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Daquan projector comprehensive maintenance

In Electronic Infomation Category: D | on April 12,2011

Projector to its unique features and HCTL-1100 datasheet and access set-top box CMMB TV function directly, processing, built-in storage, you can download the latest movies and HCTL-1100 price and songs and HCTL-1100 suppliers and other network functions, is already a TV can not be replaced. But most users do not know how they use and maintenance of scientific projector, which directly led to the decline in the life of the projector and projection quality rough, in order to improve the life of the projector and projection quality, the major projector manufacturers in the aftermarket service devoted a great deal of energy, such as Lenovo projector projector vip service and monthly service activities. But even so, the mere power of projector manufacturers, the majority of the projector relative to the user, it is still a drop in the bucket. Therefore, the use and maintenance of the projector, the key still in the users own, then how to use the projector be considered is the scientific use of it? And how do ordinary maintenance? Comprehensive maintenance

its nature requires a comprehensive maintenance projector is determined by its own composition and structure of the decision. Projector is a light, mechanical, electrical technology in one of the high-tech products, relative to other products, it is a bit "precious", so when in use and maintenance of a more scientific and detailed to be comprehensive. Finished using the projector, and closed, some users in order to save energy, cut off or unplug the power cord immediately, this awareness of energy conservation is very worthwhile to promote. However, the special way of working the projectors it different from other products, the projector equipped with automatic protection function, turn off the projector, its internal fan will continue to operate automatically, reducing the temperature of the lamp to a certain extent, the fan will automatically stop after heat, which can prevent damage to bulbs in this core equipment. If you cut off the power at this time, the fan will stop running, the internal heat can not be shed, resulting in shortening the projector lamp life or damage to, and affect the quality of the projection of the future.

Projector bulbs, need to maintain and use the most is the need to pay attention, because in the light state, thousands of degrees Celsius temperature inside the bulb, the filament in a semi-molten state, therefore, non-vibration mode in the boot, move projector to prevent the light bulb burst, filament fracture. The proper use and careful maintenance of the lamp can effectively extend the lamp life, thereby reducing the use of user cost. Require special attention are: the state power because of mechanical damage caused by heat is the most common projector repair one of the reasons, the other, reducing the number of beneficial switch to extend lamp life.

Good habits with care

Good habits maintenance of the natural basis of the projector, the projector attentive care is the secret of longevity, whether for business or education users and home users, in daily use and maintenance, first of all to dust, which is projector maintenance needs the focus of attention at the same time, which is to educate users and large areas north of dust is particularly important, because the LCD projector fan board dedicated to the general by dozens of liters of air per minute, its air traffic cooling, high-speed airflow through the filter network may be entrained when tiny dust particles, liquid crystal panels can easily generate static electricity when imaging small dust absorption, which would adversely affect the projection screen. Projector chassis slot or opening generally used for ventilation, air inlet with air filter, which filters work the projector dust and pollutants. If you do not clean it in time, easy to plug the projector vents and cause a malfunction. Thus, in a timely manner, on a regular basis for professional projector, effective dust removal is the best way to maintain the projector; Secondly, a strong anti-collision, compression and vibration, the process of using the projector, the correct use is the most important The. This portable projector is out as a regular business people Shite should note that the strong collision, compression and vibration will cause the displacement of the core components of the projector, when the effect of screening. The zoom lens will track the impact damage, resulting in mirror

Head stuck, or even rupture of the lens can not be used; again, heat, moisture and the maintenance of a required course for the projector, the projector use, the higher the temperature of the internal damage to the machine easily. Therefore, in addition to the filter should be cleaned, the body must be taken to ensure that there is a good thermal environment, should not object to block the projector vents. In addition, the ceiling mounted projector, to ensure that the upper space of the room ventilation. In some rainy season, especially in the southern region, the projector can easily lead to damp the internal parts of the body, mildew, thus affecting the projection effect, shorten the life of the machine.

Month free warranty service Lenovo projector

If the projector fails, users do not open their own body, and should be sent to a special service center for repair by professionals when it comes to this, we have to mention Lenovo projector vip service, and as the first Projector launched vip service provider, has been talked about for the users of the projector, the projector vip service users to buy products, Lenovos customers throughout the country provide on-site service, regardless of the user of the product use, maintenance, repair, etc. have any questions, can be resolved through one-stop consultancy service. vip expert services include: First of all, Lenovo launched the user service line number 010-400-810-9868, you can get through this phone service and technology experts, remote diagnosis; Second, the 4-hour fast and efficient response, vip expert the first time to solve the equipment problems. Third, the association of professional service engineers to customers every six months are set to conduct a cleaning and maintenance services; Fourth, through the vip service line ordering genuine supplies, experts for the customer free site installation.

Not only that, Lenovo will be held each year on the projector service activities. The event will not only allow users to feel the spirit of Lenovos attentive service, better to enjoy real benefits from. August 1 this year, 30 -9 "Third Lenovo Projector Service Month", the association solemn promise: In the event, services Lenovo projector for all users, regardless of product type, the bail guarantee , as long as the projector is being used both for Lenovo. Services include: nationwide, vip services, free onsite consultancy services, equipment cleaning and maintenance, repair and maintenance; vip service advisors to provide users on the projector use, maintenance, maintenance recommendations; in activity during the month, the user can Buy authentic discounted prices bulbs, vip service consultants to provide free installation services; the activities during the month, users can purchase services at preferential prices products: extended warranty service (extended warranty) and upgrade service (repair upgrade to door), for bail machine repair manual service free of charge, only charge the spare parts costs.

Proper use and maintenance of a good projector is a science, use and maintenance of normal users, the need for scientific use and attentive care projectors, which not only extended the life of the projector, the projector also have a good projection!

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