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CC1010-based smart ball wind system

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Abstract: Aimed at high-altitude wind measurements used in the ordinary theodolite wind observation data to be recorded manually, manual data entry calculations, the measurement procedures are very complicated and DS90LV031BTM datasheet and requires more than surveyor coordination, synchronization and DS90LV031BTM price and real time is difficult to guarantee , resulting in large errors and DS90LV031BTM suppliers and human loss, it is difficult to ensure that meteorological data collection and analysis of data accuracy and reliability. This paper presents a method to solve these problems and designed a new, intelligent, and wide application of digital ball wind systems. Just in the measurement process manual tracking pilot balloon, the system can automatically collect wind data and automatically calculate the wind results. Systems include: Electronic pilot balloon theodolite, CC1010 data acquisition board, FT232RL (USB to serial chip) and notebook computers.

0. Introduction

Atmospheric boundary layer is the bottom part of the atmosphere, the atmospheric boundary layer change on human activities have a great impact on society. The importance of the atmospheric boundary layer determines its study of human must master the changes of its characteristics and. For local area wind measurement is often used double-theodolite wind ball. This paper introduces a new, intelligent, and wide application of digital ball wind systems.

1. The overall system design The system will

were placed in two electronic theodolite A, B two points, AB is the projection of AB in the horizontal plane is called "baseline", BB is placed for the practical application of the existence of two height difference between electronic theodolite , P points for the pilot balloon, PA as the pilot balloon in the horizontal plane of projection, , , , were measured for the two balloon theodolite azimuth and pitch angle, the data through the RS-connected electronic theodolite 232 from the machine (wireless single chip CC1010) transmitted by wireless transmission to the host (wireless single chip CC1010) at the host through the USB to serial chip FT232RL port to transfer data via USB to a host computer (PC) in, PC Machine application obtained through data analysis and processing of the current ball position and the corresponding real-time wind speed and direction.

Figure 1 Double-theodolite wind measurement system diagram of the ball

Figure 2 System Block Diagram

2. Hardware

2.1 data acquisition chip select We chose CHI PCON

s CC1010 chip. SmartRF CC1010 is based on technology developed in the 0.35um CMOS process under the 8051 out of an embedded single chip programmable UHF transceiver chip, the chip technology as the core in addition to 8051, but also embedded 32kB of Flash memory, 2048 + 128 B of SRAM, and 3-channel 10 bit A / D converter, four timers, two PWM, 2 Ge UART, RTC, watchdog circuit, SP I, DES encoding and 26 general purpose I / O. Structure makes it highly integrated chip with a high speed, high sensitivity, low power, low cost, integrated single chip and bit decisions, synchronization, frequency agility and so on. Chipcon provided through the Windows interface to use SmartRF Studio software, CC1010 chip for different applications can be configured in the best performance. SmartRF Studio user input according to the parameters of the CC1010 chip is given all the necessary configuration information, such as the CC1010 chip 16 decimal configuration information will be entered into the micro-controller. According to the configuration information, the register can change the following key parameters: access / transmit mode, the transmission rate and data format (NRZ, Manchester * or UART interface), the main parameters of frequency synthesis, frequency synthesis lock indicator mode, the optional or external IF RSSI and crystal oscillator on / off mode.

The same time, the CC1010 chip is based on a background of long-term application of the core 8051, many lines of 8051 to develop software, development tools, can be used for software development of the chip, such as the name of the KEIL C51 Development Tools and UV2 integrated development environment.

2.2 Wireless Transceiver Systems Design

CHI P CONs CC 1 0 1 0-chip RF transmitter inside (RFTransceiver), CC1010 UHF RF transceiver for low power, low voltage applications designed using the frequency of ISM (IndustrialScientific Medical) band, this band is mainly open to the industrial, scientific, medical use of three agencies, and SRD (Short RangeDevice) frequency bands in 315,433,868,915, etc., but can also be programmed through software to work in the 300 ~ 1000 MHZ range. Fast PLL has set up an internal function, can be frequency hopping protocol. In FSK modulation mode, data rate up to 76.8K baud.

Features: Receiver Sensitivity-107dBm (typical); output power can be adjusted, maximum +10 dBm.

2.3 USB to serial chip selection The system chosen

FTDI has introduced FT232RL USB-UART bridge device, it has an onboard EEPROM and the master clock generator, 3.3V LDO regulator, reset generator and USB termination resistors. USB to Serial UART enables the conversion interface, can also be converted to synchronous, asynchronous BIT-BANG interface mode. The operating system provides the driver. FT232RL mainly by the internal USB transceiver, Serial Interface Engine (SIE), USB protocol engine, first in first out (FIFO) controllers, the baud rate generator, clock multiplier / driver, 3.3V voltage regulator module, the internal 12MHz oscillator and Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) controller and other components.

For the interface with the RS 2 3 2 parts, UART RS232 interface is mainly used to complete the data between serial and parallel conversion.

FT232RL provide a complete signal, making it versatile, but also with other than than RS232 communication conversion.

FT232RL two internal dual-port FIFO buffer, a 128 byte transmit buffer and the other is 256-byte receive buffer. They are used for USB data and RS232 data exchange buffer, UART FIFOController these two buffers can be used with the UART send and receive data between registers.

3. Software part

Main achievement in this system software functions mainly by three major components: the host program, procedures and computer programs from the machine. In each functional module, the host some of the major sending and receiving data to the host computer and other functions; from some of the major responsible for the data acquisition unit, and other functions to send data to the host; PC some of the major data analysis and processing the current ball draw real-time location and the corresponding wind speed and direction.

On the host computer provided by FTDI VCP driver virtual serial port, the USB port into a virtual serial port, serial port as a standard way for the PC, peripherals and communications.

Master and slave software keil c program on the design and development platform, the PC program from the Visual Basic6.0 completed.

4. Conclusion

Proposed high ball double theodolite wind measurement system can effectively control a region for the atmospheric boundary layer is studied and dilution of air pollutants, the proliferation of law, for the industrial layout, urban planning, new project air pollution forecast other to provide reliable information has important practical significance.

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