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Central Control System and Optional

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A standard multimedia conference room should at least include a computer system, projection display systems, A / V systems, environmental systems, and IMP812MEUS-T datasheet and several other parts of the room. Computer systems including desktops, notebooks, servers, etc., used for teaching, training, presentation and IMP812MEUS-T price and control. Projection display system consists of overhead projector, Video Showcase, projection screen and IMP812MEUS-T suppliers and other components to complete the display of static images or video graphics information activities, large screen display. A / V system to complete the video and audio signal acquisition, playback and switching, including camera equipment (such as cameras), display devices (such as televisions, monitors), transmission equipment (if any line microphone, wireless microphone), sound reinforcement equipment ( such as amplifiers, speakers, mixer), playback device (such as DVD, VCR, deck), signal switching devices (such as video and audio matrix) and so on. Room environment, the system mainly refers to the room, adjustable lighting (such as incandescent, fluorescent), and motorized window curtains to complete the whole room environment, climate change, to adapt to current needs.

To simplify the work of operating personnel, as much as the embodiment of the best features of a variety of devices, the central control system for intelligent information technology through the various types of electronic equipment for centralized control, no need to travel back and forth between the various devices you can press required operations, such as control DVD playback, stop, pause, control the projector on / off, input switching, control the movements of the projection screen, stop, volume control regulation, control of video and audio matrix input and output switches, control lights on / off and intensity of regulation, control the opening and closing curtains, and so on.

1, projection display system control

Host via RS232 serial control, control of all projector functions such as on / off and video images, computer image input switching, and can automatically associated movements, such as shutting down the system, the projector automatically closed.

By strong electric relay, can control the electric pylons and the screen up, down, stop, and can automatically associated movements, such as when opening the projector, electric pylons, and the screen down automatically when the electric pylons projection authority and the screen automatically rise.

Can use the control terminal of video preview in the video cast by the projector to the screen, make sure that video playback video image is required.

2, A / V system control

By controlling the hosts RS232 serial port to control video matrix switch, select the image output to the projector.

By controlling the host port and infrared emission infrared control rods, control all the action DVD and other equipment, such as play, pause, stop and other functions, and can automatically switch to the DVD image projector, the projector automatically selects the video input to automatically switch to the DVDs sound amplifier.

Through the volume control, the control amplifier output volume size.

3, the control room environment system

By strong electric relay switch can control the lamp, and a variety of lighting patterns can be the default (such as conference mode, A / V mode, the training mode, etc.), making the lights meet all application needs.

By strong electrical relay, control curtains open / close, to meet various application needs.

By strong electrical relay, control projectors, A / V equipment, power supply, to achieve the automatic power, energy management. Some products can also better protection equipment, such as local authorities in the projection system will allow sufficient time after the projector to the heat, and then automatically disconnect the projectors power.


In the choice of the central control system should pay attention to the following areas:

First, the system should be stable and reliable. Install the central control system is designed to simplify the operation, so that staff can ease the control of various devices to achieve a multiplier effect, if the system instability, not only can not simplify operations, but will affect the results. Therefore, the choice should be put quality first, not price.

Secondly, we must pay attention to the openness and compatibility of the system. Installation is simple, easy to upgrade, add, replacement of equipment no trouble; control interface simple and crisp, clear logic, easy and fast.

Finally, attention should have a variety of control mode of operation. Most have a touch screen control system, software, manual control panel and hand-held remote control. Different levels of the users computer operation is inconsistent, and some users not familiar with computer operation, you can use hand-held control panel, touch screen, remote control.

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