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The production process of new neon

In Electronic Infomation Category: T | on April 15,2011

Every night, the streets light aroma, and AD744KN datasheet and unique among an extraordinarily bright multicolored neon eye-catching, it will be hotels, buildings, shopping centers and AD744KN price and entertainment city decorated with colorful. However, the neon lights of the traditional production process complicated and AD744KN suppliers and expensive cost, power consumption alarming, maintenance difficult and prone to breakage and other issues. Neon is used

new chemical polymer materials, which process the unsaturated resin, through a special process and standard operating voltage of the lamp, resulting in colorful artistic effect. It is characterized by: making simple, low cost of production, artistic effect.

Now the production process are described below:

1. Craft materials and configuration tool

(1) with a thickness of about 3 ~ 8 mm plastic wood or other soft pine wood boards, spare production of shape or pattern to the mold plate; (2) thin film resin, transparent paper, paste, including its use, outside the edge templates box to ensure easy ejection, and to ensure that the font intact, smooth; (3) to prepare a number of strings of small colored light bulbs to install in the resin as a shell LED light source within the font; (4) tools should be equipped with hand-held jig saw, hand drills, wood steel files, Diamond Water sandpaper and other items; (5) shaped pattern around the injection of chemical raw materials for the process of unsaturated resin, commonly used models are: 191,194,196,109, and other of resin can be, and equipped with the appropriate accelerator and curing agent and defoamer. In addition, various colors of paint with a little flour.

2. Unsaturated resin formulation process

Shell material is also such a neon unsaturated of resin used in this process to include a certain proportion of resin, curing agent (chemical called methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) and the amount of promoter (chemical called cobalt ethylhexanoate) can be solidified in a very short period of time to harden.

Formula ratio generally process 100 unsaturated resin, adding 0.3 to 0.5 were promoting agents, adding 0.4 to 0.6 copies of curing agent, were added 0.05 defoamer. First of resin into the container, the first by adding the appropriate amount of accelerator and the defoamer and the desired color pigment powder, then stir them evenly, and finally joined the curing agent, you can immediately use. (Note, do not be promoting agent and curing agent mixed together, to prevent burns caused by chemical reaction.)

3. Fonts shell mold making

First of all, the word processing form to be printed from the computer, and then reduce or enlarge the actual size required, the word tile in the plywood, paper and backed with carbon paper between the plates, and then use oil-free pen depicted in the font panel, and finally removing the word carbon can be. Cut by hand along the curved trend of structural requirements for the font, the font carefully to cut down from the board, all parts of the font to be cut down, wood file to smooth around the edge of the file, the empty box on the edge of the board are flat file .

The film thickness of resin film cut growth by the word bar, first with double-sided adhesive tape around the edge and the plate in the font edge of an empty box and the font around the front of the body, to be a good double-sided adhesive tape, then tear up one by one protective layer, all of the film attached to the double-sided adhesive resin surface, and of formation. When all the paste in word and after a good frame, that is the font weight back within the framework of board space (At this point font and frame should be cut between the joints, so pay attention to the gap between words and the box should be the same up and down, to prevent word after casting shell thickness uneven borders, and affect the light reflection effect).

Template on the table when the shell flat straighten later, that North Korea has poured into the hollow box with a good first resin paste, pour them into the thickness of about 2 ~ 2.5 mm or so, then that is the font toward the box placed and used within the beat level, when the pressure level at the bottom of the slurry after the font and the frame will be filled with the gap between, if pressed flat and found the gap is not enough, add a little paste should be appropriate to make. The template to be pouring on the pressure after some heavy objects, some time after a hard resin that can be solidified dry mold release, this time with a border of a hollow character will complete the process. Then file will shape steel burrs and smooth uneven areas to repair, and finally into the water inside the shell with a diamond to the light water sandpaper, smooth so far.

4. Lighting and power configuration

First, the shell has completed the word upside down on a piece of plywood, draw a shape with a pencil to draw lines on the board, along with a hacksaw cut line, and then drill the holes drilled on a certain number of , 8 ~ 10 mm in diameter of small holes (the number of word-specific drill size and small number of colored light bulbs determined), and small beads of color bulbs one by one into the pores, to be fixed after all leads into the power cable to board together with the lamp cover in the hollow shell characters, the board and drip a little adhesive between the fixed word.

Finally, the lights plus the power cord connected to the lantern controller, connected to the power supply, lights will be shining inside the font, the font used shell of resin, so when all the lights flashing after light throughout the whole body font. When the lantern controller according to the different changes and flash frequency, there will be moments off and on, alternately flashing lighting effects.

This new neon is complete. When a row of zigzag patterns of different colors tied together, the lights flash controller, there will be a colorful cross embraced the art of jumping sparkling effect, do as much as the practical effect of traditional neon.

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