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Purchase method of digital camera batteries

In Electronic Infomation Category: P | on April 20,2011

Rely mainly on the current battery-powered digital camera, only in the room was used transformer power supply. However, perhaps a lot of friends do not feel how important digital camera battery, and LM4040BIM3-5.0 datasheet and did not need to be too concerned about it, and LM4040BIM3-5.0 price and can be used on the line. In fact, the use of digital camera users in all aspects of the process.

1, related to the users cost. Digital cameras are "eating electric tiger", electricity is very powerful, one of my friends to travel with a Canon a70 three days with a dozen of alkaline batteries, he bought a pair of the five dollars, ten pairs for five ten yuan, therefore, so to speak, digital camera battery accounted for the largest proportion of the cost, but if you can buy a suitable battery, can help you save a lot of money, to lower your cost of ownership.

2, related to digital camera shooting time. As the digital camera is "eat electric tiger", so no one can hope that their longer battery time, do not want to just take a few photos no electricity. The most annoying is that there is precisely no power when the best time to shoot, which for some professionals, journalists or fans, it is a shame it! However, different types of batteries its life and LM4040BIM3-5.0 suppliers and sustained use of time have greater differences, and the price is also a large gap, how to choose according to their need to do for your battery? You will be able to find the answer in this article.

One common digital camera battery Category

Digital camera batteries can be broadly divided into two alkaline batteries, hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries, nickel-cadmium battery charging when the memory effect, and the price advantage, and so did not factor in the market has been largely eliminated in this not repeat them, let us carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the three type of batteries it.

MH battery The full name

hydride battery nickel-metal hydride batteries. It is currently the most active on the market a battery, has become the mainstream of digital camera batteries, its advantages are:

1, versatility. Mainly for digital camera users did not like the phone hydrogen hydride battery power as style "unique" and is only suitable for a particular brand or type of machine used, but for most digital camera users, even if the original is the basic standard The same digital camera battery can be generic, because it is almost the same shape and alkaline batteries, and there is no incompatibility problems.

2, rechargeable performance. MH battery can be recharged 1000 times normal or more, there is absolutely no security risk, and the memory effect is very small, may at any time to charge its operation.

3, moderate price. Currently, the market price of hydrogen batteries are generally a range from 10 to 20 yuan, such as the Olympus original battery (capacity 1450 mah of 55 yuan to buy 50-4), Sony Battery (1750 mah The price is 20 yuan), in addition to jjj, the next generation of brands such as Ni-MH battery performance is good, prices are reasonable. Currently the most commonly used when the number of gp GP Batteries, the author is currently used gp-MH battery, bought two years ago, four plus a charger only 80 yuan, the price is higher.

4, can replace strong. Because hydrogen batteries and alkaline batteries almost the same shape, and can replace the use of, so if the user on the go-MH battery rechargeable batteries died but could not find a place, you can go to the nearby shops to buy alkaline batteries for alternatives, is very convenient.

One drawback is that hydrogen battery than alkaline batteries big investment, but long to count, cost-effective than alkaline batteries is high. Another drawback is the durability of less than lithium batteries, to be heavier than lithium.

Alkaline batteries

Full name alkaline batteries alkaline manganese batteries. We are more familiar with Duracell, Energizer, gp, Deer, and so are the Nanfu alkaline batteries (aa batteries). Alkaline batteries are the majority of support for electronic products, such as the former are used in radio, almost alkaline batteries. Most current digital cameras support domestic alkaline batteries, and only some models of some foreign brands of digital camera does not support alkaline batteries. Because the manufacture of alkaline batteries, low cost, so price is also cheap, a pair of cheap alkaline batteries only 5 of about a dollar, five dollars or so also expensive compared to some of the more than a dozen, or even tens of dollars hundred dollars on hydrogen, lithium batteries, the price advantage is obvious. Secondly, very easy to buy alkaline batteries, general convenience stores have had to sell, unlike hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries, or malls to go to the city to buy the computer.

However, alkaline batteries are also many disadvantages:

1, will flow "pus." Some of poorer quality housing with the leads do not fully sealed battery with a long time will tend to "pus" that is out of some of them with corrosive liquids. If the liquid flows into the machine inside, very easily lead to short-circuit boards, corrosion of the machine is very serious. Of course, the mainstream alkaline batteries are sealed steel shell to do. However, the price of these batteries are generally expensive, such as the Duracell better point to be 5-7 dollars a pair, and the general needs of the local production of batteries 4 yuan a pair. The users use of high cost.

2, charging is bad, the cumulative use of high cost. Most people believe that non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Practice has proved that non-rechargeable alkaline battery is not, for example, I previously bought a miniature tape recorders of the transformation power of alkaline batteries to be charged with the function. To this end, "professional fake people," Liu Dianlin March this year for the "Panasonic", "Energizer" waiting for battery manufacturers were sued, pointing out that these companies on their alkaline batteries in the warning note: " charge placed in error or in a fire, are easy to cause the battery to explode or leak. "is not correct to say, seriously mislead consumers, is a violation of the consumer right to know.

