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Maintenance of digital cinema projectors and debugging (a)

In Electronic Infomation Category: M | on April 13,2011

Digital cinema projectors has experienced costly and MAX230CPP datasheet and cumbersome early, to the current economic and MAX230CPP price and efficient. Digital cinema projectors in particular will always see a clear (no scratches) images, bright colors, excellent 3D effects, and MAX230CPP suppliers and efficient screening of the management and distribution cost advantages of low after the needs of digital cinema projectors is rapidly increasing. However, the ensuing problems are more prominent: that is, theater technician for digital cinema projectors still relatively new to the technology, technical services, the basic dependent manufacturers, unlike cinema film machine can rely on their own basic maintenance, commissioning and maintenance, popularity of digital projection technology is still a long in-depth way to go. Based on his experience

through some common, but also easy to grasp the technology to help show staff familiar with the operation and structure of the machine, using simple fault in the timely processing, digital cinema projectors to everyone in general maintenance and debugging can be to achieve the level of film machine.

The following commonly used Barco digital cinema projectors DP2000/DP2K- 20C case.

A power supply

DP2000 single-phase three-wire (L + N + PE), 220V, 5kW, 30A ~ 40A of the space needed to open, 4mm? ~ 6mm? Multi-strand power cables, FireWire, zero line and the ground can not take the wrong ( Figure 1), the figure from left to right for the live, neutral, earth PE.

Need to check the voltage regularly or frequently, especially in extreme weather, such as rapid temperature change in summer time to check the voltage does not fluctuate (for example, cooling winds in summer electricity load is often accompanied by large fluctuations), if the voltage fluctuations to Regulators need to install to ensure the supply voltage in 220V, has 5% relative error, zero for a ground voltage

Figure 1

Second, turn on the lights and the brake light switch

Operating digital cinema projectors, lights are the most commonly used procedure is generally recommended to minimize the number of lights, because of the xenon lamp will turn on the lights every time there is loss, if the field between the time of less than 15 minutes, turn off the lights is not recommended. Vain sometimes encounter the phenomenon of lights, such as about 1 minute before re-turn on the lights, if the lamp still fails to try to improve the current re-triggered. If you still need to confirm what not part of the problem, earlier checked the lights can be used after the use of light boxes on the exchange, change light bulbs, check the lamp power supply and other methods, to quickly identify the point of failure, if necessary factory maintenance.

Shutter in the current actual use of digital cinema projectors can be under the circumstances, to keep open, to reduce mechanical wear.

Third, on the cooling system maintenance and replacement of filter network maintenance

Projector cooling system including air and liquid cooling section.

Cooling air through the exhaust fan, to ensure smooth flow of the wind direction can have a good cooling effect, it should be kept clean in / out air, air filters, disposable filters should pay attention to the direction (above the arrow, arrows point to the machine.)

Figure 2 is a three filter network DP2000, DP2000 is a one-time use of the time six months to a year in which the need for regular dust, it is recommended to use high-pressure air gun blowing the opposite direction along the wind direction arrows, so that results were better.

Figure 2DP2000 the three filter network

DP2K-20C Figure 3 is a second-generation machines, filter mesh in the same position, it will be made, and can be washed with water, dried can be used repeatedly.

Figure 3DP2K-20C second generation

Special Note: (1) pay attention to clean the lamp anode inlet fan network (located just below the engine, need to open the left side of the metal cover). Figure 4 is a serious congestion, this situation will lead directly to xenon lamps overheating.

Figure 4 serious congestion

(2) the bottom of the projector, the lamp power of the bottom row into the outlet, should pay attention to clean, otherwise the plug will cause serious damage to the lamp power.

Liquid cooling system requires regular inspection, under voltage less liquid to add.

DP2000 in movie machine on the left (on the cover of the shell and the metal can be seen) the barometer require regular inspection, requirements barometer pointer 0. 5-1 (Fig. 5), if you need low pressure, encourage direct use of simple encouragement, hit 1.0.

Figure 5

If you can not make the barometer pointer to boost the morale of the standard will need to add liquid, need to order tools and coolant (see Figure 6).

Figure 6

R395198 a tool to increase fluid and circulation;

B1909086 1 Sheng cooling liquid.

In Figure 7, with a syringe full of a general need to smoke, be careful not to bring bubbles, connected as shown, squeeze the syringe, you can see the instructions on the barometer rising, until the forms instructions to 1.0, keeping the pressure on the syringe, remove the connector with the projector, then the instructions of the table around 1.0. Projector will rise slightly after the pressure of work, this is a normal phenomenon (which is liquid expansion temperature reasons).

Figure 7

DP2K-20C for the second generation as shown in Figure 8, open the cans of liquid into the liquid can be between Min and Max, after tightening the lid.

Figure 8

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