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How to maintain high-quality optical cable OTDR

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on April 23,2011

OTDR (Optical Time Doma in Reflectmeter) optical time domain reflectometer is short, it has a non-destructive testing of fiber, single-ended intervention and BA4111F datasheet and the unique advantages of visual fast. Testing with OTDR for optical fiber can be divided into three steps: parameter setting, access to data and BA4111F price and curve analysis. Artificial setting measurement parameters, including wavelength, pulse width setting, measuring range, the average time.

(1) wavelength selection: because of different wavelengths of light corresponding to the different characteristics of the test wavelength transmission generally communicate with the system should follow the wavelength corresponding to the principle that the system open to 1 310 nm wavelength, the test wavelength 1 310 nm.

(2) pulse width setting: the longer pulse width, the greater the dynamic range to measure the longer the distance, but at this time have a greater test blind, short pulse into a short distance when the test, but can reduce the blind spot.

(3) Measurement range: OTDR OTDR measurement range is the maximum distance for data sampling, the choice of this parameter determines the size of the sampling resolution, the best measurement range of the fiber under test length 1.5 times.

(4) Average time: As the backscattering light signal is extremely weak, the general use of statistical methods to improve the average SNR, the longer the average signal to noise ratio is higher.

In the fault location in optical transmission systems the general idea is: first the external, after the transfer. That is the fault location, first rule out the possibility of external factors, such as broken cables, power, etc., then consider the transmission equipment. Therefore, how to accurately locate the fault point is very important. When a route fails, the circuit can be tested with the OTDR, the control test curve is very easy to find the line loss is normal and BA4111F suppliers and how much distance, on the loss to maintain a large line to reach the best condition, if found cable on the phenomenon, the actual control test distance along the cable route running about, it is easy to find a breakpoint, and fix. Here are some cable maintenance test curve is often seen, and to be analyzed and explained. Figure 1 is a normal test curve. Figure 2 shows the anomaly curve, such a situation, it may be damaged or not connected pigtail Moreover test point is closer to breaking pitch, and a larger set OTDR pulse width, does not appear to play out the same light specific approach: First, check the quality of pigtail connections with the adapter; Second, the test is to OTDR distance, pulse width set smaller. Figure 3 shows the curves of the peak in the remote without any reflection on the fall, and that fiber in the curve fell off broken, or optical fiber in there to play the fold. Figure 4 shows the test long-distance optical fiber, OTDR testing distance, pulse width is too small result set, as long as reasonable set of instrument parameters can be solved. Figure 5 shows the situation is more common, appears in the curve level, the majority of cable in the box at the force continue to make fiber optic ring in the box to play a small increase caused by wear and tear, but also one of the factors that a certain cable deterioration, minority and continuation related to the quality and so on.

Figure 1, the normal test curve

Figure 2 pigtail causes damage to other abnormal curve

Figure 3 Optical fiber or discount off the remote cause of the failure curve

Figure 4 long-distance OTDR test test distance, pulse width set too small anomalous curve

Figure 5 cable in the box at the force continue to make fiber optic ring in the box to play a small increase caused by wear and tear and other causes of abnormal curve

The above description of the use of OTDR and several common curve analysis, are given quickly locate the cable fault line method are summarized as follows:

(1) the right to use the instrument to master. OTDR parameters are set correctly. Using OTDR testing, the instrument parameters must be set, most notably the refractive index is set to test the fiber optic and test wavelength. Only accurate test instruments set the basic parameters in order to create the conditions for accurate testing.

Select the appropriate test range. The range of different tests, OTDR testing is different from the resolution, the measurement of optical barrier point, the distance should be chosen larger than the measured range but recent tests, in order to take full advantage of the precision instrument itself. Application of the instrument amplification. OTDRs zoom function can be applied to accurately set the cursor set at the corresponding turning point, use the zoom button to enlarge the graphic to 25m / cell, this can be resolution of less than 1m, more accurate test results.

(2) establish an accurate and complete original data. Accurate and complete information is the fault line measurement of fiber optic cable, positioning the fundamental basis. Therefore, we must attach importance to line data archive.

(3) to establish the actual fiber cable routing and mapping the exact location markers, while the actual curve recorded cable, wear and tear.

(4) must be recorded each time a breakpoint after the repair cable length and bar under the actual number of names (landmark) correspondence, filing a timely manner, to facilitate later maintenance.

These are the some of the work in the usual summary and feelings and experiences and, if insufficient or the wrong place, please correct me peer approved * work together to promote and improve.

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