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RFID-based development platform for building Internet of Things

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on April 23,2011

With the wireless communication technology, sensor technology, information processing technology, rapid development, economic globalization, industrial automation and IRF7350TRPBF datasheet and deepening the process of information, physical networking technology matures, gradually increasing the field of application, physical networking technology caused more and IRF7350TRPBF price and more attention. Internet of Things, by definition is the formation of things and IRF7350TRPBF suppliers and objects connected to the network, the exchange of information between them and communication, in order to achieve the object of the intelligent identify, locate, track, monitor and manage a network. The one hand, things can improve economic efficiency, significant cost savings; the other hand, the global economic recovery for the provision of technical power. Things are used in logistics management, intelligent transportation systems, supply chain management and factory, building, and environmental protection monitoring, can reduce management costs, improve management effectiveness and equipment, dangerous security situation. Things

This paper describes the basic principles and components, describes the basic principles of each module and function, while radio frequency identification system, embedded ZigBee module, things improved wireless communication and networking capabilities to enable Internet of Things technology better development and application of things after the systematic introduction of the structure and composition development platform and application development prospects of the development platform to build things, to promote research into and production and research docking results is also of great significance for the eventual "Internet of Things" provides a simple and feasible way.

1 the basic principles of things

Things generally 3 major components, namely, radio frequency identification RFID systems, middleware systems and Internet systems Savant. RFID system includes at least one reader (Reader), and RFID tags (Tag), it has read speed, storage space, working distance, penetrating strong, adapting the work environment, and can be reused several advantages. RFID tags by the chip and antenna, each tag has a unique electronic code, the label attached to an object to the target object. System basically consists of things shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 system basically consists of things Chart

2 RFID system

Technical core of things is the key radio frequency identification technology (RFID). RFID system consists of the general reader, the transponder (RFID EPC) and high-level and other components, has read speed, storage space, working distance, penetrating intensity, the work environment to adapt to, and can be reused many kinds of advantages. RFID chip and antenna from the composition, each tag has a unique electronic code, the label attached to an object to the target object. RFID reader, the main task is to control the RF module to read the signal transmitting tag, and receives tag response, the identification information on the label processing, and then readers integrate the received data transmitted to the computer processing. Level of information management systems and decision-making system, through data processing, analysis and mining, for the correct decisions. RFID in the ticketing system (city buses, highway toll, tickets, etc.), charge card, urban traffic management, security access control, logistics, home economics, food safety, traceability, medicine, mine production safety, security, security, documentation, container identification , animal tracking, sports timing, production automation, supply chain, and many other areas of commercial gain widespread attention and application. RFID system structure shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 RFID System Architecture

3 ZigBee module

ZigBee is a short distance, low complexity, low power, low data rate, low-cost two-way wireless communication technology or wireless network technology, is a group based on IEEE 802.15.4 wireless networking standard developed by the relevant , security and application software in communication technologies. ZigBee network topology, there are three kinds: star, tree and mesh network. It uses DSSS spread spectrum technology, using ultra-high frequency band is the 2.45 GHz band, anti-jamming ability, transmission speed, and can improve the operating range of readers, mainly suitable for automatic control, wireless sensor, monitoring and remote control areas, can be embedded in various devices, also supports geo-targeting capabilities. This paper, the ZigBee module is embedded into the RFID system, with a more reliable and better security group * sex.

4 GPS and GPRS modules

Global positioning system (Global PositiONing SySTem, GPS) is a kind of high-precision satellite-based air navigation global positioning system radio, anywhere in the world and the near-Earth space to provide accurate location, speed and car dealers accurate time information. GPS system consists of three parts: the space segment, ground control segment, user segment. GPRS is General Packet Radio Service (General Packet Radio Service) for short, is developed based on GSM as a data bearer, and packet-switched transmission, only by increasing the corresponding functional entities and the existing base station system part of the transformation to achieve packet switching, but get the user data rates much faster than the GSM network. GPRS module by module and SIM card mobile phone, the GPS positioning data to send a short message to inform the location of each item.

5 Things platform

Things architecture platform as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Things platform system structure

Reader sends a certain frequency through the RF antenna signal, when the EPC tag read range into the reader, the electronic tag radio frequency emitted from the reader to extract the energy after the energy required for activation, so that the EPC Electronic get energy label reader is activated to send its own coding EPC information. Reader receives information from the tag carrier, and demodulate and decode the received signal, the information will be sent to the Savant middleware computer system software for processing. RFID data exchange and system management software, including the factory between the reader and the middleware between the computer application system Savant system. Other development platform in the whole system of things if you want to know the location of an item, simply issue a query through the GPRS wireless network signal, the sub-module receives the query message, through the RFID reader to read RFID information on their own, and pass encoding with the center compared to verify is to ask yourself. Then read from the GPS system, their location information, location of the signal through the GPRS network will be transmitted to the control center to control the location of items. Also in this development platform have to pay attention to anti-collision technology. When two or more of the EPC tag read range into the reader, they have received instructions to the readers query, they will also send a response, so that the signal caused by the conflict between the reader, so that readers can not be detected to the right signal that the collision occurred. Therefore, readers must be established between the tag and the anti-collision protocol for EPC reader detects a tag. Generally have data validation to prevent the collision (error detection) and anti-collision algorithm in two ways. Error detection technique used here, which uses multiple access technology, the RFID system and the electronic tag reader to complete the data between the transmission and recognition.

6 development platform advantage of things Things

development platform using advanced RFID technology, ZigBee technology, GPS technology, GPRS technology, integrate them, play to their strengths, improve system performance. Its main advantage is: RFID technology embedded in the ZigBee technology, the reader reads the broader, read faster, less latency, lower cost, so that multiple RFID readers and wireless connectivity, or network other instruments more convenient, equipment and interconnection between different protocol reader, multi-point wireless data acquisition and transmission purposes, and ultimately the formation of a multi-point based on ZigBee technology, automatic identification, smart wireless networking, RFID identification system. Another combination of GPS and GPRS technology, the development of things more convenient communication platform for the promotion of things and use technology to better provide a new way.

7 Conclusion

This system, taking full account of things in-depth analysis of existing conditions and technical problems under the premise of the RFID, ZigBee, GPS, GPRS and other technologies integrated into the development platform of things, to construct a set of radio frequency identification technology based on ZigBee development platform of things to improve the readers reading ability, capacity and networking capability of anti-collision, but in the practical application of things there are still many problems to be resolved, such as technical standards, security and long-range identification, anti-jamming capability. With RFID, ZigBee, GPS, GPRS and other technologies continue to develop and update, their advantage in the Internet of Things will be more prominent, will better improve our lives.

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