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Intelligent control system of a solar street lighting design

In Electronic Infomation Category: I | on April 14,2011

Been held since the climate summit in Copenhagen, environmental protection and LH5P832N-10 datasheet and energy saving hot topic in todays world, energy conservation, has not only the goal of a government action, but also to the enterprises operating on the income, so that urban residents have access to a more good living environment. Energy conservation is a human only way to solve environmental problems. Still great potential of saving. In industry, through the power electronics technology development and LH5P832N-10 price and application of pumps, fans and LH5P832N-10 suppliers and the optimization of electric drive systems can achieve significant energy-saving effect; electricity in the building, the full implementation of building energy efficiency standards, in particular, improved air conditioning and heating energy efficiency technologies and systems, there will be a huge energy-saving effect. Efficient lighting and to improve family and office energy efficiency of appliances is also a huge saving potential. Take various measures to promote energy saving not only to achieve good economic results, but also save electricity infrastructure investment, reduce the risk of power construction. If the adjustment of product structure in the industry to strengthen guidance to Chinas economic structure as soon as possible to change the direction of lower energy intensity, while strengthening energy conservation, improve energy efficiency, China may be much lower growth in electricity consumption, to quadruple GDP growth goals, bringing environmental, economic, energy security, and other effects. Power system in order to carry out a comprehensive energy saving and load management for the purpose of demand-side management.

Solar energy not only has good economic prospects, and with its industrial development, will provide more employment opportunities. Therefore, prospects for the development of solar PV market is very wide, has attracted great attention in developed countries.

Compared with developed countries, Chinas PV industry is slow, the development of a variety of photovoltaic materials is relatively backward. Most of the existing lights are electricity supply, solar street light as an energy source is not wide enough. Based on this background, the design of a solar street light control, automatic infrared sensor lighting intelligent control system, in addition to using solar power, but also added an infrared control and light control of the other solar lights are not intelligent control system. As an application of intelligent electronic program, expectations for the university, government departments, markets and other public places, street lighting equipment, intelligent management and energy conservation to facilitate or help.

1 system principle and circuit

Solar street lighting intelligent control system mainly consists of power supply, battery over charge and over discharge protection circuit, infrared control and light control circuit and lighting composition.

Power into battery power and electricity by 220 V AC-DC converter stability after the power supply. AC-DC converter integrated circuit transformer and the main regulator of the composition. Battery overcharge protection circuit is a simple by the regulator diodes, transistors and resistors of the circuit, and in the solar panels to recharge the battery when the battery on the solar panel to prevent reverse charging, the solar panels and batteries to be an indirect one diode. Battery discharge protection circuit for the main components and relay hysteresis comparator. By the hysteresis comparator to determine whether the over-discharge the battery status, as selected by the relay switch to select the backup with battery or power supply (battery charge state in the past and the rainy weather.) Infrared control and light control circuit is the main component of infrared probe, digital circuits, and photosensitive resistance, and infrared control part can be integrated on a single chip, that BISS001 chip. Lamps and lighting when the light shows. As the design is the lawn needs adequate lighting brightness, you can choose from 81 ready-made form light-emitting diode lamps. LED lights can be simple.

Based on the above programs, the overall block diagram shown in Figure 1.

overall block diagram of Figure 1

This system energy between two points: first, the use of solar panels generate electricity as an energy source, to achieve zero loss of street lighting; second, follow-up circuit used in energy-saving light control and infrared control system to the light of man, the effect of people walking out the lamp, while the continuous rainy weather, the use of backup power supply 220 V power supply, ensure the circuit is working properly.

Day, light control switch circuit is open, follow-up control circuit does not work, lights do not light; night, automatic light control switch circuit is closed, when the pedestrians passing by, was detected by infrared detectors, infrared control switch is closed, street light , the same time delay circuit activated tens of seconds after the lights go out automatically. When confronted with a continuous rainy weather, the solar battery voltage is too low to achieve low-voltage control switch, opened the threshold value, the switch is automatically closed and the circuit switch to the 220 V mains supply, after the AC-DC converter circuit, the stability of the DC power transmission to the light control switch circuit, in order to achieve the purpose of replacing the battery power supply, but also to achieve energy-saving effect.

1.1 overcharge protection circuit

To prevent battery charging, the battery life impact, designed a simple battery discharge protection circuit.

Principle shown in Figure 2, the figure of Q1, D2, D1 component protection circuit, in which D1 (1N4743) as a regulator of the diode (+13.5 V), D1 and D2 together constitute the bias circuit transistor Q1. R1 is a current limiting resistor Q1 tube. When an external charger circuit, such as the battery voltage is the maximum threshold of about 14.4 V, the initial battery charging status of the conventional voltage slowly rise, the regulator when the battery voltage reaches the breakdown voltage of D1, D1 tube started turn, this time also turns Q1 tube, prompting A, B terminal voltage drop, set the appropriate parameters at both ends of the battery voltage not greater than the maximum value of 14.4 V. When the battery is fully charged the battery protection circuit will trickle charge at the state, which makes the battery with charging protection function.