However, the defendant argued that: According to the chemical reaction mechanism, such as the force of alkaline batteries to charge or re-charge, may cause the gas inside the battery, and may explode. Of course, the explosion occurred is a possibility, not necessarily what happened. I believe that the defendants point of view is correct, alkaline batteries can be charged though, in theory, but the charging performance is not good, even if the electric charge is not used for a long time, I had a charged for the use of alkaline battery, so best not to do alkaline batteries for charging operation.

3, is not very suitable for digital cameras. General small power supply voltage required for electronic equipment is not high, for example, only low-voltage mini-radio to normal use, so many friends before the machine will be used in other battery is used to listen to the radio. The digital camera is different from using it to shoot, use the flash a lot of power, as well as the imaging process, store photo-processing, and so must spend a lot of power, therefore, digital cameras require a higher voltage of power supply , took less than an absolute low-voltage 1.3 million pixels or more photos, so in general have to spend four digital camera batteries, although there are only two digital camera battery for sale, but the imaging has to a large discount. This time, digital camera users If you use alkaline batteries, the battery used for a period of time will greatly decrease the voltage, when reduced to a certain extent, useless, and then, if the user has the electronic products like mp3 then it can also be used to listen to music or radio or something, in addition, these batteries are almost useless, resulting in no small waste.

Lithium battery

And compared with the volume of hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion battery light 30% -40%, energy 60% higher than it, and almost no memory effect, durability is also very good, long life, which is a lithium battery the biggest advantage, but lithium batteries have many drawbacks:

1, the majority of non-uniform shape, versatility is not strong. Currently, most digital camera lithium battery and cell phone batteries, alkaline batteries and general shape is almost completely different, different brands of lithium batteries used in digital cameras may be different shapes, if the user wants to replace the original battery to need to buy the original battery, the manufacturers of this battery has advantages of monopoly, so prices are usually high, a few hundred dollars is not uncommon, although there are some non-original compatible with a certain brand of lithium batteries for sale However, poor performance, high quality risk purchase. Also, because lithium complex manufacturing process, users may also appear compatible with the battery explosion, for example, reported last year in Europe there have been ten cases when the use of lithium battery is compatible explosion occurred. In addition, the lithium battery because the higher profits, but also many fake user can easily buy counterfeit lithium batteries.

2, expensive. Manufacturing costs are high because lithium batteries, which led directly to its price is also high, cost less.

3, replace the inconvenience. Since most of the lithium battery and alkaline batteries shapes are different, so naturally can not replace the use of alkaline batteries, a battery when the user is only in the wild, lithium digital camera used, and can not find a place of charge to can no longer use the

Digital camera to photograph, so may miss some very valuable lens.

Second, how to choose to suit their own batteries?

To choose to suit their own battery, you should first look at what type of digital camera user.

1, an ordinary digital camera users

For most common digital camera users, I recommend metal hydride batteries, although it cost to buy one higher than the alkaline battery, but a long calculation, the cost of their use is better than alkaline batteries low, and continuous power supply capacity should be much better than alkaline batteries. Of course, for those who only occasionally pat according to the digital camera users, alkaline batteries can also be considered as "objects."

2, professional users and digital camera enthusiasts

These users to buy the best lithium batteries, lithium batteries continuous power supply capacity as the best, but much more stable voltage, if the outside shot, it may take two or even three to go, of course, the use of cost to quite substantial. But from another perspective, that many digital camera manufacturers in order to obtain higher profits, many high-end digital cameras do not use the camera is compatible with other brands of lithium batteries, which for some professional or enthusiast, it seems that no choice but to buy a digital camera with a lithium battery-powered.

Last to remind consumers that, at present even the consumer digital cameras, and many do not support the alkaline and metal hydride batteries, but comes standard with a special lithium battery of the camera. In the purchase of digital camera, I found many friends like to buy this type of digital camera comes with battery, believing it can make at least a pair of batteries with the use of various manufacturers do not know it was a trap set. Because most current digital camera comes with batteries are generally used for lithium batteries, such batteries generally only plant to produce, the battery is not compatible with the common, that is, your city or the mall to buy a computer this non- brands of batteries can not be used. For example, certain models of Olympus digital cameras is the use of its proprietary lithium batteries. Since only the brand-specific lithium battery digital camera manufacturers to produce, so there are monopolistic advantages, the price is usually expensive, users should replace the battery only to buy batteries. In addition, these users could not fault the battery If so, spend a few years the battery should not be a problem, nothing serious, and if a fault, even in the warranty period, maintenance providers you will find a hundred excuses Black even a few hundred dollars, when you will tears. This will greatly increase the users use of virtually cost, especially for the additional purchase of a lithium battery was enough for the user (such as tourism enthusiasts) is even more so. Moreover, special batteries generally only have a computer in the city have to sell, the users can charge the battery when you run out, and in traveling the road, in general, can not find the AC power, this will give the user inconvenience. Although there are some corresponding lithium battery compatible sell, but the quality is usually not high-quality metal hydride batteries, and cost is low, but also the quality of accident prone. Say "fleece", comes standard with a lithium battery digital camera price is certainly higher than similar products.

