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Embedded Intelligent Home Security Monitoring System

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Abstract: Embedded systems and A1360 datasheet and GPRS communication technology as the way, build a smart home security monitoring system. Through this system, the indoor temperature, smoke, heat release monitoring of the human body, via SMS and A1360 price and remote login, remote home security monitoring to achieve.

1 Introduction

With the increasingly improved living conditions, life becomes more comfortable, the familys sense of security is growing, including electrical safety, gas safety, anti-theft family, children and A1360 suppliers and the elderly care and so on. Followed by a smart home system quietly into our lives. Smart home system is the use of computers, embedded systems and communications network technology, will be home about the lives of various subsystems (such as lighting, security, appliances, etc.) organically, through integrated management, so home life more comfortable, safe, effective.

2 function of the system

System is mainly designed for ordinary home users, allows users to conduct remote monitoring of home security. There are three specific functions:

(1) home security: When the indoor temperature is higher than the value set to the indoor smoke or fog detection of high or special corner of the abnormal movement, the system in different ways the user to the security alarm, such as: send a message to the mobile terminal to generate alarm signals. In addition, access control section, once the criminals enter the password incorrectly three times, the system will automatically send text messages to the user while a room will sound the alarm signal.

(2) the implementation of remote monitoring of home conditions: temperature sense, smoke, human pyroelectric sensor can collect such data (digital) in real time displayed on the LCD liquid crystal display, for users to understand the security state of the room , also allows users to network security online viewing, in order to achieve real-time monitoring functions; universal remote user can take the initiative to check the room temperature, smoke status, special local personnel movement; or through the WEB server to understand the situation room.

(3) Access to access: When guests visit, guests can access at the click interface LCD LCD screen into the guests get the appropriate assistance. Such as: send a message to the owner, view your calendar, access to He lp documentation functions.

3 System

The system to m in i4020 development board based platform, the auxiliary control 51 single-chip; motor module, GPRS module, LCD1602, universal remote control for auxiliary hardware support; temperature, smoke, people in real time sensor data collection; m ini4020 and between the microcontroller using ZT-TR43U wireless communication interface for data exchange.

3.1 Hardware Design

From Figure 1 can be clearly seen, the system main console and 51 m in i4020 microcontroller units from the control of two major components. There are extension modules: GPRS module is mainly used to send alarm information; motor module, used to simulate intelligent door; temperature sensors, smoke sensors, human pyroelectric sensor module, used to collect indoor and information; universal remote control module, used Intelligent control of withdrawal / deployment. Of these, 51 single-chip part of the place indoors, the sensor is mainly used to collect data over a wireless transmission module to send to the console; m in i4020 platform to be placed outside the access control at the master, is mainly used for transmission from the control over some real-time data processing, once an exception occurs, it will start the GPRS to achieve the alarm function.

Figure 1 System hardware structure

3.2 system software design

(1) the main program.

Detection system in the boot when the first peripheral device and load the driver, and then start the operating system. The current surface after all the initial work done to start loading the monitoring system. Mostly daemon monitoring system, the system up and running to begin testing, read the serial data, when the abnormal situation is detected, an alarm signal. Start the flow chart shown in Figure 2.

flow chart of Figure 2 system startup

Figure 3, temperature, smoke, human pyroelectric alarm flow

(2) temperature, smoke, human pyroelectric alarm.

Temperature, smoke, human pyroelectric alarm process is similar to Figure 3. Temperature sensors, smoke sensors, pyroelectric sensors on the body interior, 51 MCU will detect the sensor data through a wireless communication transmission to the access control at the M IN I4020, M IN I4020 real-time data processing, once an exception occurs will start the GPRS to achieve the alarm function.

3.3 LCD LCD display part

This interface is divided into two parts, one master interface, and second guest interface. Click the host interface is shown in Figure 6 into the password interface that uses a random algorithm to achieve a press of the button to change the keyboard location of this feature, enter the correct password to enter the value shown in Figure 7 shows the interface in the interface shows three sensors in the value and real-time updates, but also change your password, click on the entry shown in Figure 8, after the change password interface. Return to power on the interface shown in Figure 9, the guests enter the interface, this interface where you can press the doorbell button, music sounded in the room when guests visit prompted the owner, if nobody response, guests can also press the message button to enter the Figure 10 show the SMS screen, click the space you can edit the content, and then click send it will send SMS to the owner to know in order to deal with the owner accordingly. The guests waiting, you can view the following four small tools.

Figure 4 on the power interface

Figure 5 password interface

Figure 6 shows the value of the interface

Figure 7 Change Password interface

Figure 8 guests interface

Figure 9 SMS interface

3 4 PC machine user interface display section

Customers can log their own computers at any time to obtain the information room, a sense of real-time view temperature, smoke, human being, access conditions, as shown below.

Figure 10 PC machine user interface diagram

Figure 11 PC machine interface of temperature sense view

4 Conclusion

The system in a virtual machine before running the program, observe the operating results and debugging, to be revised and improved after the burn into the development board to run debug. Finished chart below shows the system costs about 1 thousand yuan or so, low cost, good performance.

system product map

This system takes full advantage of the widespread use of communication tools to the embedded system with GPRS mobile data network, so that people anytime, anywhere remote monitoring of home security, expanding peoples living space. It has better stability and versatility, low cost and broad prospects for application, can be used for residential, small and medium enterprise device management system and other places.

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