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Mixer and peripherals to achieve the best compatible method

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That sound system, of course we would first think of the mixer, mixer, there are many described the Act, the most apt metaphor would be to console the heart of a sound system, and MJD47 datasheet and the heart blood circulation How a direct impact on overall system performance. Image mixer is like a big water pool, as we have a variety of audio signals as input into the big water tank and MJD47 price and then into the various pools of water within a reasonable treatment, and MJD47 suppliers and finally from a variety of out to different channels, the whole process is that simple. Therefore, the connection of the mixer is nothing more than: input and output of two parts.

One part of the input and output connections:

(A), part of the mixer input connections:

Mixer broadly divided into low-impedance microphone input signal high-impedance line inputs and two signal input. In fact, we can distinguish between low resistance and high resistance to water pressure or flow as the speed difference. For example: high-impedance input level high, much like water pressure, water more urgent, direct input to the mixer of this pool to the right, do not add any links in the middle to adjust water pressure and water flow rate of; but low-impedance input level is low, if low water pressure, water flow is slow, direct input to the mixer is inappropriate in this pool, we need to flood the pool with a water pump, the low resistance, low water increasing pressure to it, let the water run faster! Therefore, low-impedance mixer input channels are built into a special line in the circuit amplifier and a low level to the appropriate level of magnification. This low resistance of water to describe the characteristics of signals and high impedance signal we should be well understood.

Only distinguish between high resistance, low resistance before you can select the correct wire and make the appropriate connections, in general, the basic mixer input jack can be divided into three kinds:

1, TRS: high impedance input section typically use 6.35cm TRS stereo connector for balanced input, try not to use 6.35 TS tone (sound) connectors for unbalanced input, and now we use most of the audio playback device, such as : CD, VCD, DVD, MD, MP3, etc. and most musical instruments are usually high impedance output signal.

2, XLR: the low resistance usually XLR XLR connectors for balanced input, and now most often wired microphone jack to be used for low resistance and the mixing console.

3, RCA: if TAPE recording mixer with input, it is often used RCA connectors to connect Lotus *.

Mixer signal input part of the problems that need attention: the above has described the mixer input signal can be divided into low resistance and high impedance input, but how to accurately define the signals are a low resistance or high resistance to need to be flexible. For example in accordance with the standards, organ, electric bass, electric guitar and other signals are high impedance, use 6.35 then plug the input to the mixer can, but some places from the stage to the cable between the mixer is too long, the line resistance , coupled with the lighting system interference, so that this background noise signal line has been great, even without the input of any audio signal lines in the mixer input channel this gain is large, there will be open much background noise, like described above: this line is a river, and now this river sediment has been too much, then this route is not changed in a lot of noise, and line side The instrument has been opened to the maximum volume can not be increased, that is, put it into the river can only give you deep water, how to do it? If you use high-impedance input is equivalent to no increase in river water, water quality can not be changed, of course, no way to change the sound quality; if the XLR input jack plug from the low resistance, shallow river that will be through the low impedance amplifier amplification, so that the water depth, water well, sound quality the two. That it does not seem real, we can try it. I have been doing a lot of work, the band are basically using the input XLR connectors from the low resistance, although the surface looks irregular, but in fact the band is to reduce the noise quite upset. So we still have to flexible, in practice, to find the best methods of work.

(B), part of the mixer output connections:

Professional mixers output is now part of a lot of jack, and each division, unlike the multi-input jack part though it is relatively simple. So be careful when connecting the output signal. The output of the mixer is usually the major part of, or refer to the total volume output, grouping the volume output, AUX output and so on, by and large parts of the mixer output can generally be divided by function points 6 parts:

1, Groups outputs: bass speaker if we grouped by 1-2 to control the volume separately, then only 1-2 from the grouping of the mixer output jack output corresponding to the audio signal, the output of the output grouping large Most TRS stereo jack for balanced by the output, of course, some with XLR connectors.

2, the main channel output: LR usually the main channel XLR balanced XLR output, and some small mixer is also useful TRS stereo jack replaced.

3, AUX Output: AUX output mixer is the most commonly used sound effects to give the output, followed by bands or singers used to provide * signal, of course, open to have other uses, such as: recording, with as an aid to speaker signals. TRS stereo jack AUX usually output signal.

4, Direct direct output section: more professional in each input channel mixer and a "Direct direct output" jack, the jack can be provided to another device for recording, * and so on, the mixer Each channel is usually used TRS stereo jack output signal. Such as the need for a live TV show, live broadcast but also, if there are 20 channels audio signal, then we can put 20 channels audio signal input to the first mixer in the television, and then use the Direct TV directly to the output mixer jack audio signal and then this 20-way input to the mixer in live performance. Of course, now to the 20 Road safety is first audio signal splitter adjustment by signal amplification, distribution, were sent to television after a good mixer, live performance mixers, standby emergency mixer, recording mixer, or other equipment.

