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Wireless sensors and wireless sensor node applications

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Sensor information acquisition technology has gradually from the past one of the integration, miniaturization and TD62004AP datasheet and network direction, and TD62004AP price and will bring a message *. Wireless sensor networks (WirelessSensorNetwork) combines microelectronic technology, embedded computing technology, modern networking and TD62004AP suppliers and wireless communication technology, distributed information processing technology and other advanced technology, can collaborate in real-time monitoring, sensing and gathering network coverage area of ??environmental or monitoring objects, and processed, the processed information is sent via wireless, and multi-hop network since the group is sent to the observer.


Early 70s of last century, there have been a traditional point to point transmission sensor is connected, constitute sensing controller prototype sensor network, we classified it as the first generation of sensor networks. With the continuous development of related disciplines and progress, sensor networks and also offers a comprehensive access to a variety of information signal processing capabilities, and with the sensor controller linked to form a comprehensive information and processing power with the sensor network, This is the second generation of sensor networks. Starting from the end of the century, began to be used fieldbus networks, intelligent people to use their established networks, a large number of multi-function sensors are used, and use wireless technology to connect CONTROLENGINEERINGChina Copyright, wireless sensor networks gradually formed.

Wireless sensor networks is the next generation of sensor networks, with a very wide range of applications, their development and application, will be to human life and production of far-reaching impact in all areas. Developed countries like the United States attaches great importance to the development of wireless sensor networks CONTROLENGINEERINGChina Copyright, IEEE is working to promote the application of wireless sensor networks and development of Boston University (BoSTonUnversity) also recently founded Association of sensor networks (SensorNetworkConsortium), hope to promote the sensor network technology development. In addition to Boston University, the Association also include BP, Honeywell (Honeywell), InetcoSystems, Invensys, L-3Communications, MillennialNet, Radianse, SensicastSystems and TextronSystems. Americas "technology * On" magazine in the top ten emerging technologies discussed in Wei Lai, is the first wireless sensor network as an emerging technology Wei Lai, "Business Week" predict the future of the four new technologies, wireless sensor networks are also listed into them. Can be expected that a wide range of wireless sensor networks is an inevitable trend, it appears to the human society will bring great change.

Application status

Although large-scale commercial wireless sensor network applications CONTROLENGINEERINGChina Copyright, due to technical and other constraints still some way off, but in recent years, with the calculation of the falling cost of microprocessors ever-smaller number have been Many wireless sensor networks put into use. At present the application of wireless sensor networks focused on the following areas:

A, environmental monitoring and protection

With concern for the environment is becoming more, need to collect environmental data more and more, the emergence of wireless sensor networks for the randomness of data acquisition provides a convenient, and also avoid the traditional data collection was intrusive to the environment damage. For example, Intels research lab has 32 researchers with a small sensor into the Internet to read the big ** Maine islands climate, price of a used * Swallow nest conditions.

Wireless sensor network can also track the migration of birds and insects to study the impact of environmental change on crops, monitoring of oceans, atmosphere and soil composition. In addition, it can also be used in precision agriculture Control Engineering Copyright, to monitor pests in crops, soil pH and fertilization conditions.

B, health care

Wireless sensor networks in medical research, nursing can show its mettle. Scientists at the University of Rochester using wireless sensors to create an intelligent medical room, use the dust to measure the important signs of inhabitants (blood pressure, pulse and breathing), sleep position and status of activities 24 hours a day. Intel also introduced a wireless sensor network of home care technology. This technology is used as the aging of society deal with the technical project CenterforAgingServicesTechnologies (CAST), a part of the development. The system in shoes, furniture, home appliances and other props and equipment for semiconductor sensors embedded in and help older people, Alzheimers patients and people with disabilities in family life. Use of wireless communications will be effective delivery of the sensor network so as to facilitate the necessary information to accept care. But also can reduce the burden on caregivers. Intel director of research director of preventive health insurance EricDishman that used in the development of home care technology, wireless sensor networks is very promising field.

C, in the military field

The wireless sensor network with intensive, random distribution of features, making it very suitable for harsh battlefield environment, making it very suitable for harsh battlefield environment, including enemy reconnaissance, surveillance troops, equipment and supplies to determine the biochemical attack, and many other uses. Long-term plans to study U.S. Department of Defense has invested tens of millions of dollars to help the University of smart dust sensor technology research and development. Haber, president of Al gate Plantinga Forecast: smart dust sensors and related technology sales from $ 10,000,000 in 2004 increased to several billion dollars in 2010.


Sensor nodes is the basic constituent unit of the sensor network, composed by the hardware platform and is closely related to the specific application requirements, so the node will directly affect the design of the sensor network performance.

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