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PDA-based design of intelligent inspection system

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Abstract: A PDA-based inspection work to improve the efficiency of work in order to effectively monitor the status of equipment, the design method of intelligent inspection system. The method uses radio frequency identification records automatically into the corresponding interface parameters, and ISL6528CB-T datasheet and recording equipment in the operating parameters of information, transfer data via GPRS automatically in order to facilitate the work of inspection.

0 Introduction

Daily equipment inspection equipment inspection work there are often many options for complex issues such as inspection, while a manual paper-based recording, there will be no supervision, and ISL6528CB-T price and records are not standardized, management, human factors such as inconvenience, therefore can not guarantee the accuracy of inspection results. To this end, the paper design and ISL6528CB-T suppliers and development of a PDA-based intelligent data logging system. PDA has the advantage of lightweight, compact, highly mobile, office or non-fixed. Way into the radio frequency identification through inspection system, inspection to ensure the place, and its strong network coverage to remote advantage to use the system. Therefore, the application of PDA in the inspection of work equipment to speed up information collection and processing speed, to prevent inspection efforts have oversight, to detect equipment failures, to ensure the normal operation.

1 System components

Intelligent data logging system consists of radio frequency identification, parameter records, data upload of three modules. Among them, the radio frequency identification module is mainly used to identify specific device, enter the appropriate inspection program complete interface; the parameter record is mainly used for data processing records, including records of data encoding and encryption processes. Data upload module can continuously scan for the data has been recorded but not sent, and records through the GPRS network data uploaded to the server. Course of their work shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the work of intelligent inspection system

1.1 PDA operating system

Embedded operating system is an embedded system applications to support the operating system software, which can effectively manage the complexity of system resources to complete the process management, processor scheduling, memory management, device management, interrupt handling and other operating system tasks. PDA used in this article uses a WINCE5.0 system. WindowsCE is Microsofts embedded and mobile computing platform based, it is an open, scalable 32-bit embedded operating system, is based on electronic devices, handheld computer operating system, the systems graphical user interface Xiangdang good . Windows CE source code of all all of the embedded self-developed by Microsoft new operating system, although its user interface from Windows 95/98, but the WIN32 API is based on WindowsCE re-development of the new information device platform. Windows CE has a modular, structured and based on the Win32 application programming interface and has nothing to do with the processor and other features.

Windows CE not only inherited the traditional Windows graphical interface, and Windows CE platforms, you can use on Windows 95/98 programming tools (such as Visual Basic, Visual C + +, etc.) can also use the same interface functions and the same style, so that the vast majority of applications with a simple change, and portable, you can continue to use the Windows CE platform.

1.2 Radio Frequency Identification Module

The design of radio frequency identification is used to send the company show the SP-RFS-300 reader, and its working frequency is 2.4 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz. The module is to identify the characteristics of speed, distance recognition and use of solid-state package, drop and vibration resistance to high-intensity, therefore, more suitable for the needs of the patrol system. System using active type active tags transmit signals to the reader so that readers can receive the tag information in a timely manner.

1.3 data acquisition and upload module

Data acquisition module is mainly used for recording devices and check device status parameters, and save the results after the inspection to the local. Each inspection devices are equipped with a fixed active card. Patrol officers arrived inspection room, reception cards can identify the different sources of information into the inspection program. The actual state of the equipment recorded in the corresponding parameters, save the inspection results, and in the preservation of the same time, sent by the system automatically activated in the background thread and inspection results will be sent via GPRS to a server.

2 transmission line Data Acquisition System Design and Implementation

Order to achieve standardized management, inspection automation requirements, the design of intelligent PDA-based inspection system should have the following basic requirements:

through radio frequency identification technology to identify a range of objects, and to obtain relevant data;

with the monitoring center can conduct real-time data exchange;

has a friendly interactive interface, and have the data processing capacity;

can ensure efficient and safe data transmission.

2.1 system design and module division

Intelligent inspection system based on PDA with a GPRS module by module, PDA and radio frequency identification and data processing software. System design is the first identification device by the radio frequency identification module, and enter the appropriate inspection interface, and then recorded by a member of the corresponding field line inspection equipment, data information, then save the inspection results to the machine. Meanwhile, the system will automatically detect the background data to be transmitted and uploaded to the server in real time to the higher authorities for further statistical analysis and processing. Communication of the system mainly by the PDA and RFID communication module and PDA with the communication server hosts two parts.

In the inspection work, the client PDA does not require real-time interaction with the server. Therefore, the system uses the C / S model, the overall system architecture shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2, the overall system architecture diagram

2.2 PDA and RFID module, serial communication

The system uses radio frequency identification technology, RFID range is only 1 to 5 meters. Therefore, members must reach the required transmission line equipment location only after inspection of work related equipment to ensure members place the rate of transmission line. Radio frequency identification module is installed in the PDA fuselage. PDA has an internal serial port and radio frequency identification module phase. Serial port functions as a chip, and serial devices encoding converter. When the data from the chip when sent through the serial port, byte data is converted to serial bits, and then in a data transmission signal line bit by bit. After reaching the data receiver, in turn is converted to serial bit bytes of data. Because the application constant radio frequency identification module from the serial port to read data, and the relatively slow speed of reading data, it should create a separate thread to read data from serial port in order to avoid blocking the main thread.

2.3 PDA Data Collection

Intelligent inspection system based on PDA with authentication mode, so when the transmission line staff using PDA, according to the strict requirements to enter a user name and password before entering the system to continue. In addition, the system also has a self-test function, the data recording process, once missed the phenomenon, the system will immediately remind the transmission line and prohibited the inspection staff members the next step, thus ensuring the integrity of the data records, map 3 shows the system interface of the wireless meter reading. In the data record, the system will automatically encrypt data on the inspection processing, the server receives data and then automatically decrypted, it can guarantee the security of sensitive data.

wireless meter reading interface of Figure 3

2.4 PDA with the communication server host

PDA data transfer between the server can be done through the GPRS wireless network, so in prior to transfer files, you need to insert a SIM card, PDA launched GPRS services. Public network through the GPRS landing PDA, you can get an IP address. PDA landing because the public network IP address is obtained randomly and, therefore, ask the servers IP address or domain name must be fixed. To ensure the integrity of data transmission, the transmission in the form of the system should be based on connection-oriented TCP / IP way. And its programs is available TCP-based socket programming, follow these steps:

(1) initialize Socket, and the establishment of the client Socket, determine the host to connect to the server name and port;

(2) sends a connection request to the server, and wait for feedback to the server;

(3) After a successful connection, data exchange with the server;

(4) the data read by Receive () to complete, the data sent through the Send () to implement;

(5) data processing is complete, turn off their Socket connection.

As data transmission through the external network, while the server is placed, including the network. Therefore, for safety considerations, the design inside and outside the network to be isolated. Specific process is outside the web server receives the data sent by PDA, PC, serial port via the data forwarded to the internal network server, which in the physical layer to achieve isolation within and outside the network to successfully complete the data transfer.

3 Conclusion

PDA-based inspection system uses a modular intelligent design ideas, enabling everyday devices and automatically upload data acquisition functions. The system not only improves the efficiency of collection device parameters, but also in place to ensure that inspection personnel rate, to avoid data entry errors. Currently, the system has been in the device has been applied in the inspection.

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