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Common problem of fault Changhong TV 47

In Electronic Infomation Category: C | on April 18,2011

1, Changhong Series decoding block off for la7688n Highlights Improved: remove y Board (video amplifier board) vd611, vd612 back welding a 4148 diode, is connected vd613 vd617-b plus or minus pole connected to. 2, Changhong 29a18 field trip sites are dissatisfied, the main power supply is only 75 --- 85v, check the power by the poor performance of some vd520 replace ru2 can.

3, Changhong ck56b2 ---- 22 ", horizontal and LM2940CSX-5.0 datasheet and vertical vibration ta7698 Manifold 33 feet vcc +8.6 v, if only 4v or so, to promote open lines [including the promotion of tubes, transformers, etc.].

4, Changhong 2939fd, upper back sweep line [some units have] to enter the "s" bus, transferred back to abk - enable [normal] can be. [Fault light lit]

5, only a blue background Changhong n2918 machine without sound av into the diagram, av output has chart does not sound, adjust the fine tuning can be a sound climate av, television sound sometimes, Figure poor, and LM2940CSX-5.0 price and the y signal if lost. After repeated investigations have failed to comb, the internal re-solder again, everything is normal [estimated capacitor leakage]. Note: If the socket off the machine keys, auto-flip channels.

6, Changhong c2589 black upper part of the work of a venue many lines, linear negative, after repeated heating investigation as c329 - 471k polyester capacitors bad, replacement is normal.

7, Changhong c2191 a "squeak" sound of the line does not work, unplug the deflection coil, line pipe c voltage to normal, and LM2940CSX-5.0 suppliers and upon inspection: c428--1uf/250v capacitor short circuit, replace the normal. )

8, Changhong c2992 image appears on the part of a jagged, and upon inspection c825 [market power capacitor] 35v/1000uf after the normal.

9, Changhong g2125 machine, stretched by the investigation on the part of r402 [120k] resistance open, after changing to normal.

10, Changhong 2118fa (a6 movement), vd514 (4148) are open, in lieu of leave the main power when the load is normal. On behalf of the fire line for 2 seconds when the load control.

11, Changhong c2919pk color TV, a power indicator, standby 50v normal, but the second start, immediate protection, it is a line of output load (7) feet vd408 (ru4z) short circuit, replaced all normal

12, Changhong g2132 (k) boot with power indicator, but not the second boot: line pipe secondary boot is not a serious fever, with a dummy load when the main power supply 130v but normal, after repeated search for the line deflection coil short circuit. (This machine is easy out of this trouble)

13, Changhong r2916n (r2518n same) line center shifted to the right 3 cm, no character, av and no figure: line pulse coil (9) feet d403, d404 short circuit, replace the d404 (5.1v) normal. d403 negative side of the normal to 0.7v.

14, Changhong 25k18 (block by la7841 field), there will be work for a top compression, the following Diarrhea: Search for the c301 (1000p) bad capacitor, the replacement of normal.

15, Changhong g29k36 the level of a bright line of machines: search for the n30 (la7841) bad. Must also check vd302 (1z75) the regulator, such as the short circuit was burned la7841.

16, Changhong 25n16 Figure compressed 10 cm and to the roll, c302, 10n capacitor bad.

17, Changhong c2919pk (1) upper flyback lines (dark, no), for c318--35v/220uf. (2) upper flyback lines, no field amplitudes, for c305---50v/1uf that is good.

18, Changhong c2919ps machine, streaks (like the line is not synchronized), while a "black" sound (blue background off), the circuit is broken comb.

19, Changhong c2588a machine, appeared on a rare failure in compression, the replacement c317 - 2.2uf capacitor

20, Changhong c2169 appears "m" red characters Troubleshooting: When this failed to enter debug mode that, if the remote control can not be shut down, according to k1l remote below "sys1/src" and "an-sel" key is not used between a so that the character red to green, in the remote shutdown failure can be ruled out. If the fault can not be ruled out, must also change the remote control, remote shutdown and then should be good.

21, Changhong c2169 and other models turn out the "av" Status: This failure shows that changes in work procedures, usually failure of memory and the external circuit, the replacement of normal.

