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How to choose outdoor display LED encapsulants

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on April 19,2011

One, LED outdoor display of silicone encapsulants pay attention to the performance requirements

Silicone encapsulants from the use of terms, mostly used in outdoor environment, of course, special place, used in underwater or more humid environment. Therefore, the performance requirements of the most important is about research, "weathering", but with the weather resistance and MM3Z5V6ST1G datasheet and has close ties directly to the key words are: adhesion, adhesion, tensile strength, flexibility, high and MM3Z5V6ST1G price and low temperature aging, acid-base environment other professional nouns.

Weathering mainly reflected in the pouring sealant use, in various environments, such as: constant temperature, constant temperature, constant humidity, and MM3Z5V6ST1G suppliers and pH outdoor rain, sun, snow, etc. In addition, the special use requirements Also resistant ultraviolet and high thermal conductivity, impedance Ran, high pHs other performance request long applications cured glue also stable good adhesion, bonding force, tensile force, flexibility, insulation , water and so on.

Second, LED outdoor screen in the application of potting process, from the quality of the merits, the main phenomenon in which the performance

Kam technology as glue joint development, production and suppliers have gone through almost six years away, especially in the service led display manufacturers a lot of potting applications, has accumulated more experience, to glue characteristics and advantages of the quality control in place very, very fine. Here, I will not distinguish between the merits of products, to further refinement, I put into excellent quality (high end), good (the end), ordinary (low), then Liepin substandard or whining unstable products.

Ordinary (low end) Product: has certain elasticity, softness, well has good stretching length but tensile intensity and intensity not great adhesion, adhesive force relative good quality encapsulants another lower a grade, after over a year after the use of potting or years later, these products have significant shrinkage, shrinkage rate is higher, the lower the glue with the pure material, the cost is relatively cheap; the contrary, the shrinkage rate is smaller, with glue The higher the pure material, the cost is relatively high. If the market because of vicious competition, reducing excessive material coupled with pure immature technology, it may not be easy to measure the quality of the security risks, such as: loss, silicon crack, break down stream oil and so on.

Good quality (the end) products: with high-quality (high end) product comparison, has a good elasticity, flexibility, tensile strength, adhesion and adhesion properties, can withstand a variety of outdoor environmental test, after a year or two or more years of time, can maintain good and stable performance, and glue shrinkage found little change.

Quality (high end) products: with high flexibility, high toughness, high tensile strength, high adhesion and adhesion properties, etc., the use of encapsulated products that can withstand the test of a variety of outdoor environment, After a year or two or more years, can maintain a very stable performance, and found that changes in shrinkage glue is very small. Of course, there is another high-end performance on the special requirements, that is attached to matte, thermal conductivity, flame-retardant properties of the.

Three, LED optoelectronic industry more competitive as a hot industry, the relevant supply chain profit margins are kept compressed in the face of cost and profit, but also in quality issues, how to balance irrigation Sealing the selection it?

1, the users selection of potting the first consideration is quality, that is, stability, reliability, as the electronic chemical materials, mainly used in outdoor environmental, must withstand high temperature and low cold zone, the pH Rain, snow, sun, and so long-term test, to achieve what the effects of weathering, is the user-selected targeting criteria;

2, the user will have several location in

A. Normal (low), the surface is characterized by soft rather than flexibility, a certain elasticity, can be described as soft elastic, stretching the length is quite good, but the tension is not hard, you can pull a certain length. Adhesion, adhesion also with PCB, lamp posts, Molded and other substrate materials stuck very well, but in the long-term outdoor weathering environments, will find the glue shrinkage rate change is obvious, if the water does not affect the display function and ignition of aging or long-term outdoor applications do not break down flow drip quality, standards can be said have already qualified.

B. midrange, in tensile, elastic, toughness, adhesion, adhesive force manifested relative high low a grade, but difference not obvious long outdoor environments have smaller shrinkage;

C. end, namely general export Europes monad, course domestic high project also many use end pouring sealant. High-grade potting material requirements, performance, stability, and weathering a long time, that is, high strength toughness, elasticity, tensile strength, adhesion, adhesive force have shown excellent long-term outdoor use, only a very small contraction may ;

3, unqualified, poor product, to chosen. In the market, many adhesives electronic chemical manufacturers, immature technology, with little experience on the one hand, on the other hand is the raw material used in cheap, poor quality, in order to win a share in the market for products, low prices bid to enter the market, but after after a variety of environments using a variety of negative syndrome, such as: off side (with the plastic shell separation), debonding (separation and lamp posts), de-PCB (ie adhesion, by being too loose, dig dug a sense of a large block, no glue residue left end plate), colloidal broken loose, and even cracking of silicon rubber, in addition, aging lighting or outdoor environments, the material flow drop of oil to the module outside of decomposition. These phenomena are immature technology, poor selection of raw materials caused.

Fourth, high, medium, low glue, users choose the positioning of different market positioning is different, the selection of the most important principles?

Cost-effective, cost-effective production and is Kam Union adhere to the basic principles for the sake of users, tailored positioning for the user cost and profit balance, the development of market orientation in different directions. Kam Union to the current, LED outdoor screen potting product line is the line the most complete, cost-effective, even if an ordinary general-purpose, in the application is also very mature, stable, has been weathering the test of many years , especially in the northern areas of low temperature more apparent in cold zone of lasting durability and will not appear: from edge (with Molded separation), debonding (separation and lamp posts), off PCB (ie with focus, press flu too soft, dug flu, dug large blocks, plates bottom not glue slag residues), colloidal broken scattered even plastic silicon cleft and lighting after aging (sampling few module, continuous not blackout aging 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 ??hours or days) or outdoor use, the materials break down drop of oil to flow out of the bottom module and other undesirable phenomena.

