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On LCD and LT1086CM-3.3 datasheet and plasma

LCD TV and LT1086CM-3.3 price and plasma TV as the two main products, flat-panel TVs, each with advantages and LT1086CM-3.3 suppliers and disadvantages, the key difference is the different imaging principle - Plasma is a gas imaging, LCD is liquid crystal imaging, caused by different imaging principle of the two contrast and clarity in the above gap.

Is generally believed that the high brightness of LCD TVs, bright colors, but there are some pictures tail for ease of viewing the contents of the circumstances. Dynamic high-definition plasma TV, contrast, color, level, do better screen for watching sports or action blockbuster and so on.

LCD TV in energy saving, thin and so much more excellent, especially the use of LED light source of LCD TV. Consumer choice is often fancy plasma TV, plasma TVs contrast and color effects. Due to its special imaging principle, contrast is usually higher. The characteristics of a direct light-emitting phosphors, but also the wide color gamut and true natural color expression as plasma TV compared to other types of products, core strengths. If the user is mainly used for watching action films and other content, plasma TV is more appropriate.

Degree of difficulty from the purchase terms, the current support for the LCD brand and product number, price line loose, wide range of consumer choice. The brand is the relative concentration of plasma, smaller choice.

, However, not from the technology or market to a simple definition of what a better LCD or plasma, from the current flat-panel TV market, which technology does not exist short-term phase-out of another technology. Consumers in line with your budget, preferences, and use needs to choose their own.

Flat-panel TVs common parameter index

Both LCD TV or plasma TV, in the purchase, there are always some objective parameters for the consumers. Although these parameters do not represent the performance of product quality, but at least to some extent, to give consumers some of the optional basis.


LCD TV is the TV screen a reasonable viewing distance is 2-3 times the diagonal size, such as 32-inch TV at least 2.3 m viewing distance, 42-inch products will have three meters or so. More than fifty inches, you need 3.5 to 4 m viewing distance. Plasma TV viewing distance is less than required for LCD TVs, such as 50-inch plasma TVs best viewing distance of 2.5 meters.

Response time LCD TV

response time is the input signal of each pixel response speed, the pixel transfer from dark to light or dark by the light switch to the time required. If the response time is not fast enough pixel response speed of the input signal can not keep up, when watching fast-moving images will blur or similar signs of procrastination, can not guarantee a smooth picture. In order to ensure fluency in the screen, 8ms response time recommended choice within the model.

Physical resolution

For flat-panel TVs, it is a very important parameter resolution, refers to the total number of pixels on the screen. TV resolution is usually horizontal and vertical number of pixels in both directions, said the resolution of the current flat-panel TV is 1366 768 and the main 1920 1080 (1080P). 1920 1080 is the current mainstream full HD resolution. Now cable television line number for friends, 1366 768 high-definition TV is enough. But for enthusiasts like to watch full HD, the only choice for 1080P Full HD TV in order to experience the visual effects.


LCD TVs often need to see under bright lights, so the brightness of indicators should be taken seriously. But now LCD technology has a good solution to the brightness problem.


Contrast is the traditional weakness of LCD, if the contrast is not enough, the screen will dim, the lack of expression. LCD TVs contrast ratio is now constantly evolving and different products exist in the more obvious indicators of the gap, the user should pay attention to know before buying this indicator.

Viewing angle

Compared to CRT CRT TV, LCD TVs viewing angle is its weakness, the early smaller viewing angle LCD monitor, the viewers position in the deviation from the center of the screen hard to see the satisfaction of the screen, it would seriously affect many people look at the same time TV.

Scan rate High and low values ??

speed scanning, to some extent can reflect whether there is trailing the LCD TV. The value of high speed scanning can be improved to some extent smearing. Under normal circumstances, when the player when the frequency of 120Hz, to meet the needs of most consumers.

Interface Configuration

Interface provided by the current common flat-panel TVs AV, S Video, Component, VGA, DVI, etc., HDMI interface is the high-definition flat-panel TV with almost universal standard interface type. With the continuing escalation of entertainment, many consumers are also connected to DVD, audio, high-definition players, Blu-ray disc players, game consoles, * and other entertainment equipment needs, therefore, the rich interface configuration used in the late is very convenient.

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