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Embedded wireless intelligent home gateway system design

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Abstract: In order to achieve within the family and ICS9112AM-16T datasheet and the GSM network and ICS9112AM-16T price and Int ernet interconnect network, a wireless intelligent home gateway embedded system design. The hardware platform of the gateway system to the main processor S3C2440 ARM920T core processor, built with ZigBee protocol within the family network, and ICS9112AM-16T suppliers and GSM module through the Ethernet module and external network access. Software platform with Linux operating system, the gateway through the cross compiler design applications. Finally, QtopiaCo re embedded GUI, the home gateway monitoring application software requirements analysis, design of graphical user interface, to achieve within the family information inquiries. ARM9 and Linux-based embedded gateway system, scalability, data processing speed, simple to use home network can be monitored within the wide range of environmental information.

0 Introduction

Smart home system is to adapt to modern family life and the formation of a network system in various forms. It is a modern 3C technology (computer technology, communication technology, control technology) that combines the traditional home product, home of the future direction of information. Smart Home Smart Home Network Gateway usually include the external network security equipment. Intelligent home gateway connected with the other four parts, interactive information, unified management of them. In addition, the intelligent home gateway has access to external networks, allowing users to remote real-time control and management within the family network.

In this paper, the intelligent home network is used in a family environment for wireless sensor networks. In the family, the deployment of various sensors, such as infrared sensors, smoke sensors, RFID Magnetic sensors to monitor the family some of the environmental information, through self-organization of these sensors to build a smart home network. Therefore, the intelligent home gateway designed in this paper is to achieve WSN network and Internet and GSM network interconnection. Obviously, the intelligent home gateway is the core of the entire home network, the main achievement Internet network, GSM network access, remote control, and within the family to achieve protocol conversion to connect heterogeneous networks. Current PC-based home gateway program is not only cost, but also requires a computer has been in power state, therefore, for ordinary users, low-cost home gateway should be embedded CPU, if one is to use 8-bit or 16-bit microcontroller, As slow and limited resources, complex control can not be achieved, the effect is not ideal.

Therefore, the main processor S3C2440 ARM920T core processor within the family through the JENNIC 5139 RF module self-organizing wireless network. GSM module is selected Wavecom GSM module. In addition, the paper design with the Qt user operable touch-screen interface.

1 gateway needs analysis

Gateway systems main function is in the field and remote terminal monitor the working status of each sensor family, and in the exception to the police. Each of the various sensor information collected through JEN-NIC wireless RF module, sent to the gateway system, through the embedded microprocessor operating system, the information transmitted by wire or wireless means to a remote terminal or the user mobile phone. Gateway deployment shown in Figure 1.

gateway deployment diagram in Figure 1

This to be achieved in the following three:

(1) to achieve the user at any time, anywhere, via the remote wireless means within the family environment on the information query;

(2) within the family environment of real-time monitoring information, when a particular parameter which exceeds a certain indicators to notify the remote wireless user to send alarm information;

(3) * remote terminal connection requests, when there is a remote connection to the gateway Socket to send data.

2 overall design of the gateway

This stage most of the major home networking gateway for wired access, this paper presents a ARM based processor and GSM networks to linux operating system, home gateway for the wireless access program, which aims through SMS control node or a remote terminal on the remote control. And use the radio frequency module JENNIC subnet within the family wireless transmission of data collection.

Gateway systems overall structure can be simplified to the hardware layer and software layer. Hardware layer consists of high-performance microprocessor and multiple functional modules. By the embedded operating system software layer and the application software structure, the specific structure shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 the general framework of the gateway

3 residential gateway hardware design

The design of the hardware layer gateway mainly embedded ARM9 development platform. Embedded ARM processor has a small size, low power consumption, low cost, high performance features, is very good RISC processor. One Samsung ARM9 S3C2440 is a good core processor with 400 MHz of frequency, the internal integration of multiple functional modules, such as support for NAND-flash boot feature is currently on the market the most common embedded processor chip. Therefore, the system was to be used as the core processor S3C2440 processor.

Consider extensions of the main controller number of the serial interface cable, program debugging, programming, sensor nodes and so need the serial interface. Therefore, the choice of the AU9254 chip to achieve this USB PUB ??USB serial port expansion. Ethernet controller and the RJ 45 interfaces with the expansion and the Internet is mainly used for networking. RF transceiver module and the GSM wireless standard serial interface module to be integrated into the gateway. Intend to use human-machine interface LCD touch screen, you can easily observe the node configuration, and testing changes in the environment. JTAG programming interface, the boot loader in the gateway. Specific hardware architecture shown in Figure 3.

gateway hardware architecture in Figure 3 Figure

4 Home Gateway Software Design

4.1 build embedded Linux operating system, Gateway

Gateway hardware platform between applications and functions need to be responsible for management of specialized memory allocation, interrupt handling and task scheduling functions such as software modules, which is an embedded operating system. Embedded operating system is used to support embedded applications, system software, including hardware-related low-level driver, the system kernel, communication protocol, graphical user interface.

