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Prospects for the development of solar air-conditioning and technical characteristics

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Intensification of the greenhouse effect, improvement of living standards, the human demand for air conditioning increased dramatically. China, for example, air-conditioning demand from 550 million units in 1997 increased to 660 million units in 1998, demand in 1999 reached 900 million units. Ordinary air has developed rapidly, but the big power, serious heat island effect, solar air-conditioning although the development is slow, but it do not need electricity, energy saving, no pollution, long working life and MAX6328UR26-T datasheet and other advantages have attracted worldwide attention of scholars.

A solar air conditioning technology

70 years later, the world of vigorous development of solar energy research, solar air conditioning technology also will appear. The application of solar air-conditioning was found reasonable: When solar radiation is stronger, the weather is getting hot, solar air-conditioning load of the greater cooling effect is best. Solar air conditioning technology which has aroused world wide attention of scholars. Many research institutions, universities and MAX6328UR26-T price and businesses have invested in human and MAX6328UR26-T suppliers and material development of a solar refrigeration (air conditioning machines, most of them small, absorption refrigeration experimental prototype.

In foreign countries, the University of Florida law professor Peter embarked on this research, and put into actual operation, he used the ammonia absorption chiller, cooling water, well water is 21 , cooling coefficient of 0.45 was considered about . Japan also reported that they developed the solar cooling system, the system consists of an area of ??32.2 square meters of flat-plate collector, 7kW of lithium bromide refrigerator and 2.5 cubic meters of hot water storage tank composition. Data show that the system provides all the necessary heating energy in winter and summer days typically required to drive absorption chillers for 70% of the energy. Saudi Arabia built a flat plate collector solar air-conditioning, the use of lithium bromide chiller for cooling, and open its properties.

In China, Tianjin University, developed in 1975 a continuous ammonia water absorption of solar ice maker, Nissan ice up to 5.4kg. Beijing Normal College (now the Capital Normal University, etc.) developed in 1977, 1.5m2 flat plate solar ice maker intermittent, daily ice 6.8-8kg; 1979 years and developed a 8m2 flat continuous automatic tracking solar refrigerators. Huazhong Institute of Technology (now Central University of Technology) developed a light area of ??1.5m2, refrigerator volume of 70 liters of water to ammonia as working pair of small solar refrigeration equipment, we can maintain the refrigerator 0 10 hours. University of Hong Kong completed a solar absorption air-conditioning design, operation and climatic conditions in Hong Kong, the performance data. In addition, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics, solar refrigeration in a lot of work, and proposed a combined cycle of solar heating and cooling the composite machine devices. In 1987, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Energy co-operation with the Hong Kong Polytechnic, established in Shenzhen, a combination of scientific research and practical demonstration of the integrated system of solar air conditioning and water heating, solar collector area of ??120m2, cooling capacity of 14kw, 1998 Nian 1 Yue , the CAS Guangzhou Institute of Energy successfully developed a practical solar air-conditioning hot water system, put into operation in Guangzhou, Jiangmen City. Among them, the cooling water temperature is 65 -75 , the potential life of the water temperature 55 -60 , 500 square meters with high-efficiency flat-plate collector, a two-stage absorption chillers 100kW to meet more than 600 square meters of air conditioning load With the solar refrigeration

mature key technologies, especially in the solar collector and has made rapid development of refrigerator, solar air-conditioning has also been a rapid development. Nineties vacuum tube collector and lithium bromide absorption chiller in large numbers to enter the market. Vacuum tube collector of hot summer temperatures are above 85 , fully able to meet the needs of solar air-conditioning. Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Energy developed two-stage low-temperature hot water absorption chiller, heating temperature just above 60 , particularly suitable for use in solar air conditioning. Many domestic manufacturers have begun production of solar air-conditioning, such as Shanghai Zhongtian production of small solar air-conditioning, Guangzhou Energy, Yantai Fushan and other large-scale production of solar air-conditioning has a more mature experience.

Second, the technical characteristics of the current solar air-conditioning

Implementation of solar air-conditioning now, there are two main ways, first, first to achieve optical - electrical conversion, and then conventional power-driven compression chillers for cooling; this implementation principle is simple, easy to implement, but the cost is high. Qingdao Haier produced as the solar refrigerators and air conditioning. Second, the use of solar heat-driven cooling, refrigeration technical requirements that high, but low cost, no noise, no pollution. Are mainly used in this way. In this way the solar absorption air-conditioning, and generally can be divided into two kinds of adsorption.

Absorption refrigeration technology is the use of absorbent characteristics of the absorption and evaporation cooling technology, according to the different absorbent, into ammonia - water and lithium bromide absorption chiller - water absorption refrigeration two. It produces solar collectors to collect solar hot water or hot air, and then solar hot water or hot air instead of water entered the boiler in refrigeration chillers. The cost, technology, efficiency and other reasons, this cooler should not be doing too. Therefore, using this technology of solar air-conditioning systems are generally applicable to central air conditioning system needs to have a certain scale.

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