA. The use of the radiator, see the design behind the linear regulated power supply for example.

c) the use of sinus occasion can not exceed the maximum input voltage of the highest technical specifications given in the input voltage, or voltage regulator will breakdown. Most of the products reach the maximum output current is given indicator, generally in the selection of 87 series regulator, to ensure the cooling conditions, the maximum output current of 1A is appropriate to consider.

2) three-terminal adjustable voltage regulator. Three-terminal adjustable voltage regulator than the three-terminal fixed-voltage regulator has a broader application space, the application up more flexible, which 117 military supplies for the type, 217 for the type of industrial supplies, 317 for the public goods type. " " is the manufacturer code, domestic integrated regulator Used "CW" or "W" said that the import has an integrated voltage regulator LM, TA, AN, MC, note the suffix of the output current of L 0. 1A; suffix for the output current of M 0.5A; no suffix of the output current of 1. 5A.

(2) switching power supply switching power supply IC
the development process from the view, starting with a simple discrete components and the development of the ground control FET switch IC for the major components of the switching power supply, then development of monolithic integrated circuit pin minimal switching power supply.

(3) TIA31 precision voltage regulator IC
TIA31 is a common benchmark of precision adjustable power supply with adjustable output voltage range (2.5 ~ 36V), high output current (lOOmA), temperature characteristics of a good, dynamic resistance, and low output noise, can be used in high-precision reference voltage source, power supply, high-speed comparator clamor, over-voltage protection devices and other occasions. The device of similar products SW431, p.A431, etc., they can be used interchangeably.

TJA31 have TO - 92 (shape like a small plastic transistor) package and DIP-8 package in two forms, Figure 6-46 is a two package pins and circuit diagram symbols to indicate, where K is the power positive side, A is the negative power supply terminal, R is the reference voltage terminal.
TLA31 in-circuit functional block diagram shown in Figure 6-47. TL131 series of products, it has TIA31C, TIA311 and TIA31M three models.

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