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Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Technology

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on February 09,2012

Electromagnetic compatibility testing is usually divided into three levels: equipment and LM2594HVM-12 datasheet and subsystem electromagnetic compatibility test, the system electromagnetic compatibility testing and LM2594HVM-12 price and system electromagnetic compatibility test environment (also called inter-system electromagnetic compatibility test). Usually the system electromagnetic compatibility electromagnetic compatibility testing and LM2594HVM-12 suppliers and en...

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LM2594HVM-12 datasheetLM2594HVM-12 suppliersLM2594HVM-12 Price

ADS_947 14-bit, 10MHz Sampling ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 09,2012

14-bit resolution; 10MHz minimum sampling rate; over the military temperature range with no missing codes; the ideal frequency and ADS datasheet and time domain applications; excellent THI) (-81dB) and ADS price and SNR (76dB); edge trigger; small, 24-pin SMT package; only need +5 v and-5.2V power supply; low power 2W, Low Cost...

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ADS datasheetADS suppliersADS Price

Two-way digital television network fault analysis

In Electronic Infomation Category: T | on February 09,2012

1 independent optical transceivers and HD63C03YF datasheet and three switches do not match data is a major cause dropped packets. Symptom: a residential user can not access on-demand video on demand page. Failure Analysis: field test client computer Ping gateways, packet loss seriously, to BAN-port switch, and HD63C03YF price and community room light switch test, substitution phenomenon is still exist, but the community room...

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HD63C03YF datasheetHD63C03YF suppliersHD63C03YF Price

114. Programmable memory EPROM structure and can be re-programming work?

In Electronic Infomation Category: 1 | on February 09,2012

Is the use of floating gate EPROM programmable memory production, its storage units to use more N-channel stacked-gate MOS (SIMOS), in addition to the control gate, there is no outer lead of a gate is floating gate. When there is no charge on the floating gate when the control voltage coupled to the control gate, MOS MOSFET; and 114 datasheet and when a negative charge on the floating gate when the substrate surfac...

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114 datasheet114 suppliers114 Price

Photonic crystal fiber optic pressure sensor stability

In Electronic Infomation Category: P | on February 09,2012

Abstract: Photonic crystal fiber stability of the sensor in practical engineering applications, has an important influence. This paper analyzes the photonic crystal fiber optic pressure sensor of the basic principles introduced photonic crystal fiber optic pressure sensor system components, from the theoretical analysis of the sensor system relative to the light source wavelength, the output sig...

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AT24C16AN datasheetAT24C16AN suppliersAT24C16AN Price

ADS1224 24 to analog to digital converter with 4-channel differential input multiplexer

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 09,2012

With a data rate of 4MHz clock 240SPS; 20 effective resolution; input multiplexer with four differential channels; pin-selectable, high impedance input buffer; 5v Differential input range; O.O003% INL (standard value), 0.0015% INL (max); self-calibration; simple 2-wire serial interface;-chip temperature sensor; was in standby mode with a single conversion; low current consumption: 300uA; analog p...

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ADS1224 datasheetADS1224 suppliersADS1224 Price

A variety of CMOS gates

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on February 09,2012

A. The principle and 2SK2134 datasheet and structure , MOS transistor in a CMOS integrated circuit N-channel enhancement type MOS transistor and 2SK2134 price and the P-channel enhancement MOS transistor. N-channel enhancement type MOS transistor structure shown in Figure 2.13. A low impurity concentration P-type silicon substrate (B), in which the diffusion of two N + regions as electrodes, which are called source (S) and 2SK2134 suppliers and drain (D). Se...

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2SK2134 datasheet2SK2134 suppliers2SK2134 Price

Button cell assembly

In Electronic Infomation Category: B | on February 09,2012

1 Electrode (1) raw materials, pre- before the experiment, the cathode material LiFePO4, acetylene black and MC100ELT23DR2 datasheet and binder are in the 120 C under vacuum for 12 hours to remove material in the water. Experiment with the button on the battery, under the cover after cleaning with acetone and MC100ELT23DR2 price and dried under vacuum at 80 C 4 hours, then stored into the glove box (glove box O2, H20 levels are less ...

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MC100ELT23DR2 datasheetMC100ELT23DR2 suppliersMC100ELT23DR2 Price

Referred to as magnetic shielding magnetic field shielding

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on February 09,2012

Referred to as the magnetic field shielding magnetic shield, is used to attenuate low-frequency magnetic field and NJM2903V datasheet and constant magnetic field generated by interference, which inhibit the parasitic mutual inductance coupling. Inductive coupling for the mutual magnetic field coupling is the magnetic field between the conductors or circuit result of the interaction. in the current carrying wire or coi...

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NJM2903V datasheetNJM2903V suppliersNJM2903V Price

Konka P2905M circuit TV protection and maintenance (a)

In Electronic Infomation Category: K | on February 09,2012

Konka P2905M frequency high-definition TV, Konka M Series are high-definition movement, I2C bus control circuit microprocessor system using M37281, memory model 24C16BP; I2C bus system charged with the circuit including: horizontal and TPA2010D1YZFR datasheet and vertical scan processing circuit STV6888, TDA8177F, the high frequency amplifier circuit AMT02400, audio signal processing circuit TA1314N, luminance / chrominanc...

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TPA2010D1YZFR datasheetTPA2010D1YZFR suppliersTPA2010D1YZFR Price

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