5, recording the output: General analog audio output jacks were powered by Lotus * RCA connectors. If the digital signal that may be using optical fiber, FireWire, and other digital output.

6, INS inserted into a socket: this mixer in the range between input and output jacks, which are connected by TRS stereo connector. Plug on the INS into a lot of sound engineers may not use, it can be a peripheral device into an input channel to the mixer, grouping channel or the main (left and right channels) channel, a separate channel of the sound signal into for processing. When used with the TRS TRS stereo connector for connection, by TRS from the TRS stereo jack headend output signal, the receiving device to be inserted into the input, and then send the output from the device signal to the TRS TRS the ring-side stereo plug, and then flows into the mixer where. For example we can use this method to the 1,2-mic mixer into a single equalizer is equivalent to 1,2 mic cut off this water, add the water, a processor (equalizer), and then enter the to the mixer, so adjust the sound better.

Connection above the mixer, whether it is part of the mixer input or output part, the use of the jack and the signal is basically these types of connections, but connections should pay attention to correct. [Fenye]

II EQ, Compression Connection:

1, equalizer: we all know the main function of the equalizer is to adjust the sound, adjust the sound field and acoustic feedback suppression, so the sound system in the equalizer is now almost essential equipment, the balanced input and output parts are to balance the jack, XLR connector can be connected to the balance of the best lines, of course, can use TRS balanced line connectors.

2, pressure limit: pressure limit is processing the audio signal, a device that can compress the audio signal or the dynamic limiter. In fact, we now use the pressure limit in the main function is to make it when the high signal compression, which can protect its lower-level audio equipment. Can be said that a complete set of audio equipment, in addition to the mixer and equalizer, the pressure limit can be regarded as the most important peripheral equipment, so under normal circumstances, pressure limit should be placed in front of amplifier, other peripheral devices behind. Connectivity can be used XLR connectors or TRS balanced line balanced line connectors.

Third, electronic crossover connection:

Electronic crossover is able to 20Hz - 20000Hz frequency audio signal into a suitable, several different frequency bands, and then were sent to the appropriate amplifier, a speaker used to promote the appropriate audio peripheral devices. Enter the part of the current electronic crossover is also relatively simple, but the output section is more complex: a treble output, midrange output, the bass output. Bass signal when connecting the output and the alt output signal must not be confused, or treble signal to the subwoofer, the bass signal to the tweeter speakers, so that may sound system no sound came out, because the frequency does not it might get burned out speakers and other equipment! Electronic crossover can be used in connection baking balanced line XLR connectors or TRS balanced line connectors.

Fourth, feedback suppressor connection:

Also used in the device connectivity balanced line XLR connectors or TRS balanced line connector, the connection method can be broadly divided into the following three kinds:

1, and other peripheral devices such as the equalizer in the sound system as the order in series, so that the advantages of connection: connection and operation is very simple for a simpler system. But the drawback is: the connection method in the acoustic feedback suppression when the microphone will also affect other sources of feedback suppressor signal.

2, used in the INS mixer channel insert / plug the interface to a single series with the feedback suppressor in the corresponding channel, the advantages of such a connection is: can be adjusted to maximize the feedback suppressor, without regard to will affect the other source. Drawback: the use of this connection method, a feedback suppressor can only control the two-channel mixer, capacity utilization is too low.

3, using the mixer into the grouping in the INS / Insert the interface, the feedback suppressor connected in the corresponding grouping channel, its advantages are: can be programmed into the grouping of the microphone for centralized treatment, and not affect the other source. To sum up the use of this method can take the feedback suppressor, it is currently the most used connection method. [Fenye]

Five, delay the connection:

Delay device can delay the audio signal processing, sound field tends to be used in some larger space to be multiple sets of speakers distributed sound reinforcement system. In such a system because of the sound from the speakers at different positions after the issue reached the ears of the listener has when it is divided, so the audio and video to try to ensure consistency and increase the readability of voice and avoid muddy the sound a sense of , flanger sound and drag the end, we need to deal with the associated time delay device. Identify the object on the delay, that is, to whom the delay? Is actually very simple, as long as the following three points clear like a:

1, the first is people-oriented, more, even the best audio equipment is also to serve, so the venue in a sound, we must first audience for the benchmark.

2, the second is subject to the primary sound source, usually that is the main speaker and the location of the main stage. Ideally, should be the main source of the voice sound transmitted directly to the ears of the audience is the ideal realm. However, as speaker of energy, range, directional, the sound field pressure uniformity and other reasons, so now most of the indoor sound reinforcement system should add some distance away from the audience closer to fill the auxiliary voice box.

3, the third main point is that these short distance away from the audience make up the sound box of the auxiliary, that is, treatment may need to be speaker of the delay.

