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JBL speaker system technology used

In Electronic Infomation Category: J | on April 15,2011

U.S. companies in recent years, JBL speaker system for the continuous improvement of various properties, in the design and ISL6614CRZ datasheet and production has taken many effective measures of new technology.


Using light as a thin, rigid than steel, the thickness of only 0.001-inch three-dimensional diamond pattern * titanium diaphragm compression side of the patent technology, which not only make more clear and ISL6614CRZ price and bright treble, but also can withstand more a big impact.

Voice coil wire using a special square section aluminum wire, insulated with specially formulated patent leather, so that both light and ISL6614CRZ suppliers and dense voice coil, increased power capacity, but also increased pressure sensitivity.

Using magnetic fluid (MAGNETICFLUID) improved voice coil cooling conditions and enhanced resistance to overloads.

With new material as KAPTON voice coil stent, the thermal conductivity of this material is 2 times larger than conventional materials, and can withstand higher temperatures, to ensure the voice coil at high temperatures still work properly.

"SONICGUARD" voice of the bodyguards, "JBL is a breakthrough invention that the power to prevent a sudden or prolonged peak signal overload damage caused by the tweeter. SONICGUARD and limiting the general protection technology difference is that it allows the music and its many dynamic energy of a very large voice coil and the signal still not enough to burn through; will overload the peak energy and destructive letter to the Queensland number is automatically diverted attenuation level of security. This process is in silent mode automatically, reaching both to protect the speaker units without sacrificing sound quality (music and clarity) the purpose of the United States both worlds.

Midrange / treble unit:

Line with the new horn, JBL 2447 and other large specially developed compression driver, frequency response flat to 18KHZ, and improved midrange sound quality, high section of the whole sound is more clear and crisp but not harsh, with this Road speaker system consisting of units, its performance can be comparable with the three-way systems.


SVG and VGC thermal design of the transducer, the bass speaker unit often under a lot of continuous power, only a small part of the film energy into sound energy, most of the heat into harmful, after the coil heat , the beginning of the output sound pressure level reduced, and sound distortion increased, the final voice coil will burn. To effectively improve the output, must be improved voice coil cooling conditions. JBLs patented design, SVG and VGCs throat in the drive to do a number of air slots formed by the vibration of the diaphragm air convection, can effectively dissipate heat.

4-inch voice coil and large extra large diaphragm not only improve the power capacity, but also extends the frequency response and improve the distortion.

High-performance magnetic materials - magnets. Its magnetic field strength than the traditional 10 times more efficient speaker magnets increase the sound pressure sensitivity, improved dynamic range, but also reduce the weight.

High-power, low-loss high-quality crossover

Power divider is also a direct impact on high-quality sound of the key components. Divider must be accurate with the characteristics of the speaker unit in order to obtain flat characteristics, the correct crossover point and a small nonlinear distortion, in order to get good sound quality, JBL successfully divided the original slope 12DB / octave up to 18DB / octave, the sound more clearly, so that interference between cells is minimized. JBL speakers for the crossover design, choice of materials and making great efforts are under, using a special four-wire resistance, low resistance inductors and precision low-loss capacitors, and other styrene and so on.

New concept of high-tech products-EON Series Active Speaker:

EON (by security) series active speakers with a new conceptual design and advanced production technology, making it the most Huan Ying Kuns inexpensive, portable multi-purpose products.

EON series speakers with a high-performance magnetic materials magnet to the cone frame and aluminum and steel to plastic and wood of the box, the integration of special and strong companion plate cabinet, making it less weight, easy to carry, but also easy to fixed installation.

EON high, the bass element of the new technology used in all the above measures, for the first time a reverse dual voice coil differential serial technology, the impedance of the speakers presented "pure resistance" in nature, frequency Special wide flat ring, sound very clear and beautiful.

EONs clever use of built-in amplifier cooling hole in the diaphragm of the speaker vibration echo generated when the air flow, the heat outside to the box, so he can be harsh outdoor environments and long-term continuous use. 300 hours full power load test --- JBL on your quality assurance. According to the U.S. electrical standards

AES2-1984 requirements, the speaker unit as long as 2 hours full power load by the test even if qualified, JBL will automatically raise the standards of this test to 300 hours, which is the JBL quality assurance for the user.

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