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RFID Application in the parking lot

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Intelligent parking management system

Traditional focus of the parking lot management system are on the billing, charging management, the concern is all the time in order to facilitate vehicle access fees, while in the parking lot of the safety, efficiency and HD63484CP8 datasheet and user-friendly for the customers requirements considerations less. For the present situation, the author proposes an intelligent parking management system to achieve automatic vehicle identification and HD63484CP8 price and information management, to improve vehicle efficiency and HD63484CP8 suppliers and safety of traffic and vehicle access statistical data to facilitate the management of staff scheduling, to reduce the labor management strength, thereby improving efficiency.

The car park management system not only retains all the traditional function of car park management system on, he is relying on the original charges media for improved media management. When the vehicle entered the parking lot, the system automatically intake of vehicle images, obtained by computer processing, vehicle type, license, color information, and information with the user card into the only correspond with the database. When the vehicle left the parking lot, the user card, license plate number or vehicle images, and other related indicators to be released after the match.

System uses the "one card for a car, a" management model, that is, from the vehicle into the car until the vehicle left the parking lot, and all data related to the car with the cards ID number are the only relevant, through the This unique ID number, we can, such as users, vehicle type, vehicle license, vehicle color and other information and vehicle graphics, vehicle entry and exit time, parking duration, designated parking spaces number, parking path, appropriate fee and other information unified in the database, readily accessible and storage. This put charge management, parking guidance and vehicle identification data safety monitoring subsystems based on same data platform, which will effectively integrate the subsystems into a unified intelligent parking management system.

Intelligent parking management system is based on management system and channel identification system consisting of computer networks, network communication protocols using TCP / IP protocol. System can effectively and accurately, intelligently vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot of the system (with an electronic license plate of vehicles) and non-system vehicles (vehicles not fitted with electronic license) data information identification, collection, recording and on-demand in stay, upload, process, and, when necessary, manual intervention by the appropriate complement, in order to avoid non-normal events (non-car access system), will ensure that the system has a high clearance vehicle intelligence capabilities.

For the intelligent parking systems, the requirements should be a higher sensitivity, greater adaptability to use, install less complex, and should not affect the day and night to ensure that in any environment of stable and reliable monitoring of vehicles, engineering and convenient, maintenance-free, the cost should not be very high. Radio frequency identification device must be able to achieve normal speed through the car, they can communicate with the electronic cars; vehicles, time, space, information, train information and data processing center to download instructions to be stored locally; system should be regularly self-test and fault self- inspection, timely upload device activity for central processing system is running; troubleshooting or power is restored, the system automatically restart to ensure the car park works, data integrity; modular software architecture; can * pass control over equipment and monitoring equipment (such as the Barrier, lights, electronics, video capture, etc.) of the interface requirements.

Intelligent Parking System performance characteristics are as follows:

(1) using radio frequency identification technology and computer control, high degree of automation, control, and accurate.

(2) the use of remote identification tag technology, security performance is good. Parking of vehicles has a unique serial number label card, the serial number can not be changed. Multiple encryption technology, the only recognition, not imitation. And only authorized release of the system.

(3) non-contact type smart tags no mechanical contact when the card moves, distance sensors communication, no direction, the card reader can be in the range of long-range reader, do not stop the vehicle can be completed while reader operation, user-friendly to use.

(4) Barrier passage of the vehicle automatically on rising and falling, and smashed cars with anti-function.

(5) parking statistics and confirmed by the computer.

(6) computer network and billing software using a combination of methods to prevent the illegal and unauthorized changes to data access.

(7) management computer and the computer can be achieved in various real-time communication charges, and the management computer has an external interface, network expansion and strong.

(8) using standard industrial control system architecture can be organized according to the different requirements of different system configurations, convenient and flexible.

(9) installation, commissioning and maintenance simple and convenient, easy to replace and repair.

(10) the entire system is stable, reliable.

Intelligent parking system workflow

Radio frequency identification system has other recognition systems can not match advantage, coupled with radio frequency identification system in the data carrier based anti-fouling, anti-wear well, which will help improve reuse carrier to increase its service life, reduce the use of cost, so intelligent parking management system using radio frequency identification systems.

