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Matlab GUI-based design of the rectifier circuit simulation

In Electronic Infomation Category: M | on April 13,2011

Rectifier circuit is a power electronic circuit appears one of the earliest, it is the role of the AC power into DC power supply of DC power equipment, rectifier circuit is widely used. Rectifier circuit in the design process, the need for circuit design and 24LC256-I/SM datasheet and the parameters are reasonable, the effect is good or bad for verification. If the experiment to verify that the components need to go through repeated installation, commissioning, re-design steps, which makes the design cost and 24LC256-I/SM price and low efficiency, long life cycle. Modern computer simulation technology for power electronic circuit design and 24LC256-I/SM suppliers and analysis provides a new way to make the complex power electronic circuits, systems analysis and design easier and more effective.

Matlab is a computer simulation software, which is based on matrix-based computing language and interactive programs. Simulink block diagram of the simulation platform is based on it attached to the Matlab environment, with powerful computing capabilities of Mat lab-based, using an intuitive block diagram simulation and calculation. One of the power system (Pow er System) toolbox is dedicated to RLC circuits, power electronic circuits, motor control system and power system simulation using the model library. It has a rich and complete device model analysis capabilities, and easy to operate. With the versatility of simulation and program design and visualization of the increasing demand, Mat lab graphical user interface (GUI) applications are increasingly widespread and more powerful. To Matlab 7. 1 for the design platform, the use of the Pow er System Simulink toolbox to build a rectifier circuit simulation models, and Mat lab GUI design through analysis of rectifier interface.

1 rectifier circuit simulation models

Rectifier, also known as AC - DC converter, the rectifier DC voltage and current is also adjusted to meet the requirements of electrical equipment. According to different classification, the type of rectifier circuit is very large, which single-phase bridge rectifier circuit and three-phase fully controlled bridge rectifier circuit full control of the most typical. Single-phase fully controlled bridge rectifier circuit, for example, that the simulation model.

1. 1 single-phase full-bridge controlled rectifier circuits

Fully controlled single phase bridge rectifier circuit (resistance load) shown in Figure 1, the circuit from the AC power u1, rectifier transformer T, thyristor VT 1 ~ VT4, load resistance R, and the trigger circuit. The transformer secondary voltage u2 of the positive half cycle trigger thyristor VT1 and V T3; in u2 of the negative half cycle trigger thyristor VT2 and VT 4, the direction of the load can be obtained on the same DC, and change the angle of thyristor control can adjust the output DC voltage and circuit size.

Figure 1 single-phase full-bridge controlled rectifier circuit diagram

1. 2 single-phase full-controlled rectifier bridge model

Under full control single-phase bridge rectifier circuit schematic, the Pow er System in the Simulink toolbox to extract the AC power, thyristor, RLC series circuits, pulse generators, transformers, oscilloscopes and other components.

In Simul ink operating platform to connect these modules to form single-phase fully controlled bridge rectifier circuit model shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Single-phase bridge rectifier circuit simulation model diagram

1. 3 model parameters

Double-click each module in the simulation model pop up the Preferences dialog, you can set parameters. In the rectifier circuit, changing the thyristor firing angle a, the output DC voltage and current size to be changed. Therefore, a firing angle setting is an important one in the circuit parameters. Thyristor trigger pulse triggers (Pulse Generato r) produces the pulse generator and pulse period T d must be synchronized AC power u2, thyristor control angle of a pulse delay time t to be expressed, t = a Td / 360 . Where, Td = 1 / f, f is frequency of the AC. Select ODE23T B algorithm simulation algorithm, when the circuit with inductive load resistance should be sufficient to ensure that the trigger pulse width.

2 rectifier circuit GUI Interface Development

Rectifier circuit simulation model parameter selection is critical, it directly affects the quality of simulation results and simulation, thereby further affecting the rectifier circuit. Rectifier circuit in order to meet higher performance targets, in the simulation process, you need to continually modify and set parameters * charge a lot of time.

Also need to look again and again to open the oscilloscope simulation results, the process is not only cumbersome and inefficient. Therefore, this article using Mat lab GU I created a rectifier circuit simulation interface, through this interface, users can easily set down in the Chinese name of the environment parameters, select models, the simulation results will be displayed directly on the interface is not only convenient fast, and greatly improving the simulation efficiency.

2. 1 Mat lab GUI implementation method

Mat lab visual interface design methods are generally two kinds: one is directly through the Mat lab in the script file to achieve the GU I; the other is through the graphical user interface Mat lab GU IDE development environment to achieve the graphical interface. Mat lab software GU IDE provides users a convenient and efficient integrated environment to support users of all GUI controls are integrated in this environment, and provide the interface appearance, properties and behavior of response mode setting method. In general, the interface control object properties, behaviors, both implemented in the interface can also be used in the generated M-file in the appropriate language code m code to achieve. Therefore, using the first 2 methods to achieve a graphical user interface though programmers will modify and re-edit interface caused some trouble, but its design is more intuitive, simple, short development cycle. Here, 2 kinds of methods used to achieve the rectifier circuit simulation interface.

