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Low-power wireless communication applications in the four tables and Development

In Electronic Infomation Category: L | on April 22,2011

Meter low-power wireless communications in the application and MIC5015YM datasheet and development

Meter after the development of mechanical measurement to electronic measurement process, is currently being measured by the electronic access to the electronic intelligence of the stage, and MIC5015YM price and developed rapidly. Application of automatic meter reading meter through an infrared meter, RS485 bus communication meter, PLC Power Line Carrier Record, and MIC5015YM suppliers and is currently developing low-power wireless meter reading, GPRS meter reading stage. In the current market, the coexistence of the total meter reading, complementary, and the national grid in the new meter standards, the communications module has made an order for the physical interface requirements for all communications for meter is compatible pave the way the road. The reason why low-power wireless meter reading meter reading mode of competition in various meter manufacturers caused concern, mainly in the following advantages:

1) copy the pass rate.

2) communications and high efficiency.

3) installation of low cost.

4) to expand the application of more.

5) low-power wireless technology low, easily formed product.

Overall in the practical application of small and medium-power wireless communication at the current stage can be solved without the main home meter reading, real-time uploading of data, meter fault monitoring and rational allocation of future intelligent power grid and more.

Meter as a stable power supply, relative to the process of development of intelligent, measured and intelligent control of their own, in the process of data transfer is not very demanding requirements of energy consumption relative, so that flexibility in the application Wireless meter reading problems encountered, but there are also three other tables demanding electrical specifications.

The application of the basic requirements of the meter has the following technical features:

1) self-networking functions.

2) automatic frequency communication capabilities.

3) according to the function of self-expanding demand for upgrades.

1 from the network function

Wireless ad hoc networks is a group of wireless links for communications, was formed by a dynamic network of mobile nodes, it is a multi-hop temporary autonomous system.

Single-hop wireless networks with different network nodes from the multi-hop data forwarding through the data exchange mechanism, the need for packet forwarding routing protocol decisions. Transformation of the irregular radio channel, the nodes move, join and leave networks will lead to the dynamic change of network topology, routing protocol role is in this environment, the monitoring network topology change, exchange routing information. Positioning the destination location, production, maintenance and selection of routes, and forward data depending on the chosen route and provide network connectivity. It is the basis of mobile nodes communicate with each other.

The main characteristics of wireless ad hoc networks without fixed infrastructure is supported, no pre-configured host can at any time, any place quickly build up a mobile communications network; nodes can move, the dynamic network topology change, there is no fixed base station or route-specific operating as a network management center, network, each node in both host and router function; nodes to communicate on an equal manner, with a highly collaborative, network routing and Arts distributed control method commonly used than the central structure of the network has more robustness and survivability and so on.

2 or automatic anti-collision frequency-hopping communication capabilities

The frequency of routing devices in the set, due to adopt the same frequency transceiver, naturally, there is co-channel interference between nodes problem. In solving this problem, you can use Carrier Sense Multiple Access / collision avoidance method. Each send data, you need to wait an arbitrarily long period, in this random backoff time, if the device found the channel idle, it will send data frames; the other hand, if the device discovery channel is busy, then wait for any length of the cycle, try to access the channel again. This can greatly reduce the probability of occurrence of conflict, which can meet the needs of meter reading.

3 automatic update feature

Under the future needs of users, adding more features and product upgrades, adjustments, wireless meter reading in the design of the program since the beginning of the need to set aside to upgrade the functions and interfaces, which can greatly increase the duration and the additional use of the product value.

Low power wireless communications in the air, water application and development

As the countrys energy saving policy context of large, gas, water development will leap is the development trend. Still in use by the mechanical way of metering-based direct access to the smart metering, controlled manner.

Gas and water meters have a common characteristic: the power part of the vast majority are using battery power. So for the realization of the wireless meter reading meter is compared to the indicators for their strict lot of energy.

The main technical requirements are as follows

1) ultra-low power consumption

As gas, water meters are using battery power, the electronic part of the increase in the existing wireless communication function, does not significantly reduce the work requirements of life, the higher demands on the designers.

Have in order to maintain the network nodes from the network and the communication path of stability, must be frequent communication between nodes, so in the context of current technology will be difficult to achieve ultra-low power requirements.

Course, according to the actual requirements of the final meter reading system, a way that a fixed network, the establishment of a fixed route and fixed the remaining nodes specify the means of communication route multi-node wireless meter reading. Protocol is relatively simple and efficient.

Achieve low power consumption also depends on the actual user demand meter reading system, such as water, gas and form a certain period of time on work, and the remaining time in a non-working state to reduce power consumption.

According to the strength of radio signals and automatically adjust the transmit power to reduce power consumption and so on.

Present in the water, gas application in order to point the way as the main way meter reading system can best simplify the design and maximum efficiency of data collection.

2) strong wireless signal penetration

The water, gas installation and use of the user base in each house, the wireless meter reading meter reading can not home, and the user is not within the meter housing and other practical problems. Wireless signal penetration is very important. To improve the efficiency point of meter reading, the actual requirements of the meter manufacturers to wireless signal that can cross the floor 5 to 7 layers. The actual design process, the penetration and low power consumption required to take a point of balance, often need to go through a lot of field tests in order to achieve the best performance ratio.

3) size small

As water, gas and smaller size of the table itself part of the larger mechanical sensors, leaving the electronic metering and wireless communication module of the structure space is relatively small. This requires the design of electronics miniaturization possible. Therefore, the wireless communication module integration and higher requirements.

Low-power wireless communication applications in the hot table

Heat meter current development is very rapid in recent years, as the country peoples livelihood issues, to solve social conflict between the requirement, heat demand in the north of China is increasing rapidly.

Currently there are two main types of heat meter, a heat sink type heat is measured, mainly for the old heating system installed meters; other is a new heating system pipeline meters.

In the pipeline metering technology needs of basic and water, gas demand for the same. Heat energy metering chip integration is a higher demand, the sensor signal processing, computing, wireless data transmission and measurement as far as possible be completed in a single chip, this would greatly improve the accuracy of the meter and reduce power consumption, extend the battery life meter.


Standards as domestic wireless meter reading has become increasingly clear, will bring low-power wireless communications industry, the application of the table class in spring, it will be more different needs and applications. The EZRadioPro Silicon Labs product line to high transmission power, high sensitivity and high efficiency of energy consumption than in the number of meter manufacturers to win, are widely used. Launched in 2009, the wireless microcontroller Si10xx series, with higher levels of integration, ultra low power consumption in the electricity, water, gas, heat application to occupy the market leader in the wireless meter reading position, will also be bound to help Chinas table Total industry booming wireless meter reading.

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