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Automatic rice cooker insulation maintenance 10 (I)

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on April 12,2011

Rice cooker is the first production of home appliances in China, is one of the higher penetration of products. The market over 20 years, although there are many style changes in product appearance, but the basic principle of no change.

Figure 1 is the most common insulation market, automatic rice cooker structure. Structure in this rice cooker, electric drive, automatic heat control, limit temperature magnets, key switch, lights, etc. are holding an important component of automatic rice cooker is also easy to place the fault. Now people use automatic rice cooker insulation frequently encountered failure and TLC14ID datasheet and repair methods to introduce to you.

Figure 1 automatic electric rice cooker insulation structure

1. Power, the rice cooker does not heat the causes and TLC14ID price and maintenance

(1) power is not power, fuse blown. If the power supply causes power to be restored on the line; if the fuse blows, to replace fuses with the specifications.

(2) the power plug and TLC14ID suppliers and socket at the cable loose or corroded. Re-line access can be good or clear the oxide layer.

(3) power lead break. Check the power leads one by one; R l0 with a multimeter check the file were two wires, two wires, or if one of them the resistance is infinite, then the broken power lead inside. According to maintenance experience, many parts of the broken power line in the power lead plugs and connectors at both ends of the Department, as shown in Figure 2, A, B Department. Found decapitated Department, carefully connected, you can wrap with insulating tape. If multiple breakage, should be replaced by a new line.

Figure 2 Power Test for lead at the break diagram

(4) Connect the power leads, the failure to switch button before the light does not pan is not hot, it may be warmer in the dynamic and static contact between debris or oxide. Removal of foreign body or polished oxide layer can solve the problem.

(5) Electric heating wire inside the broken tube. R l0 with a multimeter check the heating tube two wire file, if you do not turn on, indicating that the internal heater circuit. This failure can not be repaired, only replaced one of the original electric products with the same size disc.

2. Powered, electric cookers leakage solution

Rice cooker after power, if the leakage phenomenon that should be immediately cut off the power, remove the floor to be naturally cooled, check the electrical components and circuits, be sure to find out the reasons and carefully excluded. In general, rice cooker may be due to leakage of sealing material tubular heating elements breaking off due to overheating, which should be re-sealed; it may be plugs, sockets or warmer at the destruction of the insulation material, which should find out breakage, re-insulated or for new products; there may be tubular electric components, sockets, plugs at a foreign body, as long as their exclusion from clean, leakage phenomenon can disappear. If the leakage can not find their own reasons, the maintenance department should be sent to check the appliance.

Do not force the use, or put them away without treatment, or prone to accidents.

3. Power, the indicator light will heat the pot, and cook rice unfamiliar with the causes and maintenance

Rice cooker after power indicator light that is bright, and can heat up, but this is the rice cooker insulation lines at work, this line can only make the temperature rose to about 70 , if the cooked rice, to be circuit connected to cook, that is connected to the circuit, you must also press the magnet limit temperature switch button, and this is to keep in mind. Only press the magnet limit temperature switch button to cook rice. Cooked rice can not be the reason, apparently did not press the magnet after power limit temperature switch button.

4. Cooker insulation malfunction of adjustment

Automatic rice cooker warmer insulation failure is due to thermal ablation device contacts the surface to make contact concave arc, increasing the distance between the two contacts caused. If this happens, use the following method for debugging: First, contact sanding with fine sandpaper to smooth, then add in the rice cooker inner 1 / 4 to 1 / 3 of water, and a thermometer into the water column adjust the heat control to adjust the contact screw, let contact closure, connect the power until the time of heating rice cooker for some time, observed the thermometer indicates how much this can be repeated several times to adjust the heat cookers about 70 , rice cookers warmers will adjust better.


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