This system is for the WSN gateway and the Internet, GSM connectivity for communications applications, mainly to complete the communication between heterogeneous networks and control, so need to choose the real-time operating system. In many embedded real-time operating system, from the development cost, software support and code open perspective, this paper will use the Linux operating system, the system as a gateway operating system.

4.2 establish cross-build environment

Cross compiler is generated on one platform to another platform can execute code. This platform includes the architecture and operating systems. The same architecture can run different operating systems. Similarly, the same operating system also can run on different architectures.

This article is equipped with Ubuntu 9.10 (X86 architecture based on Linux operating system) as the gateway PC, the system is established based on ARM9 cross compiling environment. Established, you can be on the PC, the gateway application running on the system to compile, so the gateway can generate executable code running on the system, and finally down to the gateway system. This is currently the host of embedded application development / target (HOST / TARGET) mode.

Linux cross-compiler environment, content is divided into four parts: GCC compiler (C compiler), the binary kit (Binutils), Standard C Library (Glibc) and Linux kernel headers. There are many versions of Glibc and GCC, according to the actual need to select the appropriate version.

4.3 Gateway Application Design

The application gateway system architecture shown in Figure 4. Its main function is based on the sensor configuration file, sorting the data in the WSN analysis to provide users with Socket data services and XML-RPC remote call service. The workflow is: gateway program starts, the folder from the XML to parse all of the sensor configuration file; * serial data, the use of sensor data generated configuration file parsing XML data stream; Create Socket server and wait for client data request, to provide XML Format Socket services; create XML-Socket remote call server to complete the users XML request.

Figure 4, the gateway software architecture

Program design ideas shown in Figure 5: Gateway program starts, complete the initialization parameters, parsing XML file folder of all the sensor configuration file, create three instances of the class. 4 task queue. Serialcomm class creates two threads with read and write serial port, so you can ensure data in real time. By the same token, XMLParser class and XMLComm classes are two threads in parallel. This form upstream from the WSN and the Internet channel (dashed line in Figure 5), and the Internet to the WSN downstream channel (thick lines in Figure 5).

Figure 5 Figure gateway application design ideas

4.4 Human Interface Module

Human interface using a touch screen used in the project is 240 320 TFT color LCD. The module is designed primarily for the user menu, the following four actions: the File menu, check the menu, the alarm menu and the management menu. This part of the design using Qt design. Qt is a cross-platform C + + graphical user interface library, developed by the Norwegian TrollTech, now includes Qt/X11, Framebuffer Based on the Qt / Embedded, rapid development tools, Qt Designer and Qt Linguist and other international instruments. Qt good encapsulation mechanism to a very high degree of modularity, reusability, good, very convenient for the user. Qt API and development tools for all supported platforms are the same, which can be platform-independent application development and configuration. It enables intuitive cross-platform software programming, simple and convenient.

All this visual interface tool that comes through Qt Qt designer design, it is a visual interface design tools, for its relations within each component by writing code to implement.

Gateway login screen is mainly used for user login information input, including user name and password. Users enter a user name and password correctly, you can enter the gateway of the main interface, shown in Figure 6, you can see, there are four menus, each menu when clicking into the corresponding functional interfaces, respectively, for example, click the File menu, can enter the configuration file editing interface. This interface can be modified in the gateway system configuration files. This interface has all the features of the general file interface. These interfaces are relatively simple, relatively easy to implement. This focuses on monitoring interface design.

Figure 6, the main gateway interface

Monitoring interface is the main part of the system user interface. It is mainly see the current home of the environmental information. And the related documents are query.ui, ui_query.h, query.h, query.cpp and so on, which query.ui Qt Designer is the main interface function of the design shown in Figure 7. Ui_query.h is the moc compiler generated function. Function is generally required in this article are query.h, query.cpp be reflected and implementation, including information query, where you can view both within the family over time environmental information, the date can also enter a query, the query the day data. According to requirements, design, implementation function main:

Figure 7, the query interface gateway

The slots function is based on the specific function of the button to achieve the designed. Concrete realization of the query.cpp.

Through this part of the design, implementation, human-machine interface part of the gateway. Can the family through this gateway system information query.

4.5 Alarm function

The main function of the gateway is the gateway master alarm controller through the serial port to operate GSM module operation, use the AT command to complete. In the gateway, the alarm function to achieve the information when the home network exceeds a certain threshold value, sending alarm messages.

5 Conclusion

Paper, based on WSN and the Internet, GSM interconnection of heterogeneous, for WSN and the Internet, GSM network Internet access required to complete ARM9-based home gateway system research and design. From the hardware platform, the provision of a rich interface to access different networks, from the software platform, it enables customers to access the home gateway, through the user interface to operate the machine within the family environment on the information query. When the family exceeded a certain environmental information, through the use of AT commands control the GSM module to send alert messages to users.

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