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Automatic rice cooker insulation repair 10 (B)

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5. Cooker power, the indicator light, but not fever

After power indicator light, but because the rice cooker does not heat: electric rice cooker joint session of the tubular heating elements or heating elements off the heating wire is broken. Inspection, can file multimeter R 10 , so that two tables pen touch tubular electric components, respectively, Lead, if blocked, to see if the joints can be off, if off, just remove the oxide layer, tighten the terminal screws to connect a; not for this reason, it is broken electric wire. Electric wire broken can not be repaired, only to the Repair Shop or the same as the original manufacturer specifications for the same size heating plate.

6. Cookers scorched rice Scorched rice cookers

reasons, mostly because the rice is cooked did not result in time off, causes and HC9P5509B-5 datasheet and solutions are as follows:

(1) limit temperature magnet contact switch failure, dynamic and HC9P5509B-5 price and static caused by contact fusing. Cooked rice, magnet limit temperature of the permanent magnet and HC9P5509B-5 suppliers and a sense of gentle, although in the separation of the magnet, but no less than the pressure lever is still ohmic heating, a long time will focus rice. If the determination is for this reason, you can cut off the power, check the dynamic and static contact fused state; if fused minor, can be separated from the blade, then gently polished fine sandpaper strip two contacts, so that the two semi-contact bump arc on it; if fused serious, should be replaced with new products.

(2) warmer dynamic and static contact fused together. Under normal circumstances, the warmer the dynamic and static contact is normally closed, the pot of rice when the temperature is higher than 70 , the two contacts disconnected, the temperature is below 70 Shiyou closed power. The closed / off frequently, ignition phenomena are more likely to fused, so that is always powered cookers scorched rice. If fused, can handle magnet temperature limit switch dynamic and static contact fusing method for processing. As the rice warm for the two contacts is about 70 , so the treatment should be to be able to adjust the temperature when the power to make it about 70 when the action can be.

(3) magnets limit temperature of the outer spring loses its elasticity, can not put the top piece of aluminum from the heat, so that it can not be close to the bottom of the pot, aluminum heat sink temperature is lower than the temperature inside the pot until soft and hard magnets reaches operating temperature, the temperature inside the pot exceeds 103 and the rice burned. If this happens, to be replaced with the specifications of the outer spring, if not with the specifications, you can find with the same outer diameter of spring wire wound spring wire itself. The flexibility of the spring air on the heating plate inside the pot, can limit temperature magnet pressed down, the bottom of the pot so that good contact with the heating plate surface prevail.

(4) limit temperature magnets inside blocked, can not travel down, so that magnet limit temperature affects the rice cooker automatically switches to dynamic and static contact can not be separated, not cut off power supply, electric rice cooker has been heating up . This is a hole in the electric panel of a foreign body can be poured outside the pot or turn a clamp removed, it is not taken, it will limit temperature magnets apart and then remove it.

7. Cooker cooking cooked

Cooked rice cooker cooking, mostly caused by improper operation. To do this, be sure to use carefully read the instructions, master use and precautions. If the pot down to the post must be flattened rice, add water to the appropriate (usually rice and water ratio was 1:15.) Then there are the outer end of a pot of rice and other foreign matter, so that the inner pot and the heating plate is not good contact, side contact with the other side of the vacant side of a foreign body, will be half-cooked rice. To prevent this from occurring, be sure to put the pot straighten, and rotate around a little, so that the bottom of the pot close to the electric panel. Wash rice

when you use another container, should not use the inner pot wash rice, so as not to bump the deformation of the inner pot, and can not offer a good electric contact. If the bottom of the pot

deformation, and can be mallet tap to make restitution.

8. Cookers electric plate filler rods leads to leakage occurred off

Prolonged use rice cookers, electric plate leads to stick around the insulation filler sealing off, resulting in the shift rod and the shell leads to touch the leakage. Maintenance, should be open the rice cooker bottom, with small Screwdrivers a tool bar leads into the casing, the filler will clean up the residue. The heating plate upside down flat, if not filled plastic tube, then heating, emergency repairs can this method: looking for cement, gypsum powder and a little white number ^ ^ ^ plastic alternative, when mixed according to the ratio of 5:3:2. First cement, gypsum powder, mix well, then add white glue ^ ^ ^ into a paste filling, slowly poured into the hole leads to the casing stick, fill compaction, and the correction leads to stick to living in the middle of bushings position. After 24 h standing, self-curing filling, gently shake the leads stick, there should be no loose movement. At this point you can drive electric power, heat drying through the use of electric drive filler. Check with Shidian Bi, if the leakage is resolved, you can be a good re-use of electric cookers.

9. Cooker cooking time was longer

Cooking time than the time to buy a new significant growth for two reasons: First, do not pay attention when used, will be deformation of the bottom of the pot Department of the collision, so the pot can not be very good with electric drive, influence the thermal efficiency. The smaller the deformation, can be wooden hammer back to the original shape of the deformed, and should be replaced with the specifications within the pot; Second, I usually use with a greasy rag and wipe the outer surface of the inner pot heating plate surface will be a long time generate a yellow and black coke membrane, so that the heat conduction delay coke thick membrane, so the two can not be a good contact with the contact surface, reducing the thermal efficiency, extend the cooking time. In such cases, use fine sandpaper to wipe the coke membrane can also be used bamboo, wood or plastic film to scratch, but the force should be appropriate and not scraped grooves, or the accumulation of dust and dirt will be easier to continue to reduce the thermal efficiency to extend the cooking time.

10. Rice cooked, not automatically insulation

Not automatically heat cooked rice, rice cookers and more are part of the thermostat is faulty, that is too open bimetal points, so that dynamic and static contact can not touch. Repair, can be hand or small tool to two correction, so that contact can contact and have a certain pressure; can also be used for too long and weak reed contacts, you can change the specifications of the reed, reed new ones after failure is eliminated; thermostat may be loose in some of the fasteners, resulting in dynamic and static contact can not touch. Repair, re-tighten the fasteners or weld, heat the rice cooker will function properly.

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