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Analytic LED lighting and sensors

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on April 18,2011

LED lighting and XC4005XL-3VQ100C datasheet and conventional lighting the biggest difference, LED lighting is a fully electronic products, and XC4005XL-3VQ100C price and traditional lighting is only one electrical products. Therefore, LED lamps can be easily associated with the various types of sensors in order to achieve light control, infrared control and XC4005XL-3VQ100C suppliers and other automatic control functions. LED lights, such as automatic switches, light sensors can use a simple implementation; community walkway and courtyard lighting at night, you can use infrared sensors collect information on human activities, automatic open and close lighting ... ...

LED lighting switch automatic control

Electromechanical sensors as signal acquisition and conversion device, the mechanical and electrical technology are very mature MEMS technology in recent years, the rise in turn to the smaller sensor technology, intelligent, multi-functional, low cost of the great strides forward. Light sensors, infrared sensors and other types of sensors can be formed with an intelligent LED lighting control systems, sensors will be collected to a variety of physical signals into electrical signals, can be oriented by the AD converter IC, MCU, DA converter on the collected signals intelligence processing, to control the LED lighting on and off. Humans can take this set in the MCU on a variety of control requirements, control LED light switch time, brightness, color, colorful changes, so as to achieve energy saving targets. Composed of sensors and LED lighting system block diagram shown in Figure 1. The current integrated circuit manufacturing technology has to be AD, DA, MCU integration in a 5X5mm or smaller package, not installed in the fixture and the total area is very convenient.

Figure 1: Sensor and LED lighting system diagram

Combination of light sensors and LED lighting Power LED lights

scenery is a highly intelligent and unattended road lighting, using wind, solar power generation, energy storage batteries, so the automatic management of energy is very important. Photosensitive sensor is ideal for the morning, Tian An (sunrise, sunset) when the illumination changes in the control circuit automatically switches to an electronic sensor. Figure 2 shows the appearance of a photosensitive sensor. Figure 3 is a sensitive photoresistor sensor board, it is very sensitive to bright light and shade. Figure 4 is the basic principle of photoelectric conversion chart. Light control LED lighting system works shown in Figure 1.

Figure 2 the appearance of a photosensitive sensor

Figure 3 photoresistor sensitive sensor board

Figure 4, the basic principles of photovoltaic conversion chart

Light sensors, according to the weather, time and regional shopping centers LED lighting automatic opening and closing. In bright daylight by reducing its output power to reduce power consumption, when compared with the use of fluorescent lamps, the shop area is 200m2 of convenience stores 53% of the maximum power consumption can be reduced. Life expectancy up to about 5 - 10 million hours. Under normal circumstances, LED lighting life of 40,000 hours or so; luminescence can be RGB color changing colorful way to make shopping more colorful lights, the atmosphere is more active; and supporting the use of $ phosphor compared to the original blue LED , supporting the use of red, green and blue phosphor purple LED color rendering even higher.

Combination of infrared sensors and LED lighting

Detecting infrared sensors rely on the human body and the work of the infrared emission. The main principle is: the body of about 10um infrared emission filter through the Fresnel lens to the enhanced * PIR on the pyroelectric element, when the person transmitting the infrared radiation activity will change the location, the device will lose its charge balance occurred outside the pyroelectric effect of the release of charge, infrared sensors (PIR) will filter through the Fresnel lens, the change of infrared radiation energy into electrical signals, which thermoelectric conversion. Passive infrared detector in the detection area without the body moves, the infrared sensor senses only the background temperature, when the body into the detection zone, through the Fresnel lens, pyroelectric infrared sensor is sensitive to body temperature and background temperature difference, the signal is collected after the detection system already exists to compare the data to determine whether someone is really into the detection zone such as the infrared source.

