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Communication base station power system maintenance

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With 3G services implemented in the major commercial carriers, the number of base stations have a very large increase in inflation, the distribution range of a few years ago also produced a significant increase, while the base station in the type and MC10H159FN datasheet and quantity of equipment is also a great increase. Maintenance of these to the general practitioners in communication base station caused a lot of pressure from the professional maintenance workload in the proportion of the total amount of maintenance to analyze, including professional equipment failure caused by power maintenance work related to accounting for more than Liu Cheng , base station power system failure to find the law, failure to seek quick and MC10H159FN price and effective solution to improve communications base station maintenance efficiency, improve the quality of communication networks has become a major transport operators and MC10H159FN suppliers and communications service companies and maintenance department problems to be solved. In this paper, how to improve the communication base station power system power supply security, reduce the communication base station power system failure rate, do something to improve the efficiency of network operations for the majority of communication base station maintenance personnel for reference.

1. Communication base station power supply system

Mobile station is currently the communications industry (hereinafter referred to as base stations) mostly rely on the master DC uninterruptible power supply to provide energy security (part of the stations power supply by AC UPS This article does not describe.) Switching power supply system consists of modular components and lead-acid batteries, the industry mainstream rating of the rated supply voltage-48V. System design based on the load capacity, electricity availability, protection time, the importance of comprehensive consideration of the base station switching power supply and matching battery capacity.

2. Base station power system to maintain the status

Frequency switching power supply in recent years, communications technology is very mature, mainstream manufacturers of equipment in the functional, technical indicators and reliability have made great progress in the adaptability of the environment, energy, maintainability, intelligent digitization there have been significantly improved. Modular switching power supply with the base station to use more simple, maintenance and adjustment to the needs fewer and fewer maintenance personnel are often just looking at the scene parameters, the amount of the amount of voltage, it seems that not much else to do. But the base station power system fault is not with the frequency switching power supply is reduced to enhance the quality, fault repair the skills required are not as intelligent and maintainability of equipment to improve and be reduced accordingly. But a considerable number of power system failure requires maintenance personnel to have a more solid basic skills and experience to successfully complete maintenance tasks.

3. Base station power system is characterized by

3.1 large number of base stations, a very wide range

Telecommunications restructuring that have become the major carrier service operator, after the reorganization of the three operators invested heavily in 3G network construction. According to statistics, as of April 2010, three carriers were about the number of base stations: 550,000 China Mobile, China Unicom 400,000; China Telecom 300,000 (data from the China Communication Network). Communications industry, the number of over 1.2 million base stations, such a large size distribution in the vast network of land, the base station equipment maintenance is facing unprecedented pressure.

3.2 base stations, poor conditions, AC power supply complex

Full coverage is the major network operators, the focus of competition, brought in more remote base stations built in the countryside, on both sides of the road, mountain top, and some rural power base station, small hydropower, or borrow mine industrial electricity, often abnormal voltage fluctuations, power outages and other failures, making the base stations power supply capacity and quality of power supply can not guarantee the availability of electricity is very low, to the base station equipment maintenance caused great difficulties.

3.3 Tower dominates the lightning disaster-prone

Mountains, the wild construction of a large number of base stations, base station makes the lightning disasters communication and frequent accidents. Tower locations are generally the tallest building in the vicinity of the base station, and the tower has a good charge transport ability, so in the thunder cloud formation process, the tower at the top of the most serious distortion of the electric field, most likely triggered lightning tower. Strong current through the tower into the underground mine, in the formation of large electromagnetic field around the tower, over-voltage is induced by various means coupled to the device side, the base station AC power lines, RF lead, 3G tower put the power lines, fiber optic cable to enhance bars are all over-voltage induced invasion of channels. At the same time the formation of lightning current releases carried out to counter the potential to raise the base station equipment from lightning discharge is one of the main damage.

4. Base station power system maintenance

The following we will introduce from electricity, lightning protection systems, switching power supply host, batteries, five aspects of environmental and monitoring systems to provide some maintenance suggestions, hoping to inspire the majority of base maintenance personnel and help.

4.1 electricity into

Base station also consider Dedicated to avoid adding leakage protection in the routing switch, such as the introduction of long distance low base station are proposed to set up special transformers. Frequent electricity failure for the base station, the rectification should be decisive for electricity, which is all the premise of the base station power system maintenance. If the base station into the mains and the mines, factories shared line of concern in the maintenance of over-voltage power lines in operation and the abnormal voltage fluctuations. Have occurred since the start caused by the base station quarry saw SPD and the frequent switching power supply failure. If it is found in the base station to maintain normal electricity well, but the first-class equipment, often of unknown cause damage, maintenance personnel need to check the environmental impact of the external power, this point in our current maintenance not done enough.

The zero line to the mains to ensure reliable access, a considerable portion of the base station mains failure is caused by failure of the zero line. Overhead lines and the introduction of copper cable must use a dedicated connection between the crimp connector, and make anti-corrosion treatment, this can prevent the joint long-term exposed by erosion in the formation of the zero line of outdoor virtual access, to avoid adverse effects on the zero line contact with the base station power supply security.

AC power distribution box to be checked regularly to prevent the connector is loose, the base station to regularly test the AC load current, input switch setting value checking the settings are reasonable.