Vast majority of cases are: the first factor to determine who the main factors determining a second sound source, and then make up the third factor supporting the sound box to delay treatment. About 340 meters per second, the speed of sound, so the delay time factor under the third factor supporting the main speaker and the first to calculate the distance between speakers. The delay object that can delay the correct connector, connector is basically a peripheral equipment such as equalizers, as needed in series with the audio system signal path delay, using XLR connectors for balanced line or balanced TRS connectors lines to connect.

Six actuator connection:

Audio actuator is actually a harmonic generator, the use of the psychological acoustics, the sound signal modification and beautification of the audio processing equipment. Actuators generally have to use the following three connections:

1, to peripheral devices such as the equalizer in the audio system as in series need to stimulate the signal path, such as in a mixer, 1-2 subgroups in the human voice, to the sound of this grouping of people the incentives deal, you can use the actuator insert / plug out of the interface connected to the mixer channels 1-2 grouping.

2, if you want a comprehensive deal, and that the master volume of the mixer output channel or other grouping of such series with one output channel to actuators on it.

3, as the incentive effects can also be sent out as the signal from the AUX and then returned to the mixer, so you can adjust the number of channels which need to encourage treatment efforts need to be addressed is how much so, this is actually more flexible some.

Actuator signal connectivity, but also with XLR connectors or TRS balanced line connector to connect a balanced line.

Seven digital effects of the connection:

Effects to deal with, makes various sound effects sound field around the device, generally used for processing of the human voice, in most audio systems, if the person handling the sound effects without fullness and not become brightness, that is: dry with no water. Now use the latest digital effects processing chip, so we called: digital effects. Relatively small effects such as peripheral equipment such as the equalizer in the audio system as in series, under normal circumstances are sent from the mixers AUX input signal to the interface effects and then output from the effects of the return signal to the tune mixer in the. Signal connections, the majority of TRS connector is used to connect balanced lines, a few effects and some professional XLR connectors with balanced line to connect. [Fenye]

Eight, amplifier and speaker connections:

That we should be very familiar with, just to be extra careful: the signals amplifier signal line to try to use the balance line, this can minimize the noise. Many sound engineers prefer to one or two signal lines supplied by multiple power amplifier, but if more than four units when the power amplifier, or the number of recommended amplifier enough separation, no attenuation of the signal lines supply each amplifier used alone, This can reduce system noise, reduce risks and improve the signal to noise ratio. In power transmission, try to use thick, short lines and some of the speaker wiring to reduce the use of a reasonable distance from speaker cables, then one must pay attention to positive and negative, to avoid short circuit.

Nine, device problems that need attention:

1, note that power: the power audio equipment should be dedicated to separation of power and lighting, and light like a lower voltage, but the audio will have the standard voltage. With dedicated power supply, they still have a stable and reliable power outlet, you can try using the "power timing devices," although the costs but increase the stability and ease of use. In short: the right, connected and secure the power of all audio equipment is essential. Another point to note: Some of the imported equipment will be 110V and 220V power supply selection switch, in our country, be sure to confirm your choice when the location can be connected in 220V power.

2, note that equipment grounding: the correct audio device is connected to all good ground is very important, a good grounding to reduce the interference signal transmission equipment and improve the stability of the device. Note that the ground wire to the grounding line in accordance with the standard lightning do, is buried in the underground part of the conductor to rust, contact better, to be buried deep, and three phase power lines must not configure shared ground wire, so not only does not reduce the noise in the audio system, but also easy to damage equipment.

3, pay attention to choose the right connecting the signal lines: one audio equipment, we can use the XLR balanced XLR cable to connect to the do not use balanced TRS cable; TRS balanced line connection can not use TS mono Road non-equilibrium line with; there is no way can be used when a mono unbalanced TS cable equipment.

4, RP and short attention signal: signal lines often result in a silent short circuit fault, check it, it is very difficult, unless removed a section of signal line testing with a multimeter for the job so be especially careful when welding line. 5, note the length of signal lines: the connection device, to maximize the use of a shorter signal lines, one to save costs, the second to reduce the line resistance and interference. Under normal circumstances, the use of balanced signal transmission line can be up to 300 meters, rather than the equilibrium line is not able to do long-distance transmission.

6, note that the level of equipment: If the device on the rear panel +4 and -10 or -20 level switch conversion, under normal circumstances we have to put +4 position, that this is the standard level.

7, note that through: a lot of equipment has a direct (Bypass) key, through the general will not work when the device, so we should pay attention to check the key, or if we let through voltage limiter does not work , then the back pressure limit device to lose protection.

8, accidentally misuse: Because of equipment, keys and more, they are often prone to misuse, such as: there are some electronic crossover, there is a " 10" button, all of you Do not press it. For example, we adjust the 200Hz crossover point, then press the button into a 200 10 to 2000Hz, so be sure to avoid misuse.

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