Car park management system is running is to get vehicles in the customer parking based, workflow parking of vehicles has always been user-centric process and out of the car park. Temporary car park users are generally divided into two major categories of users and fixed users. When the vehicle into / out of parking antenna communication area, the means of communication antennas and microwave radio frequency card-board two-way data exchange, from the RF card read vehicle information, radio frequency automatic identification cards and determine the effectiveness and cars legitimacy, lane control computer display one correspondence with the RF card information such as license plate number and driver information; Drive control computer automatically through time, vehicle and driver information into a database, the Drive control computer based on the unique determine the data to make decisions to release or prohibited.

(1) temporary user

Casual users is the temporary use of car park users, these users generally have temporary parking behavior, random, the use of low-frequency characteristics. The large number of casual users, and the identity of potential uncertainty.

(2) a fixed user

Fixed users is the long-term fixed using the car park users, these users generally have long-term parking behavior, regularity, the use of high frequency characteristics. Fixed the user unit is generally near the staff parking lot or living area of ??households, the number of a certain period of time is determined.

For temporary car park users are generally divided into the actual users and fixed users, the system out / temporary admission process is also divided into two kinds of users and fixed users and situations.

Vehicle appearance workflow

Temporary vehicle appearance workflow

Users leave the channel driving the vehicle into the car, stopped at the exit, the vehicle detector detects that a car, send a car to the export control signal. Camera system and vehicle identification system startup, intake of vehicle images, the vehicle identification systems analysis, to obtain the license information, color information, vehicle information, etc.; users will obtain admission to the management of the user card, managers through export card reader reads the user ID information, and user card back recycling. Data center by retrieving the corresponding database ID, the type of access to the user card (temporary card), admission time, and query the database ID number associated with this vehicle information, and real-time access to information just to compare, if not refused to comply with the release, and gives warning and error message. If found, the data center inside the vehicle at the residence time and billing rates, calculate the payable amount for the user, while the amount shown on the display screen, voice prompts to prompt the user shall pay the amount of equipment, users pay the corresponding fee, management will open the outlet by playing electric fence controller, the user exit car parking.

Card vehicle played a long workflow

Long card users who reach the parking lot exit the vehicle, the card reader to get the card information, the information on to the data processing center, to start the vehicle image recognition system to determine the validity of the user card and password, and query to the information data center ID number associated with this vehicle information and vehicle identification system to obtain information to compare, and if so, then to an effective export control signal, lift the export by the export of electric fence controller, the user driving car left the parking lot, to complete a playing process.

Intelligent Parking Management System

Hardware system

Intelligent parking management system block diagram shown in Figure 1. Intelligent parking management system control and management of data center access control systems, vehicle identification systems, security monitoring systems, user management system and export control systems. Intelligent parking management system the main equipment:

(1) access control equipment, including automatic entrance spit card machine, the entrance card reader, vehicle detector, electric fence, etc.;

(2) user fees terminal equipment, including computers, video capture cards, printer paper, etc.;

(3) data processing center equipment, including data servers, the center card reader, communication equipment, etc.;

(4) parking control equipment, including surveillance cameras, video cards, monitors, alarms equipment;

(5) export control equipment, including export card reader, vehicle detector, electric fence, export voice prompts devices, display devices such as parking fees;

(6) other equipment, including lighting equipment, ventilation equipment.

Software system

Three operator system

Software sub-operator level, supervisory, managerial three different levels. Corresponding to different levels of the different software systems into the password, so the software system has good security and reliability. Different levels of operator access to the software system, to achieve different functions. Operator level only for basic functions; competent level to achieve, including the operator, including a number of other functions, and can change the operator password; manager level is the highest level of operators, to achieve including the operating level, supervisory level, including all functions, and can modify all of the operator password. Software system has good compatibility and data protection.

Image capture compared

Image map sheet size and clarity, color and other parameters can be set up their own; vehicle images available to the persons at any time. Image storage based on the total size of hard drive capacity, more than a week left at least be guaranteed access to images of vehicles (10 000) for future reference.

Temporary car charging function

Temporary car and left the parking lot, the controller can automatically detect the temporary card and prompts should pay a fee. After the temporary car must pay a certain fee, confirmed by security to leave the parking lot. Barrier open, digital video recorders to capture photos of the vehicle under the file and stored in the computer.

Query, change information

Access a variety of relevant information. For example: Common Card Checklist, list of locked cards used, the operator password list, temporary card lists.

Data print

Perform operation, can immediately print out the implementation of the operation of the operator code, and operational content, the printer prints out the vehicle entry / exit date, time, number, time, and the operator code.

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