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Maintenance of digital cinema projectors and debug (d)

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3, lens debug

The action is more important, in order to ensure the quality of screening, the focus should always check the screen and AD53064-03 datasheet and various screen formats and AD53064-03 price and screen frames match.


(1) under the channels in a MACRO setting (you need to debug the image of the channel), click on the right side of the touch-screen navigation menu Configuration lens, shown in Figure 22.

Figure 22

Note (1) "Activate LENS file" should have a file under the name of the file name that you now live in the LENS channel activation file, write down the exact file name (to distinguish the case), the file names in your will disappear after the commissioning of the lens, after commissioning of the lens you need to save in the file name.

(2) Figure 23 is a debugging, click the "lens setting", the order of (1) (2), to screen the size of the lens under debugging, if necessary, the test signal with the right graphics.

Figure 23

Done, click "Close."

(3) as shown in Figure 24, click the "Save" pop-up lens will appear after the list of files, find the file name just a note, save, this time to save the changes just down, and AD53064-03 suppliers and then switch to the next channel is modified lens file.

Figure 24

Usually kept in the event of lens rotation, or shift out of the scope of the original screen need to be adjusted and saved.

; In debugging spot to the attention of the lens (that is, the light cast on the front of the camera lens to see the rectangular beam) at which position, try not to be too step aside, step aside so will affect the screen brightness uniformity, sometimes lens shift appears to limit the location or can not get the default location, behind the yellow police warning light display, the image on the screen is also missing, then they need to move the location of the machine to find a suitable point, not only guarantee the Keystone large, and gave the lens shift has enough margin.

There a way to find the channel with lens paper (This method is also suitable for viewing other documents such as SCREEN, PCF file, etc.).

Steps: Click the right side of the touch screen menu configuration - MACRO settings, click the channel below the middle of a button (1) into (2) Figure 25.

Figure 25

The middle of the map to find the list of files appears LEN file (this figure does not, generally do not have the manual lens file) and click Open to confirm that the channel can be shot under the file name, write down the file name, in the Save Lens files need to cover it.

4, the debug screen file

The commissioning is part of the image trimming, image format to ensure match with the screen frame. Such as the screen width or screen only high zoom (the zoom lens is at the same time, not individually adjustable side), there is some corner of the changes. Click Configuration

screen, shown in Figure 26.

Figure 26

"Shelter boxes" above the screen, "scaling", as we now generally use electric lens, so the DCI specification is not recommended in the "scaling" in the adjustment of the zoom (the loss of pixels and brightness adjustment) but with shots Optical zoom adjustment, the adjustment of the zoom lens have been described previously.

Here highlight "hide box."

Steps: For example: If the left of the screen on the edge of the frame more, click on the upper left corner of the red light "", click the down arrow to the right of the figure "" the first go out into the drop-down shown in Figure 27.

Figure 27

More if the middle frame of the screen, click on the middle of the "", click the down arrow to the right of the figure, "" go out into the drop-down. Figure 28.

Figure 28

More if the entire top of the frame, you need to click on the upper left corner in red, click SHIFT, then click the upper right corner of the red light, and then press the down arrow "" to the edge of sync to the above down.

Save: adjustment done, click Close (Figure 29), and click Save (1), select the file (2), find the original file (3a) or a new file (3b), save the file.

Figure 29

5, view the machine status (see Figure 30)

Steps: Click on the diagnosis of a current state, you can view the current status and temperature, voltage and fan speed. On a regular basis can also be inspection, abnormal situations can help to determine the reasons for exceptions.

Figure 30

6, modify the projectors IP address

To ensure projectors, servers, and touch screen / computer, network addresses are in the same segment on the need to change the IP address (see Figure 31).

Figure 31


Click the installation of a communication, click the IP address of BARCO TIs IP address editor and editor (1), into the modified page (2), modify the host name (3) and IP address, OK (4).

Replacing TI TI board must edit the IP address and the IP address of the original TI as needed, otherwise the server can not play.

DP2000 the TI board and digital projector is separate from 2 IP, and DP2K-2 has only one IP address.

7, touch-screen adjustment

Sometimes the touch screen (embedded micro-computer) need a whole replacement of the solid barrier, after replacing the touch screen requires some necessary adjustments, click on the touch screen has the following contents:

1) in the "Language" column to the Chinese language.

2) in the "Communication" column adjustment and configuration of the touch-screen projectors IP IP, is generally not the case can also be configured to connect through the serial port does not affect the display operation, but the speed is not fast IP connection, the configuration of the method after entering the menu in accordance with menu operation, and above the IP settings similar to the projector.

3) in the "Show" column shows the direction of adjustment, select the Table mount or Ceiling mount can be set is significant or is it significant.

4) in the "Show" column calibration screen (see Figure 32).

Figure 32

Steps: Click below on the touch screen navigation "touch screen" under "Display", click "Calibrate now", follow the instructions to the school screen.

If the touch screen not working, often need to calibrate the screen, press the above methods themselves. Calibration need to follow the onscreen instructions with caution, and if the touch screen calibration errors will result in total failure, then you can connect a USB mouse, enter the calibration menu by mouse interface, re-calibration.

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