4.2 Lightning Protection System

Base station is the most vulnerable to lightning strikes against the communications network element, the base station lightning protection lightning protection has been the focus of the communications industry, and difficult. Because the characteristics of the base station, cloud-to-minimal damage to the base station equipment, we conducted focus lightning protection against lightning. Lightning process, the Lightning through various means coupled to the device side, device port and wiring Lightning existing between the withstand levels of more than equipment, will result in equipment damage. Design process in the base station will fully consider the needs of lightning protection, we need to focus in the later maintenance of the base station lightning effect. If it is found frequently subjected to lightning damage to the base station requires a qualified exploration and testing units, targeted solutions proposed to carry out rectification. Mine is a systems engineering, SPD, or reduce the grounding resistance alone can not solve the problem.

Maintenance personnel need to follow the maintenance procedures regularly measuring ground resistance, the current industry standard requirements of the grounding resistance has been relaxed to reduce the grounding resistance has proved stubbornly lightning effect in raising the base station is not directly help.

Maintenance personnel to regularly check the other potential links to the normative and reliability, it is very important but often overlooked. Another frequent maintenance base SPD traffic accidents causing serious burn and maintain the SPD needs to be checked on a regular basis the status of conditional, then use the SPD modules detection instrument on a regular basis the performance of abnormal be replaced immediately.

4.3 Switching Power Supply

Switching power supply system is the core of the base station, access network of the switching power supply industry has a high reliability (MTBF), but the systems and network security is closely related to availability, we are concerned in the maintenance of the system to simultaneously reliability and the repair of the system, efforts to reduce time to repair the system. Switching power supply failure and the quality electricity, line voltage, room environment and the quality of the product itself has a great relationship. Recommended routine maintenance on a regular basis to detect the base station power supply, including the function of inspection and performance testing, air-cooled modules annually for dust treatment, and effective routine maintenance can greatly reduce the failure rate of power supply. Delta-CIMIC can provide similar testing and maintenance services.

Repair teams to strictly technical training and assessment certification, to avoid causing secondary faults and repair the injury. May rely on the manufacturers to establish 24-hour emergency repair linkage mechanism, under the guidance of the professional manufacturers of spare parts inventory reasonable arrangements to develop rigorous failure (accident) contingency plans to make a scientific management.

Switching power supply is most vulnerable to lightning equipment, 3G base stations in the original mine to do a good job on the basis of the protective power line tower.

2008 years, for the base station power supply manufacturers developed a performance management function, it is worth noting that this feature must be designed to ensure that in any situation there are at least two modules in the normal output. Delta-CIMIC in the switching power supply performance management software has been done on the design, you can rest assured that use.

4.4 Battery

Base station power system battery is a last line of defense, and its importance is self-evident, but the base station battery maintenance has always been one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Battery testing and maintenance to the daily-based predictive maintenance. Specifically, is a regular check battery discharge testing and capacity testing, the test results according to the battery replacement and maintenance treatment.

The health status of the battery and computer room environment, switching power supply battery management, electricity availability, the quality of the battery itself has a great relationship, maintenance should also be concerned about the link.

Strictly use the battery to prevent overcharging and charging less, there were sufficient demand for the brand of batteries according to the specification requires a precise parameter settings are sufficient.

Base station power system, there are mostly secondary electrical load under management, it should be reproduced with the importance of base station transmission, electricity availability, capacity and battery capacity to give overall consideration to the secondary load secondary voltage under the power trip value, the whole network is not recommended to set the same standards.

Ambient temperature on battery performance and life of important. Because the base station electricity is not good, often in the summer peak, the utility voltage instability caused by air-conditioning not working, so far exceeded room temperature, environment temperature 10 degrees and do not adjust the charge voltage, the battery life will be shortened by half. Therefore, we need to set the temperature compensation of charging voltage to prevent overcharging under high temperature and low temperatures charge less. Compensation reference temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the compensation parameters need to refer to the battery manual settings.

Bad battery that replacement as soon as possible, otherwise it will lead to a decline in the entire set of battery capacity will lead to further traffic accidents, as far as possible consider the use of replacement is similar to the batch of batteries. Spare batteries can replace routine maintenance and equipment to obtain and unified management, different brands, different models and different capacity of batteries is strictly prohibited mix.

4.5 environment and the monitoring system

Above room temperature has been talked about the importance of keeping the battery, the engine room of dust on the power supply and the same will significantly affect the main equipment, we have to do maintenance work at the same time must be kept clean room.

Station Monitoring System in recent years, the penetration rate has been greatly improved, maintenance personnel should make full use monitoring system to ensure the effective operation of monitoring system, making it an effective tool to reduce the pressure maintained.

5. Conclusion

Base station power system maintenance is a lot of work and extremely boring work. Should do the maintenance and repair before failure combined with the correction to find the combination of hidden dangers, the practice of training in the maintenance team to maintain and enhance maintenance personnel to maintain skills in order to easily cope with increasingly heavy base maintenance requirements. In recent years, the Delta-CIMIC characteristics for the maintenance of the power station with a series of service products, we will uphold the initiative to maintain the concept of prevention efforts for clients to maintain reliable operation of communications networks to provide the most effective protection.

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