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Mainstream operating system introduced smart phones

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Currently popular smart phone system is: Windows Mobile, Win CE, Symbian, Linux, RIM, Palm, iPhone, GPhone.

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile family of operating systems in Microsoft Windows operating system on the computer change comes, so they are very similar user interface, familiar Windows family of operating systems computer friends saw the Windows Mobile family of operating systems in general Microsoft will recognize it out of hand. Windows Mobile family of operating systems with more powerful, most with audio, video files, Internet surfing, MSN chatting, sending and MIC2025-2YM datasheet and receiving e-mail and MIC2025-2YM price and other functions.

Windows Mobile family of operating systems including the SmartPhone and MIC2025-2YM suppliers and Pocket PC Phone both platforms. Pocket PC phone mainly for Pocket PC-based smart phones, and SmartPhone are mainly single-handed smartphones operating system.

(1) SmartPhone operating system

Microsoft Smartphone based on Microsoft Windows CE is Microsofts core development for a smartphone operating system, and use the stylus to operate the smart phone is different, based on the operating system for mobile phones without using the stylus, Just use the phone offers almost all of the keyboard to complete the operation, therefore, the use of mobile phone users of the operating system can only operate with one hand. Smartphone operating systems based on smart phones and other smart phone operating system, Microsoft is functionally not very different, most have a MP3 player, MSN chatting, sending and receiving e-mail and other functions, without using the stylus to operate, easy to carry. The operating system currently supports a Mitac Mio 8390 smart phone and the Dopod 565, etc..

(2) Pocket PC Phone operating system

Pocket PC Phone is currently our most popular smartphone operating system, Microsoft is currently on the market majority of operating systems based on Microsofts smartphone operating system are used in this example, we are familiar with the Lenovo ET180, ET560, Dopod 696 , Daxian CU928, HTC and other smart phones that use this operating system. Microsoft Smartphone is different is that the main use of the operating system most of the stylus to complete the operation.

Windows CE

Windows CE is Microsofts operating system OS consumer electronic devices in general. It is a preemptive multi-tasking and has strong communication capability embedded operating system, Microsoft specifically for information appliances, mobile applications, consumer electronics, and other non-PC embedded applications designed strategic areas of the operating system product.


Symbian by Motorola, Siemens, Nokia and other mobile communications equipment of several large-scale co-funded the establishment of a joint venture company specializing in developing mobile phone operating system. The Symbian operating system, formerly known as EPOC, the EPOC is ElectronicPieceofCheese come to take the first letter of their intent to "use of electronic products can be like eating cheese ^ ^ ^ as simple as" This is when it upheld the concept design .

Symbian operating system in smart mobile devices with powerful applications and communication capabilities, thanks to it has a very sound core - a powerful object-oriented systems, enterprise using standard communication protocol and the perfect sunjava language. Symbian wireless communication devices that provide voice communication in addition to the functions, but also should have other kinds of communication, such as a stylus, keyboard and so on. In the hardware design, it offers many different styles of appearance, like using real or virtual keyboard, the software functions can accommodate many features, including sharing information with others, browse the Web, transfer, receive e-mail, fax and travel management, personal life. In addition, Symbian operating system scalability for manufacturers to set aside a variety of interfaces, and the EPOC operating system can also be subdivided into three types: Pearl / Quartz / Crystal, corresponding to ordinary mobile phones, smart phones, HandHeldPC occasions applications.

Symbian provides three major smart phone platforms, which are suitable for single hand operation S60, S80 and both hands to operate the UIQ pen-based operating platform. Symbian mobile communication protocols such as GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, Bluetooth support to other mobile phone operating system than other more mature, have a large number of third-party software support.

(1) using the numeric keypad of the phone (Symbian s60)

These phones require a flexible application interface, user-friendly navigation keys (Joystick), soft key or the pass key turning point (Jogdial) operation, the Nokia 3650 and N-Gage that is representative of their application interface using the Series 60. Such as the Nokia 6600; Nokia 7610; Nokia 6670, etc.;

(2) the use of touch-screen mobile phone (Symbian UIQ)

The main use of these phones UIQ interface, which Sony Ericsson P802, P908 as a representative. UIQ is a customizable pen-based handwritten application interface, it is suitable to support multimedia-rich mobile phones.

(3) with a full keyboard and large color screen mobile phone (Symbian s80)

These phones outside the office for those who need to edit the information and view the business data of users of advanced mobile communications. Personal Communicator Nokia 9300-9500 series is typical of such application interface.

Palm OS

Palm OS is Palms is a 32-bit embedded operating system, its interface using touch, almost all control options are arranged on the screen, use the stylus all the operations can be done . As a very open system, developers free of charge to users of the Palm operating system, development tools, allowing users to use the tool based on the Palm operating system, prepared to amend the relevant software to support the Palm variety of applications, everything.

Palm OS is still the most obvious advantage is in its own set of written specifically for the Pocket PC operating system, taking fully into account in the preparation of the Pocket PC memory, the situation is relatively small, so the Palm operating system itself, the memory occupied minimal, based on the Palm operating system, applications written in the space is small, usually only tens of KB, so the Palm OS-based handheld computers while only a few megabytes of memory but you can run many applications. Palm on the other side also has some disadvantages, Palm OS itself does not have the recording, MP3 playback, etc., if you need to use these features, you need to add other third-party software or hardware devices be realized. For Chinese users, the other downside is that first Palm OS product is still sold in China to use Chinese plug-in platform, a considerable part of the interface is still mainly in English, to a certain extent, affected the Palm operating system based on products in a large area to enter the Chinese market. The representative products are Palm m505, Palm m500, Palm III and so on.


Series with the Windows Mobile operating systems, Linux mobile operating system is Linux computer operating system "change" came. Simply put, Linux is a free to use and free dissemination of the operating system. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit processors in the computer field, mainly for the Intel x86 series CPU with computers, in mobile phones, the more representative of the products are Motorola A768.

Linux has a stable, reliable, safe, etc., have strong networking capabilities. The support of the relevant software, enabling WWW, FTP, DNS, DHCP, E-mail and other services. As Linux has open source, this feature is important because rich applications reflect the superiority of the smart phone and the key selling point. From the application development point of view, because Linuxs source code is open and conducive to independent software vendors (ISV) to develop the hardware utilization efficiency, more powerful applications, but also facilitate the industry users to develop their own safe, controllable authentication system. Especially when a large number of smart phone applications for the mobile terminal industry, Linux in the mobile phone operating system market has also sprung up everywhere, become a force to be reckoned. Currently, Linux-based mobile phone operating system products mitssch-i519 Samsung and Motorola A768, A780, e680 and so on.

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