Five, Shenzhen Jin Joint Science and Technology as an electronic chemical products adhesives research and development, production suppliers, along with LED industry to grow to maturity, but only as a kind of LED electronic products, chemical materials, is there with another materials react with a conflict phenomenon? Avoid or reduce this conflict and how?

As the electronic chemical materials, chemical materials to another if there is a chemical reaction of conflict is inevitable, resulting in such conflicts, the problem is not mainly in the glue on, but how to guide users how to avoid this conflict, why this reaction.

In fact, most conflicts in the plastic case to the elements, usually playing the nuts Molded pole fracture. Kam Union has experienced since entering this industry for nearly six years before the end of 2008, the occurrence of the reaction of glue and molded case simply does not exist, and in 2009, this kind of conflict increased, the market supply of all potting providers have experienced. Molded Health glue manufacturers than manufacturers lower the entry barrier, only four or so recipes, the most important is the choice of materials, plus the production process of other chemicals and mold temperature control, and the rationality of the mechanical structure, and so on. After 2009, Molded Case Health manufacturers home, order reduce costs, mostly recycled plastics even recycled materials to produce, if these materials Material not consider performance parameters, example: elastic, tension, acid resistance, high temperature etc. material variety, the price advantage on the election, it produced no potting glue, use ordinary water to soak all easily corrupted, or even directly with the nut perfusion glue all incoming and outgoing burst phenomenon several times, but outdoor environment, not to mention the wind, snow, sun, acid rain and other conditions, long-term use it? The electronic chemical formula special glue material to go through dozens of combinations, attention to the harsh outdoor environment after use, stability, weather resistance, including resistance to acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, etc., to maintain a stable performance of La stretching force, adhesion, adhesive strength, formulation, the difficulty of the difficulty is much higher than the molded case formulation, selection of raw materials not easily replaced. When the reaction of the glue and plastic containers, the user will generally have the following questions:

A question: Why another model or another supplier of the glue did not respond, only occurs in this glue on it?

Fact, if good quality plastic material selection, structural mechanics to produce reasonable temperature stability, are generally not with the glue (including all types of glue or more family firms) reaction column fracture phenomenon, otherwise, the plastic package will pick glue to adapt, that is very risky, because, for many years had to withstand the test of outdoor environmental use.

Misunderstanding number two: not suitable for use with this glue, this glue is used with the kit, is not the glue that section is not suitable for a quality problem?

Not, if say, the user can also use different manufacturers to test the sub-proof plastic case, I believe, must have good material, good structure of the molded case for all the glue.

Question three: Kam Union as a supplier of glue and plastic response of the chance of the glue is not higher than other vendors do at home?

This argument is unfounded because, Kam Union in recent years, efforts to build the brand, user impact, the market share of large, have many users, so users use more, a good thing gave bad hit, the normal risk of a large skilled, including plastic shell hit a variety of suppliers, the growth of our experience. Of course, we lose have lost customers, but also a serious effort to look for * time-consuming to test different materials, molded case, and ultimately find the answer. Abandoned with the user to choose the same price from our grade glue to the trial, too, there was this problem, let us answer this argument further.

Question four: the high price of your point of glue, and the reaction was less plastic shell or not, they say?

Earlier, I mentioned that we took a long time to do * Molded with glue test, the conclusion is the quality good enough, all the glue is applied molded case. Of course, the end of the glue, including high pure silicon materials, the cost is high, Kam associated companies producing high-end performance as the glue, but users want a cost-effective, lower cost point majority. End of the glue used in conjunction with more plastic case, but it can not be suitable for all materials produced by recycling plastic shell regeneration (which is a proven fact), on the contrary, a good selection, reasonable structure and stable production of molded case temperature can be different manufacturers for different types of glue.

In addition, electronic potting is not a single formula can be produced out of several materials, is to go through dozens of recipes and a variety of production processing, to complete the finished product, the general improvement in key performance met or stable, it is little to change that, even if it is necessary to change, can only be a good upgrade to the direction of improvement.

Solution: In order to avoid conflicts of trouble, how do we prevent it?

First, the glue selected to confirm the quality of the indicators of satisfaction with glue, such as: adhesion, adhesion, tensile strength, strength, aging or outdoor environment does not break down the oil flow, rain, sun and other high-temperature environment is not appears off side, cracking of silicon rubber, performance remained stable.

Secondly, select plastic, each specifications Molded Case (eg: P10 single red, P10 full color etc.) are use same model glue small batch potting can various irrigation plastic 100 or hundreds, covered mask, screw on the nut.

Then, all of the normal aging process of firing 12 or 24.48 hours or a week, open the plastic mask column has broken. Such as normal, cover mask, screw the nut, sampling three or five days on the roof of exposure, freezing day in the refrigerator. In addition, the oven conditions, and can sample three or five on the oven temperature 80 , a total of 8 hours.

Again, open the mask, is there plastic fracture, such as normal, then the material base through; but we need to do a thorough check that again after over a week re-check the small batch production is normal. If normal, it can be said that plastic can be used in large quantities. However, molded case to emphasize the production can not change suppliers to ensure materials and production process, may request from the purchase of 100 or more out to stay like.

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