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ESP904 in the ROV control system of

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0 Introduction

Ethernet serial servers can be equipped with a serial port device connected to the LAN or WAN, and M27C1001-70F1 datasheet and implement instrumentation and M27C1001-70F1 price and Ethernet frames the serial data conversion between data frames and M27C1001-70F1 suppliers and sent to boot via Ethernet industrial equipment, serial port, the industrial production of the serial remote device to send data to any computer, just as they close the same.

Currently, Ethernet serial servers are very common in the development and application, including the United States B & B provides Ethernet serial servers ESP904 typical application that uses the Internet high-bandwidth, long distance and other characteristics, can be Now the traditional RS-232/422/485 devices to network, and in any location through the network to manage and configure remote serial device, so it is ideal for industrial applications.

1 ESP904 main features

ESP904 is a B & B company for harsh industrial environments designed VlinxTM ESP series of Ethernet serial device server, the device has IP30 certified by the lightweight rugged metal housing that can support TCP server, TCP client, UDP, and the pair of virtual COM (Pair) mode, and can automatically detect the 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, and easy to install. It can ESP Manager, Web and Telnet remote console management to upgrade or restore the default settings, or you can manually manage the remote control mode, and can provide fast through the LED lights display the operational status. Design, can be selected by software RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 port, and, half / full duplex can be. In addition, ESP904 LAN RJ45 interface and also with male DB9 serial interface, can manage and support multiple TCP connections, but also for providing a virtual COM driver windows NT/2000/XP/VISTA.

If you already have a serial device, and in the Ethernet LAN or WAN, then you can use the serial device server products with the string match. Like the control room directly to the computer display device. The same, so you can make it without leaving the desk to play a greater function, or even outside in the local area network for fault diagnosis. ESP904 four-port Ethernet serial servers provide Ethernet to RS232 \ RS422 \ RS485 serial port connection, LAN or WAN by using a direct IP mode, virtual COM mode or paired (Pair) mode connections. Virtual COM port mode

use ESP Manager software InstallVirtual COM to the windows install the driver, the new COM port will appear on the computer in the Windows Device Manager, so the LAN or WAN to a computer and Ethernet Serial Server between the IP address creates a virtual connection. Windows applications use the standard Windows API commands and, through this virtual connection to achieve communication with the ESP904 to the remote serial port on a device connected for communications. Connection is established, the LAN and serial devices for the program is transparent, which seems the serial device and the physical COM port on a PC directly connected to the same. Virtual serial port software application data can be converted to IP data packets and sent over the network to the ESP904, ESP904 and IP data packets can be converted to serial data, and the data sent to the serial port on the ESP904. Using this model, ESP904 must be set to TCP or UDP server socket server and assign *, virtual serial port driver is the TCP or UDP client.

IP Direct Connect mode allows applications to use TCP / IP or UDP / IP suite program word serial server and Ethernet port directly to establish a connection. In this application, the serial server is configured TCP or UDP server. Suite running on the PC word program on the server with the IP address of the serial port to establish communication links. Servers serial port can send and receive data. When using the UDP protocol, the server is configured to broadcast data to send and receive data from multiple IP addresses. If you write your own applications, is generally recommended to choose this connection mode.

Pairing (Pair) mode is also called serial tunneling model, in this mode, serial data is encapsulated in the packet sent by Ethernet. By using two Ethernet serial server and a local area network, serial communication can use any two serial devices will be able to communicate using the ESP904 and LAN, when a serial terminal server can automatically handle network communication. In this mode, there are two ESP904 server is connected to the network, one configured for TCP or UDP client and the other was TCP / UDP servers, serial servers and the two docking device with its IP address programming. As long as the cable length for your LAN or WAN-scale, this mode of operation can be established between any two serial devices serial port connection.

Addition, ESP904 Ethernet Serial Server heartbeat connection protection function can also be a virtual serial port mode or tunnel mode to provide stable communications, ESP904 Ethernet Serial Server This feature can be in the system power-down or Ethernet connectivity and other causes of temporary loss of communication is lost, restoring connections. In general, if the breakdown in communications, serial port server features will be the heartbeat every 5 seconds trying to re-establish a connection until the connection is restored. If you do not have this convenient feature, once the device lose connectivity, communications interruption, only to re-establish through artificial repair connection.

ESP904 management software also provides users with a complete desk management functions, including device configuration, firmware upgrades and monitoring activities in the state, its control port allows the use of LAN or WAN of any one PC, to network and connected to the network device in real-time monitoring, diagnosis, and associated hardware, communications status display.

2 ESP904 Ethernet serial port server configuration

ESP904 provide ESP Manager software, web server, the console mode and remote access mode 4 different ways to configure the Ethernet interface to serial servers, so you can easily configure the properties of the ESP904 or restore the default set the control mode can also be remotely managed manually. Heres how the manager through the ESP serial port on the ESP904 server settings.

Install and run VLINX ESP Manager can automatically find and display all the ESP904 serial servers on the network name, IP address, network protocol, client * and port status, each corresponding to four serial port serial server, double-click the ESP904 Manager server properties on the list will pop up the dialog shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Server Properties Settings dialog box

The dialog box shown in Figure 1, the server name (Server) for the server assigned to the serial character of up to 16 names to distinguish between multiple serial servers on the LAN, the LAN when the ESP Manager found in the serial server, it will display the name and IP address of the serial, to allow users to distinguish between the serial server.