2. 2 simulation interface development

Rectifier circuit simulation interface by the choice of interface and the main interface of two parts, select the interface shown in Figure 3. In the choice of interface, the single-phase bridge rectifier circuit is divided into full-controlled rectifier circuits, fully controlled three-phase bridge rectifier with a capacitive load circuit and three-phase uncontrolled bridge rectifier circuit of 3. Each circuit has a corresponding circuit description, click on the "Circuit Description" will pop up the working principle of the circuit, characteristics, etc., click on each circuit after the "enter" button, you can enter the corresponding circuit of the main interface. In order to maintain consistency of style interface, three types of rectifier circuit similar to the main interface design, such as clicking a single-phase full-bridge controlled rectifier circuit, "Circuit Description", the pop-up description of the circuit shown in Figure 4, click the "enter" , pop up the main interface shown in Figure 5.

Circuit simulation of the main interface is divided into circuit diagram display, parameter setting area, the waveform display area, function area and the corresponding menu button area.

rectifier circuit in Figure 3 Select the interface

circuit in Figure 4 shows the interface

Figure 5 Simulation of the main interface

2. 3 emulation implementation of the main interface Open the control

set various properties, including the control the background color, foreground color, T ag value, St ring value, Value value and so on. Preparation of the corresponding control code in order to achieve the corresponding functions.

(1) circuit diagram of the display. Circuit diagram is shown with a number line, the program code for:

Imread function is used to read the circuit diagram picture, display pictures with imag e function, the code axis o ff role is to remove the coordinates of the number of axes.

(2) model parameter settings. Parameters including load parameters and simulation time, supply voltage and pulse generator parameter settings. Setting parameters, click the "simulation" button, the dynamic simulation waveforms shown in the display window, the same as the oscilloscope. Set the resistance value

first use get function to read the resistance value of the text box and then set _ param function to read the value written to Simulink resistor module.

Set simulation time can be used with the slider and edit text box.

Move the slider on the slider can change the slider position of the values ??provided in the text box will change the parameters, and vice versa. Text boxes and data transfer between the slider with the statement:

ldT = get (handles. Sli, Value);

set (hObject, String, OldT) implementation.

Supply voltage and pulse generator parameter settings interface module package by calling the method to implement, the use of open_system function, open the module parameter.

(3) simulation waveform display in the main interface. In the Simulink model, the waveform data to be displayed into which wo rkspace, re-use plot (tout, yout) command to draw circles to show the main interface. In order to specify the axis in the interface in the output graphics, as long as the plo t command execution ago ax es (h_ax es) code.

(4) accessibility implementation. In order to optimize the function of simulation interface, the system has a number of auxiliary functions, such as grid switches, display other graphics, such as return and exit.

"Grid switch" is a display area of ??the grid control, grid and off corresponding to grid on The selected or not. The relevant code:

Click the "Show the other Wave" to enter the other waveform display screen shown in Figure 6. Showing the thyristor voltage and current waveforms and trigger pulse waveform, so that simulation of the main interface to save space, but also strengthen the sense of the level simulation interface.

Figure 6 shows the waveforms of other interface

(5) the realization of the menu. Implementation of the menu is the GU I used the uimenu menu design, including the "document", "Load Type", "other" three. The "file" and "other" menu drop-down menu feature is the performance of the interface function the same, "Load Type" drop-down menu includes a sense resistor load and resistance load, the interface used off and on, respectively, and the figure delete function. If you choose to block the inductive load, the system will shut down converter circuit resistance load, the simulation interface figure (bisheshiyan4), open the sense of the load resistance simulation interface figure (danx iangzug an).

From the main interface simulation map view, from the set of the parameters to the simulation results show that the process is running and then to ease of operation, together with the use of auxiliary tools, the simulation results at a glance, good contrast. If you are not satisfied with the simulation results, can be re-set the parameters to be simulated. After simulation, you can choose "Exit" button to exit the current interface. Friendly interface, simple operation.

3 Results languages ??

Computer simulation technology to study effective means of power electronics technology, which can be aided engineering design, analysis and research, also assisted instruction.

This paper, Mat labs Simulink simulation software and the Power System Toolbox for the widely rectifier circuit modeling, and using Mat lab GU I feature to create a rectifier circuit simulation interface that sets parameters, circuit description, model changes, Model View, simulation operations and the results showed that aid as a whole, the simulation operation greatly simplified the process, greatly increasing the efficiency of simulation tests. Rectifier circuit simulation interface component both for the actual system parameters to help, but also for other variables, the development of interface flow circuit system to provide information.

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