Passive infrared sensor has three key components: Fresnel lens filters, pyroelectric infrared sensors (PIR) and matching low noise amplifier. Fresnel lens has two effects: first, focus on the role, is about to pyroelectric infrared signal reflected in the PIR on: The second is the detection area is divided into a number of clear and dark areas, so that a moving object into the detection zone (person) the form of temperature changes can generate changes in the PIR pyroelectric infrared signal. General will be matched low noise amplifier, when the ambient temperature rises on the detector, especially close to the bodys normal body temperature (37 ), the decreased sensitivity of the sensor, its gain to compensate by increasing their sensitivity. Output signal can be used to drive the electronic switch, the switch to achieve control of LED lighting circuit. Figure 5 is the appearance of infrared sensors, infrared sensors Figure 6 is the internal structure and internal circuit. Figure 7 is the infrared sensor with LED lighting, which is a standard E27 screw lamp lights, the scope of its power supply is AC180V-250V (50/60Hz), infrared sensors detect the range of about 3M-15M, it Standard Products IFS-Bulb 3W lamps of 80 lm, 5W lamps of 140 lm. LED light source module in the central part of the embedded infrared sensors. Once the infrared sensor detects body temperature, LED light bulbs will be automatically in 50 seconds to open and close. Applicable to any kind of indoor applications, such as corridors, storage rooms, stairs and entrance hall.

Figure 5: Infrared sensor looks

Figure 6: The internal structure and internal infrared sensor circuit

Figure 7: Infrared sensor with LED lighting fixtures

And infrared sensors similar to the ultrasonic sensor automatically detects moving objects in recent years to get more applications. Ultrasonic sensors are using the Doppler principle, firing out through the crystal than the body can sense high-frequency ultrasound, generally the choice of 25 ~ 40kHz typical wave, then the control module detects the frequency of the reflected wave, if there is movement of objects within the region, frequency of the reflected wave will have minor fluctuations, the Doppler effect, in order to determine the illumination region moving objects, so as to achieve the purpose of control switch. Figure 8 is a combination of ultrasonic sensor and microprocessor applications.

Longitudinal ultrasonic oscillation, can be gas, liquid and solid in the transmission and its spread at different rates; it is also the phenomenon of refraction and reflection, in the air, spread its lower frequency, decreases rapidly, and in the solid, liquid in the attenuation of small, distant spread. Ultrasonic sensors is the use of ultrasound for these features. Ultrasonic sensors are sensitive range, without the visual blind spot, free from obstacles and interference characteristics, the technology has been in business and security to be used more than 25 years, has proven to be the detection of small objects in motion the most effective way. Therefore, the composition with the LED lighting system can be sensitive control switch.

Figure 8: ultrasonic sensor and microprocessor applications

The ultrasonic sensors of high sensitivity, the air vibration, ventilation, heating and cooling system and the space around the adjacent ultrasonic sensors will cause the movement of produce false triggering, so the need for timely calibration of ultrasonic sensors. Table 1 is about the infrared PIR sensor and ultrasonic sensor performance comparison.

Table 1: passive infrared sensor and ultrasonic sensor performance comparison

Temperature sensor made of LED lamps over-temperature protection NTC temperature sensor

do over-temperature protection LED lamps are widely used in relatively early. LED lamps, such as using high-power LED light source to be a multi-wing aluminum radiator, the indoor lighting LED lamps use their small space, heat dissipation to the bottleneck is still one of the largest technology. LED lamp heat uncomfortable, then will lead to overheating of the LED light source due to bad light early. LED lighting is turned on the heat but also because of the rising hot air to the lamp automatically enrichment, affect the power of life (Figure 9). Therefore, when designing LED lamps LED light source in the aluminum radiator near a side close to the NTC, in order to collect real-time temperature of the lamp, when the lamp cup aluminum radiator temperature can be automatically reduced by the current source circuit output current, so that lamp cooling; When the lamp cup aluminum radiator temperature to set the value of restricted off automatically when the power LED to achieve over-temperature protection lamp, when the temperature drops, then the lights turn on automatically (Figure 10).

Figure 9: LED lamps heat Enrichment

Figure 10: NTC over-temperature protection program

Conclusion Because LED lamps

is a complete electronic products, with the LED lamps structural diversification, application of magnification, LED lighting design with more creativity, innovation, there will be more sensors are used in combination LED lighting and lighting engineering systems go. A new era of intelligent LED lighting is coming, human life will increasingly bright light and comfortable.

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