22, Changhong r2518ae (d) machine has instructions, but not the second boot (with "support" ... the sound), have been burned in administration and management: The investigation has been to line 15 625 line frequency control, sometimes the left boot but the grating line compression, the phenomenon associated with drawing, repeated the line to promote the search for the part of vd431 (1n4148) diode bad.

23, Changhong c2588ps machine, there are a few upper flyback lines: search is not repeated c320, is a vertical blanking bad (to the video amplifier), the resistor r321 - 2.2k and troubleshooting on a same resistance.

24, Changhong c3419ps the top 5 cm with retrace lines (the normal field rate): check bad capacitors for the c318, the replacement of normal.

25, Changhong r2518ae always burn line pipe: Charles c436, c435ro capacity, if it is blue cbb81 type, will undoubtedly change. For capacitors, all the normal line tube

26, Changhong 2938fd no sound: no 16v, Charles 872 (0.27/0.5w) resistance open, after substitution with 1w/0.33 normal.

27, Changhong r2519n erratic automatic shutdown, and sometimes does not boot: r820 (0.15 EUR) degenerates into Europe more than 0.5, the replacement of normal.

28, Changhong 2518fn series of movement: the upper stretch, the following compression, bottom 3 --- 4 cm matt, are in c30 * 700/25v) cause.

29, Changhong r2519n (for video amplifier with tda6103q) Serve the brightness of a bright line of larger, because the abl circuit r421 (100k) larger; if the boot light of a bright line about branding, as rx19 (220k) open.

30, Changhong d2962a three no, the line pipe has been through, capacitor c461 (7200p/1500v) metamorphic (including 5100p). Replacement of normal.

31, Changhong g2536 search does not exist sets off blue background, fine-tuning can be kept, and the av flip chart: The search for the cpu --- 36 feet c022 - (101n). Normal 36-pin 3.5 --- 4.5v.

32, Changhong, t2981, t2982 machine diagram difference: check box for the antenna input amplifier problem, you can cross the line tuner and antenna input box can be.

33, Changhong sf2915 a power indicator, but can not boot: check cpu (n100) 3.3v voltage is only 2v, replace the power supply part of the v871 (c2688l) after everything is normal. Thursday 2003 01 23

34, Changhong 2588k machine firing line pipe, line pipe, averaging close small power line (high pressure), check to the school board c472--7200p/1600v capacitance pillow poor replacement to normal. Thursday, 23 January 2003 Diary.

35, Changhong c2919pk put a few minutes later, there are channels running, automatic station search may be incomplete search: search box in the week put the main in the 1160 bad.

36, Changhong c2919ps irregular treadmill (PIP normal): the main frequency at a crack head weld pins.

37, Changhong 2118fa firing line pipe v432 (d1651), check power supply, capacitors are normal, then check back on the road for the deflection vd441 (rm11c diode) circuit. February 10, 2003.

38, Changhong g2125 a direction, do not start: check for the 18v power supply has short circuit, due to v832 (d400-e) bad, burning d834, d835, r824. After changing to normal.

39, Changhong sf2551 three no: for n801 (str-f6454), vd830, vd808, v801 (c2655) after the normal.

40, Changhong c3419pd lack of y signal: check box for the enhanced-definition bad, shorted 1 - 3 feet to the emergency troubleshooting.

41, Changhong h29d80 sound bad, only the "dark" sound: z608 {l6.5c} bad. Replacement of normal.

42, Changhong g2985 (b), line width distortion, bad about 1cm: r931 (0.5w 15 Euro). Increased to 150 in Europe, the replacement of normal.

43, Changhong c2152 (kv): small signal with la7680, there are instructions to start automatically after a few minutes: for c563 (35v/330uf) capacitor normal. Interference, such as wood for c562

44, Changhong t2982 has the power indicator, but does not boot: diode vd408 (ru4z) bad, replace the normal.

45, Changhong c3419pd normal standby, turn burn c4706 regulator: 400v/560uf capacitor bad. (Power associated with "squeak" sound.

46, Changhong c3419pk: Only the main power supply 115v 100v, with the sound and the size of the change is r868 270k/1w open.

47, Changhong hp series rear power improvements: r888/270k/1w to 470k/1w; in vc801 (2) (3) between the foot and 0.22uf/250v capacitance (power supply "squeak" sound, and the interference ( 1) channels).

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