DHCP is part of LAN management system. DHCP domain offers two options: not to be and enable, not to be a normal or default setting. When enabled ESP904 send a DHCP request to DHCP server, and require dynamic IP address assigned, subnet mask and gateway to the ESP904. If DHCP is not available on the network, then in 10 seconds, ESP904 overtime, but the default value will be retained. Master server and the communication between the client software required to connect to a specific IP address of serial port server. If the DHCP re-assigned a different IP address, the software will not be able to communicate with the hardware, therefore, recommended to use a static IP address. ESP904 serial servers generally use, its IP address has been assigned to good, so do not enable DHCP.

ESP904 serial port on the baud rate must match the baud rate of connected devices, unless you use a virtual serial port mode. In the virtual serial port mode, the software program will establish serial settings.

The choice of network communication protocols need to determine the actual TCP or UDP protocol. If the application does not require UDP, on the choice of TCP, it can ensure the stability of communication and have error checking; However, UDP provides faster transmission. It should be noted, based on TCP and UDP protocol modes select different options for some of their parameters are also different.

Dialog box in Figure 1 allows the user to enter two ASCII characters to separate the start and end of a message, when a message containing the delimiters is received at the serial port when the serial data contained in the buffer will be packaged as Ethernet packets and sent to the Ethernet port. If the only delimiter is set to 1 (separator 2 0 or empty), ESP901/902 separator 1 will receive the serial data buffer is packaged as Ethernet packets and sent to the Ethernet port. If the received serial data is larger than 1KB, it will automatically packaged as Ethernet packets and sent to the Ethernet port.

Force Transmit parameters that allow the user to set the maximum time between data transfer limit, set the value multiplied by 100 ms is the Force Transmit time, when the cost of the time * to achieve this time the domain configuration, TCP / IP protocol in the current Serial data buffer pack and send it to the Ethernet port.

TCP / UDP port default 4000,4001,4002,4003, which separately correspond to the serial port server port 1,2,3,4, if the client * property is modified, then the computer equipment is installed Virtual COM port settings manager will also be changed. In direct IP or virtual COM operation mode, ESP904 menu settings must be the end * Virtual COM port settings or software suite that matches word.

Server serial port can be configured for the console (Console) mode, upgrade (Upgrade) mode, the default mode, RS232 mode, RS422 and RS485 modes mode, the user can configure the port as needed. The following were introduced to the various operating modes.

In console mode, ESP904 Manager software can run on PCs HyperTerminal to communicate with the serial server, PC serial cable to connect to the server on port 232 1.

The PC as a DTE device, 904 serial port configured as DTE (DB9) Therefore, you must use a crossover cable.

In upgrade mode, update the firmware upload to the PC via serial port 904 from port 1 (port 1 RS-232 serial port). Can also be connected through the network, with the ESP Manager and Virtual Serial Port 1 with 904 maps to upgrade form to upload new firmware to the server.

In the default mode, when the server attribute is updated, all the configuration settings will return to their default values. ESP904 port default setting is: port 1 is the console mode, the port for the RS-232 mode 2,3,4.

RS232 mode, RS422 RS485 mode selection mode and server port will be configured as RS232 interfaces, respectively, RS422 interface and RS485 interface, when the server is updated, the server, select the port will become the corresponding interface.

3 ESP904 in the ROV control system application

Traditional internal data communication system of underwater robot is based on the serial bus communication system. However, with the rapid development of Ethernet technology in recent years, especially in high-speed Ethernet technology, which greatly reduces data transmission delay in the network, while the industrial Ethernet switches able to control the network into a number of mutual separate collision domains, it can avoid the domain between the different nodes of conflict due to competition in line and collide, resulting in improved data transmission in the network reliability and stability. Therefore, in industrial control, more and more traditional field bus control network is replaced by Ethernet, and has developed into a technology trend. Therefore, this article HYSUB130 -4000 ROV (ROV, RemotelyOperated Vehicle) system in the remote control system of underwater robots were used in fiber optic Ethernet communication architecture.

HYSUB130-4000 ROV system, in addition to more control computer access to the Ethernet network system and abroad, there are many embedded control modules that can only provide serial communication mode. To be able to access these embedded control module to an Ethernet remote control underwater vehicle control system, the system used in the development of Ethernet serial device server ESP904, its performance can be a good serial to Ethernet solution to this problem.

HYSUB130-4000ROV Ethernet control system, the system shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 ROV system, the Ethernet control system

The deck of the system control computer and the body control computer ROV ROV control system is the main control computer, is the ROV system, the brain and the "command center" for computer aided management of other video, navigation data, switching control operation.

4 Summary

Remote underwater robot control system as the inertia of large, close-second period of their control, therefore, proved through practice, Ethernet data transmission can be a very good remote control underwater vehicle control system to meet the control performance and can be extended by the switch Ethernet serial servers, while in theory can be extended any number of serial devices, which allows more devices to communicate through the network and the expansion of the device interface to provide greater space.

Addition, HYSUB130-4000ROV system also uses ESP904 Ethernet serial port server to Ethernet access to many embedded control module. ESP904 serial servers connected ROV deck body remote control module, driver joystick control module, 7 function manipulator joystick control module and control module power distribution unit, which through the RS-485 bus to connect to the ESP904 servers serial port. Underwater ROV body connection CTD sensor ESP904 serial servers, remote I / O control module, and tools for sampling the blue valve box control module control module, they were required by RS-232 or RS-485 bus is connected to the serial port on the ESP904 , so that you can make any of the Ethernet control system through a computers serial port Ethernet devices such as access to real as to access the server are connected to the ESP904 serial port on the device.

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