Figure 2 overcharge protection circuit

When the battery voltage is higher than both ends of the voltage across the solar panel may have the reverse charge the battery to the phenomenon of solar panels. Once this happens, solar panels are likely to be burned, causing damage. Thus, the overcharge protection circuit should also include anti-anti-charge way, that is, between the solar panel and battery connected to a diode to prevent reverse charging the battery on the solar panel shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3, Counter Charge Road

1.2 over-discharge protection circuit

The circuit shown in Figure 4. Q2 figure from the comparator hysteresis effect in that the comparator circuit has two threshold voltages: VTHR and VTHL (VTHH> VTHL), a hysteresis zone. When the battery voltage rises to VTHH from the low, the comparator output high; when the battery voltage down to VTHL, the comparator output low. Although this time the battery terminal voltage rises to VTHL more quickly, but fail to VTHH, therefore, the comparator output remains low until the battery is charged, the voltage can be increased to more than VTHH output high again. This prevents oscillation of the circuit to protect the load and battery.

Figure 4 discharge protection circuit

Reflect the positive terminal of the comparator is sampled battery voltage U3, comparator reflects the negative side of the battery reference voltage U2. When the U3> U2, the comparator output high, Q1 turns on, Q1 of C is extremely low, Q3 off, the load does not work; when the U3

1.3 backup power supply

Solar panels in rainy days, can not charge a battery to a working state, it is necessary to use back-up power to the circuit power supply, backup power supply has been used in a cross flow conversion, the AC adapter to the rated DC voltage to ensure that the circuit is working properly.

1.4 Infrared light control control circuit The system uses a BISS0001

chip, which is a sensor with high performance signal processing integrated circuits, which together with pyroelectric infrared sensors and a few external passive components constitute a pyroelectric infrared switch, an independent high input impedance operational amplifier. The components implemented in hardware, you can use integrated chips BISS0001, 8050 transistors, resistors and infrared sensors, sensitive to design. Infrared sensors transmit infrared signals to the sensor feedback to the control side after treatment, after an internal linear amplification, two-way Kam amplitude, signal processing, delay time, blocking time and other processing. 2 feet high so that its output transistor 8050 turns on, driving the relay pull-K, and then from the relay contacts to control the corresponding controlled object. TRIAC relay can be replaced here.

Figure 5 Infrared light control circuit

Figure 5, the operational amplifiers OP1 to pyroelectric infrared sensor output signal as the first stage amplifier, and then by the operational amplifier OP2 C3 coupled to the second stage amplifier, then through the voltage comparator consisting of two-way COP1 and COP2 amplitude discriminator after the detection signal Vs effective trigger to start the delay timer, the output signal Vo amplified by the transistor T1 connected to the load driving relay. Where, R3 is photosensitive resistance, is used to detect environmental illumination. When used as lighting control, if the environment has become more bright, R3s resistance will be reduced to 9-pin input remains low, thereby blocking the trigger signal Vs. Selector switch SW1 is a way of working. When SW1 connected with one side, the chip is repeatable trigger work; when SW1 and 2 side connected, the chip is triggered in a non-duplication of work. R6 figure the size of the amplifier gain can be adjusted, original election 10 k, can be used when the actual use of 3 k, can increase the gain of the circuit to improve the circuit performance. Tx output delay time from the outside to adjust the size of R9 and C7, the trigger block of time Ti by the external adjustment of the size of R10 and C6, R9/R10 can use 470 , C6/C7 can choose 0.1 V.

2 innovation

(1) Battery over-discharge protection system of the circuit is simple to use and flexible. Just select a higher supply voltage comparator, voltage can be applied to any level of the circuit; just change the resistor value can be set to any turn-on and turn-off threshold, which can have a wide safety range.

(2) lighting control system work with the chip power supply separate from the battery power supply shunt regulator for each treatment, the use of micro power relay automatically selects the appropriate voltage, low voltage supply the chip work, high voltage supply lighting, to avoid large voltage supply using the same power generated by the loss. At the same time in the lighting circuit, to avoid the use of power to do a larger transistor switch, but the use of SCR.

(3) the design of standby power, extreme bad weather in a row, the battery power runs out, lack of timely charge, can automatically turn on backup power to ensure that street work.

3 Conclusion

Intelligent control system of the solar street lighting design, urban environmental protection, lighting, energy saving, ease the strain on conventional energy sources has a positive meaning. Automatic control of the entire system is running are working principle is simple, easy installation, reliable technology. Scope of application: on the one hand, on the road, landscape lighting, and possible future extension of the solar system within the focus area network power applications such as mining, the technology and market promising. On the other hand, in certain occasions (islands, scenic summit, remote locations, etc.) applications have obvious advantages, including the demonstration application is also positive, the study makes sense.

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