About a bunch of great truths, we know what to buy after the battery, then look at how to buy batteries and genuine recognition of the problem.

Good battery can make your dc take on the hundreds of photos, but if it is possible Maidaojiahuo useless waste several times, so choose the right battery for your dc is very important. First look at how to buy NiMH batteries are more suitable for you

Digital camera users to select the larger capacity battery would be best, but the battery with the capacity to increase prices are exploding. Select 1800ma recommend about products on the market because it is the most cost-effective a notch.

2000ma and 1800ma more than a matter of fact does not have much advantage, the price must be the stumbling block has just come out, some brands of 2100ma NiMH price to buy two of almost likely to be replaced 1800ma can buy four of the.

If you buy Ni-MH battery is used only to listen to players, in fact, do not have to buy too much capacity, the extent to 600ma or so to meet the needs. Here are some common domestic market, the mainstream products.

Sanyo Sanyo

Sanyo batteries in the battery status without question the areas older brother. He can currently only panasonic the competition. sanyo do not bring their own brand products. For sony, fujifilm, kodak, maxell, olympus digital images and other large vendors do oem products.

Haier Sanyo battery is only only one in the domestic Chinese agents, so that non-Chinese Haier agent packaging, then it must be fake no doubt. In addition to Haier agent sanyo, most of the other authentic from Japan or Europe imports. Genuine sanyo edge of the anode metal engraved with a small "hr" word.

There is to pay attention to it anode, cathode and different, sanyo battery positive is not completely round, but somewhat slightly square. Haier agency sanyo another only to the highest 1850ma. 1850ma one of 15 yuan.

Gp super

Full name of the golden peak is an Australian company. In Dongguan, Guangdong, Chinas homegrown factory. Batteries work fine, performance is not bad. Because of the more popular players on the market are more fakes. In fact, better still considered genuine gp.

Genuine fine print in deep gp battery (battery and genuine fakes a major difference), positive at the embedded black paperboard. Is to look at the bottom of the main negative words engraved gp, Ju $ part of the inscription, "authentic" word, is the laser etching can not erase. 1800ma of gp a 14 yuan. gp Po 1300ma charge of about 90 yuan a suit.

Lexel Next Generation

Market sell very fire of nickel metal hydride batteries. People buy it is directed at cost-effective. Less than 10 per section 1800ma high capacity Ni-MH is really very affordable. Buy a next-generation batteries are mainly attention to its thickness. General genuine than the other cells that little thick, and some appliances can not even put the battery compartment, so the next generation should pay more attention to buy the best appliances are brought to. 1800ma a 8,9 million.


Are many fakes on the market. First, look at packaging. Nanfu by 4bs packaging, batteries, plastic and cardboard cut into the bottom of a straight line. Genuine wrapping paper with a protective film, fake packaging paint scraped off easily. Genuine Negative inscribed "Nanfu" word. Battery "Nanfu" font with a rather special ad rough outline fonts.


Market often see a number of industrial batteries in bulk packaging. The battery brand more complex, uneven quality, the price is cheap, but compared to the above advantages of not a few brands. If it is not just for the sake of money so a few friends, or not to recommend the purchase. There are also some, such as sony, maxell batteries and other brands to do more than is sanyo oem, identify a similar manner and sanyo.

Final say about the charger. If the battery chargers to buy, then select the charge package is a good choice, so that relatively complete battery and charger, quality can be guaranteed. Choice depends on the charger is working fine, if you can see the best inside look at the internal circuit board cables are tidy and reasonable.

Try to select the brand of charger, to see whether the clear plastic shell of the lettering, hand buckle should not fade. Depends on whether there is support for domestic 220v voltage, or can not be used. Recommended listing of two new chargers panasonic the bq-390 (with 2000ma battery) or sanyo the n-m55s (with 2100ma battery), prices are more expensive 150 yuan.


Said so much, do not know you have a point on the direction of the battery is not optional. Concluded that, in the context friends in the purchase of digital cameras, they should also pay particular attention to the battery of the type of camera support, it is best to buy alkaline and metal hydride batteries can support digital camera, and then selected, and the right of the battery, so as to save more money for you to obtain better results.

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