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The general trend of mobile navigation: How Who needs car PND?

In Electronic Infomation Category: T | on April 20,2011

PND is the abbreviation of portable navigation devices, as more and SIE20034 datasheet and more of the navigation software for smart phones with big screen, the PND as a separate special equipment in a perilous position. Although so far, with a navigation-enabled mobile phone / smart phone is not on the PND market growth has been a threat, but iSuppli believes that with the use of high-profile iPhone, TomTom and SIE20034 price and Navigons navigation software, this situation will change.

The battery life is short, and SIE20034 suppliers and the pricing strategy is not clear display of small, mobile phones will not threaten the PND navigation dominance. But with the rapid development of smart phones, these issues have been or will be resolved, so that the mobile navigation market share is increasing.

Mobile navigation application in principle, have four types of users, its features include:

A growing number of smart phone users download the free navigation map software.

B low-end users are most likely to turn to PND smart phone navigation devices, such as the iPhone. This smart phone is able to provide the small screen navigation capabilities similar to PND, and can be connected at any time.

C do not often use the navigation but turn to remind (TbT) phone navigation applications more skilled users may also choose to give up the smart phone navigation applications dedicated navigation devices PND, to take full advantage of multi-function mobile phone features.

D often used for navigation but to care about the price of low-end PND users, PND suppliers must carefully position its smart phone products to ensure that no PND products with their own private competition.

E PND end users navigate to a thorough understanding of the complex characteristics, they are very driver-centric access to advanced features. Care about the user group that the user may shift the price of smart phones, and hardcore users will want to PND PND can be networked to a lower service fee to the driver as the center for more advanced features.

F compared with the mobile phone user base, PND owners often use the navigation features users.

G phone is not special navigation equipment, temporary set is only suitable for navigation.

Mobile navigation trend

PND manufacturers of smart phones had a tremendous impact. The rise of smart mobile phone navigation is inevitable, this is because many mobile phones are integrated GPS functionality, the availability of large-size touch screen better, and built-in connectivity can be used for system upgrades, so the phone can be used in a variety of bundled services, which take advantage of price data plan. In addition, Apple has decided to use Navigon and TomTom navigation software provided, but also lead to market demand with the exclusive flock PND feature phones further away.

Last week finally announced its formal offer to the iPhone navigation software. Since June the new operating system release since Apple has six on-board and two from the machine for real-time TbT iPhone navigation software to use. iPhone users initial reaction is to encourage the navigation software vendors, as Navigons navigation software has been released from the iTunes sales in Germany top five, while TomToms App Store is quickly rushed to pay the navigation software in the first four.

Interestingly, after the launch of iPhone navigation software, TomTom continues to believe that, PND demand will continue to Zouwang, iPhone navigation application represent a development opportunity rather than threat of PND, especially in the short term. TomToms existing business, 80% of PND, but with a larger share of the smartphone market, this data will change.

ISuppli believes that the application in the iPhone, navigation, navigation software from the machine the users growth rate will exceed the on-board navigation software, the growth rate of users, especially in 2009 and 2010. And newer on-board navigation software vendors than from the machine is no doubt the navigation software supplier in the smart phone navigation applications, with more experience. And because better relations with mobile operators, the existing navigation software from the machine the user will get benefits. However, due to onboard navigation software provides advanced features like PND, and users are more inclined to pay a one-time purchase navigation software, so as time goes on, on-board navigation service will attract more users.

Since 2004, PND market growth and popularity has exceeded expectations. iSuppli forecasts 2009 will be a watershed in PND, because they will mature into the life cycle of the growing season.

ISuppli believes that by 2011, almost 100% of the smart phones will integrate GPS functionality. Better microprocessor support higher-capacity built-in flash memory, longer battery life and fairly with the price of PND, smart phones will encourage the user to select navigation applications. By 2012, smart phones will become the primary navigation devices, to provide mid-range features and functions similar to PND.

2013, two PND vendors will occupy roughly the PND market share. iSuppli forecasts that in 2009 to 2013, existing TomTom and Garmin PND shipments will not be any major changes (assuming the life of 3 years). However, the smart phone navigation is likely to occupy part of the PND market. PND shipments of any * growth, are likely to come from the Asia-Pacific region. The region used in the past few PND users, but growing. Estimated that from 2009 to 2013, iPhone mobile navigation users from 200 million to 280 million.

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